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Who do you want IN CBS TV’s Big Brother 7 All Stars?

M J + June 22nd, 2006 + 11 replies

Did you see the CBS Big Brother 7 All Stars tease show last night where they presented 20 choices for us to vote on???

Apparently they want us to go to CBS.COM to do the voting


I just went there and voted for Janelle!

I like her spirit (and her smile!)

So – as I watched last night I kept wondering – how will they do this… I believe I heard them say 6 would be by voting – so that means they will decide amongst themselves on the remaining 6 “all stars”???

So much for “America’s choice”.

Since I am a relative newbie to the Big Brother phenom I can’t really judge those early season “all star” choices… I only started watching Big Brother 5 and 6 and recently watched the DVD Big Brother 3 (I love you Marcellas!)

WHO DESERVES to be in???

These are the ALL-STARS and my feelings about them…

Alison – who??? Nice smile.

Bunky – uh, no thanks. Unless he bunks with Marcellas.

Dana – definitely a good prospect! She’ll stir the pot!

Read it ALL! Comment Please! >>>

Danielle – please don’t force me to watch Danielle again… she is annoying – I don’t like her but don’t even love to hate her…

Diane – too bland really… seeing her in a bikini wouldn’t be so bad but her personality leaves a lot to be desired

Erika – don’t know her but she is kinda cute – and – cute counts! Let her in!

Chicken George – I think he was neglected as a child. No opinion really.

Howie – Yes! Next to Janelle this is the guy that MUST be an all-star!

Ivette – her and Danielle both rubbed me the wrong way. She is such a loud mouth… but hey.. she would stir the pot. If between Danielle and Ivette I’d say Ivette.

James – I always thought he was bland and didn’t really add much excitement but he was an underdog and that made it easy to root for him. He was so misunderstood. In particlular I didn’t understand how Howie thought he was an enemy when he would have been an ally but that’s old news… let James in. he’d be ok.

Janelle – I’d watch just for Janelle. Her charm, good looks and brains made her a fun one to watch and analyze. I voted for Janelle!

Jase – absolutely! Let the dude entertain us some more! He was great and deserves to be in the game! Too bad Holly isn’t in the all star choices.

Kaysar – Another of my top choices and I bet he’ll be “America’s choice” too! He makes the game fun! I bet he’d be really ruthless this time around!

Lisa – well… I did fall in love with Lisa, but who didn’t? She’d be an excellent one to watch! She’s good looking and smart in a low key way. I bet she’d be among the first to get voted out though…

Marcellas – Somehow I got in a tiff with Mr. Marcellas and he got really mad at me for speaking my mind about him and the game. I stick to what I said but now after hearing him get so upset with me I have a strange kind of fondness for him. I’m willing to let old issues fall to the wayside and I’ll keep an open mind about Marcellas who I guarantee WILL be one of the all-stars. He’s right about his popularity and like his tactics or not, he is fun to watch.

Michael Cowboy – Please don’t make me watch a season with Michael Cowboy! He dumbs down the show beyond stupid. Sorry, the guy has zero personality and it isn’t even fun to watch im be so dumb. Don’t vote this guy in!

Mike “Boogie” – I didn’t see his season but have seen him on a few reality tv show flashback things and he seems ok. NOt much of an opinion on him.

Monica – Well – I hate her! And that virtually guarantees that she’ll be among the all stars! I’d rather not have to see her kind of loud obnoxious behavior but in reality tv that’s the kind of behavior that producers like. It stirs up the pot. I’d rather she not be in the mix, but hey – I bet she’d be like a “car crash” – irresistable to watch and gawk at.

Nakomis – NO! Not again! She is even duller than Cowboy! Spare us from her! Ucchhh…
will – While I do not know Will from Adam I must say I was impressed with his video clips and pleas. He’d be perfect t stir up the pot and looks eneteratining to watch. Let’s let Will get in the game!

Well, that sums up what I think. What do you think? who do you want in Big Brither 7 All Stars? Tell us how you really feel! Marcellas – are you out there buddy! I apologize and wish you the best. Sincerely! Please accept my apology and good luck to you! And also to the other “all-stars” – all of you!

Summer is almost here and so is Big Brother! Let’s have some fun this Summer!

Have fun you guys! Join me in commenting up this season!

RANT: Is it just me or do you too wonder why there was only 1 full season DVD for Big Brother released??? I would have bought dvd’s for season 1, 2 and 4 for sure! But NOOOO! They release some Big Brother highlights DVD that I hear is a rip off.

For some reason the execs don’t want the videos in the peoples hands… Were seasons 1,2 and 4 that bad???

I enjoyed BB5 and 6 and also 3…

Oh well… and while I am ranting I’d also like to point out that the Big Brother 3 DVD set was lame in that it had ZERO extras other than the casting videos. I mean come on! How cool would it have been to have extra footage from the extra cams – or maybe interviews – director commentary…

Is it CBS that is so lame or the execs who produce the show???

Your biased reviewer – Mike

More about BB7 at SirLinksalot: Big Brother 7 All Stars


  1. fjfjhfhjhfkjf replied:

    kayser janelle and howie everyone else i dont care

    June 22nd, 2006 at 7:58 pm (permalink)

  2. RIchard replied:

    The variations of players will make the best season. Therefore, We need to see the follwoing people in the House: Danielle, Erika, Marcellas, Nakomis, Allison, Ivette, Lisa, Will, Bunky, Jase, and George (just because he is only one from season 1). AS for the others I do not want to see Kayser, Janelle, and Howie which means they will probably be back. Others I coudl take them or leave them. I really wish Adria and Natalie were back. I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. ANyway, looking forward to seeing this season. I quit watching season 6 beacuse of Kayser, Janelle, and Howie.

    June 23rd, 2006 at 3:28 pm (permalink)

  3. M J replied:

    “I quit watching season 6 beacuse of Kayser, Janelle, and Howie.” nO??? rEALLY??? Those are my favorites! Why did you side with Maggie and those idiotskis?? You are entitled to your opinion but geez that group was so mean and the three you don’t want wre actually kind smart people.

    June 23rd, 2006 at 6:31 pm (permalink)

  4. Girl replied:

    Alison was pretty amazing, Diane as well. Of Course loved Janelle and Kaysar. James was a great player too. Jase, very entertaining. Howie, good. Marcellas, cute. Rest, don’t like. 🙂

    June 24th, 2006 at 9:50 pm (permalink)

  5. darsha replied:

    i would like to see kayser, janelle, howie, and james. please vote for them often
    rest i don’t care, please i hope ivette is not there, i just can’t stand her. and no cowboy and his sister, they are so boring, how did they become the all-stars they didn’t even to anything and jase was annoying, i only saw last 2 seasons, but i think i would want to see dr.will there.

    June 25th, 2006 at 1:58 pm (permalink)

  6. jamie replied:

    im just dropping a line for all you reality tv fans that you can check out the latest clips of reality episodes here at

    the latest one is of walters taking a passive aggressive punch at jones. view drama!!!

    June 29th, 2006 at 2:46 pm (permalink)

  7. kim replied:

    I love, love, loved Janelle I think she should have won but alas she`s been voted off and is on her way to the jury, I think CBS should bring her back on another show maybe as a host on another reality show !! I think she would be good role modle for all women, I sure would like to look like her.

    September 10th, 2006 at 3:12 pm (permalink)

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