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Classless and Clueless and Disgusting!

Arne + December 21st, 2006 + one reply

Classless and Clueless and Disgusting! Brent Buckman Fired- The Apprentice-03-20-06

This Article is Written and Owned by: Arne

Just as you thought that, the Donald and his right professional essay writing service hand eyes and ears were on a direct course of action and accountability, highlighting the facts of true reasons to candidate’s demise. We get a show like last night, that was full of so much crock, that it would take the sewage department at least a year to get it all cleared up. Moreover, visiting this link you will find additional useful information.

Last night's apprentice was the last night for Brent Buckman, who was fired by the Donald. Now ordinarily that is part of the show, but for the life of me, I cannot see the reason that he was fired! For being difficult????? when was that exactly??? Synergy who should be renamed Clueless, had successfully put Brent on ice ! They gave him no tasks to do, but menial little tasks that did not even exist (i.e. in charge of the clothes department). Brent was not responsible for the loss, Andrea played the greatest part in the loss,she claimed this was her department of knowledge and expertise. With that self-indulgent advertisement of her self, then Synergy should have won easily. Instead they lost by a mile, the banner was gaudy, uninteresting and wordy! You would think with all the bragging we saw Andrea do , that she would of caught that and changed it with her so called superior authority and know how! The fact is she missed it and so did the rest of the genius's ( not) on the team! As a matter of fact the rest of the team did not like the banner when they sent it over but did NOT have the courage to say so. This grouped with Tammy the project manager' s main focus of a timeline, got them the loss.

The problem with Synergy is that they are so busy demonstrating how malicious, snide and spiteful they were towards Brent, that they lost focus on what they should be accomplishing! Andrea comes across as a virtual snob! who in reality thinks she is soooooooooooo much better then everyone else! Now for the fact that Brent is fat, if I were Andrea I would not comfort myself with superiority. In contrast, Brent is not a bad looking man, were if you look at Andrea, she has a palsy skin tone, and to say she is a plain Jane is being polite! This combined with snobby and classless attitude, does not do much for the viewer or audience. Seriously how many of you think that Andrea is a virtual snob and snot? How many of you thought that Andrea should have been sent home! Brent was a convenient choice, but he was not the reason they loss. After all they said it themselves, he was given no tasks, and therefore he was not responsible.

The problem I have with Brent's demise, is that we the audience did not get to see if he had anything to add to any task! He was never given a chance at all! When he tried to throw out ideas, he was stalemated. Then in the interim he was made fun of, laughed at, and made to feel embarrassed in front of every one else!

How the hell did the Donald expect him to react????? I doubt if Donald Trump would keep his composure in check if he were treated like this! Truthfully, I would doubt that any one of us!!! would keep our composure and temper in check. One of the greatest harms that you can do to people, is disrespect and takes away their dignity!!!! In this case the Synergy group was successful in showing us all, how classless they are, how clueless they are, how discriminative they are against people who are overweight! They singled him out from the beginning and it was indeed a railroad!

The Synergy candidates, all said that Brent was not responsible, Andrea was going to argue that everyone missed it! Which I thought was stupid, she is supposed to be the expert and the banner was her baby as a matter of fact Andrea owned it until they lost. Then it became everyone‘s baby including Brent‘s who was ignored and put on ice for this task!!! She failed miserably, she flopped and she should have been fired.

If there was any vomiting going to happen it was with the viewers, when we had to endure this farce and this human indignation!

Ivanka knew!!! that they put him on ice, she said it and also said it would not work! This leads me to suspect that she knew Brent was coming to the end of how much he was willing to take! In turn, Ivanka should have stepped up and said what was going on! Further Donald Trump should have called Synergy on it, in particular the project manager! He should have put them on notice that he would and the viewers would like to see if Brent had anything to offer and highlight!

Finally, I disagree that Brent was difficult to work with, just given the fact he was reduced to belittlement, mockery and apathy by his other team members. In which we the viewers have no idea why they behaved in this manner towards Brent. When Brent did retiliate it was justified in view of how they treated him!
If anything it was the Synergy team that are difficult people, to work with! The ones that should have been fired last night were Andrea and the project manager Tammy. They were responsible for the loss!

I am not saying that Brent had anything to offer, the point is we do not know! Do we? It seems to me that a good strong leader and apprentice material, would of known how to bring out the best in Brent and hone in on those talents; then use them to their advantage and wins! Last seasons apprentice winner Randall is made up of that fabric, he would have known how to use Brent’s talents to contribute to the task. Donald Trump knows the above, not everyone working under him has the same education, success or know how: however each person working for him attribute to his success. Donald has said similar in speeches. What I want to know is why did Donald not demonstrate this last night?Brent was 1000 percent correct, Andrea and Tammy along with the rest of the Synergy team did stink! and the odour from it is overwhelming to say the least!!!!

In ending, we see this type of human behaviour in every day life; we do not need to see it in a TV reality show. It was a totally disgusting and despicable play by Synergy, and the Donald got it wrong!

Congratulations to Brent, who also has a website and he lost weight by designing his own weight loss diet and lost 110 pounds and 10 inches off his waist. I would dare to say that is someone that is creative and has good ideas.!!!!! as well as determination and strength!

To visit Brent's website go to :

More on the Apprentice at SirLinksalot:The Apprentice

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One Comment

  1. Anthony Anderson replied:

    The UK only just getting its first showing of this series, I realise I’m more than a tad late to reply.

    Much of your argument loses meaning after your superficial judgement of Andrea. If you felt the group was bullying Brent because of his weight, there are surely better ways to convey your point than simply insulting Andrea for a full paragraph?

    It’s impossible to get a real sense of social dynamics in the short highlights we see. It’s made harder by the ease by which directors can paint the story as they wish. Inserts of people laughing or smirking after Brent comments is most likely the work of the show’s editors. If anyone is guilty of the highlighting Brent’s weight it is the producers: there are countless shots of him eating, and much of the boardroom argument shown revolves around his weight, which I don’t think would be the main topic discussed if you watched the full meeting. You should watch this clip which reveals the sordid world of editin

    To agree with Brent and suggest every other member of the team was responsible for the failure and that they are difficult to work with is a staggering statement. If you have ever worked in a team you will understand the sheer impossibility of carrying out any task, simple or not, creatively and effectively. Brent is perfectly capable of showing what a fool he is himself when he is alone the camera, not to mention when he gets let loose in a social environment. To paraphrase the man himself, “she shouldn’t be Mr Trumps apprentice, she should be in prison”. The reasoning of a sane man? In response to your argument that the real apprentice should be able to tame him and use his talents, this simply isn’t possible or practical. In reality, such a disruptive character wouldn’t keep their job. Management isn’t about making sure people behave or are ‘tamed’, I think you may be confused about a leader’s real roles. In any case, whether Brent would ever be prepared to be ‘managed’ is debatable, and is it possible to distinguish the one good idea from the hundreds of useless ideas thrown at you? As the idiom goes: The first time someone calls you a horse you punch him on the nose, the second time someone calls you a horse you call him a jerk but the third time someone calls you a horse, well then perhaps it’s time to go shopping for a saddle.

    In the UK version Brent would have been fired at the first opportunity, but it has been documented that Trump doesn’t really use this as an opportunity to find an ‘apprentice’, it’s all about ratings and publicity. I’m glad he saw sense ‘this’ week, it’s very unfair on the other candidates to have such a loose cannon about and still expect them to think clearly. He was the least viable candidate for the job, and so it was only correct that he went. The show would have lost the little credibility it (almost) maintains if he wasn’t fired.

    In response to his good ideas and creativity, I suggest you actually visit his website. Now would he really have done a better job designing the cereal advert? I suppose the only thing shown by his diet is his determination, but even then I doubt that was the most sensible and most healthy way to lose weight.

    January 12th, 2010 at 10:04 pm (permalink)

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