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It’s Over! Apprentice Finale gives Sean the Crown.

M J + June 11th, 2006 + no replies

It’s Over! In the Apprentice Finale Mr. Trump gives Sean the Crown over Lee who was FIRED. I must say this was one of the more entertaining Apprentice Finales in recent memory.

For the most part I’ve written off most reality finale shows beacuse they are too predictable and often don’t have the flavor of the larger cast of folks that make these shows work in the first place.
Well, this Apprentice finale was an exception as we were able to enjoy seeing Sean and Lee pick teams and bring back some of the more entertaining and appealing ones.

While Sean did pick a logical dream team, Lee on the other hand picked a more “entertaining” yet poor choice of workers.

Lemmy or Lenny???

While I am glad he picked Lenny for gag appeal his team in general was what killed him.

You had to know when the show kept reminding us of how bad a pick that Pepe was by asking “who is Pepe?” over and over.

In any event all is said and done and Sean is the current Apprentice and is a good choice! Let’s see if he ends up marrying the lovely Tammi!

next season – the fall – brings us the Apprntice here in Southern California! That should be interesting. I wonder how many New Yorker jokes on skateboarding and surfing there will be??? And at least a few gratuitous gaggles over all the big boobed silicone strutting babes here in the sunny skies of L.A. I mean come on – didn’t they already make some PUNS about LA LA LAND???

Well, that should be amusing!

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