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Missing Seasons of Survivor DVD’s

M J + February 28th, 2010 + no replies

I’m pissed! I can’t seem to find any info on the missing seasons of Survivor on DVD. From what I can tell two of theones I have NOT SEEN – #3 and #4 are not on DVD yet. Africa (2001) ยท Marquesas (2002)

ThaT SUCKS! I am not sure why they di dnot releas ethem yet – it’s 2010 and surely people would buy them. I did not start watching Survivor on CBS until the season of Survivor Thailand. So I would love to catch up a and see the ones I have missed!

The same thing is happening with CBS Big Brother. They too do not have all the shows on DVD yet.

All the RECENT ones go to dvd almost instantly – so why not cash in on the back catalog too???

AmI the only sourpuss out there???

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