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The Extrasensory Perception of Icon Great Stevie Wonder- American Idol 3-14-06

Arne + December 15th, 2006 + 10 replies

The Extrasensory Perception of Icon Great Stevie Wonder- American Idol 3-14-06

This Article is Written and Owned by: Arne

Stevie Wonder’s appearance on American Idol is a night to remember just on that alone. This Icon great very presence allows the competitor a glimpse at REAL SUCCESS. Stevie Wonder is one of the people I refer to when they meet their obstacles in life and come through it shining and victorious. Some of the top 12 were joyful with emotions and tears when Stevie walked in the room. Some of them reminisced on favourite songs of the Icon Great. I remembered in my album collection (not CD) that I still have a classic first Stevie Wonder Album when he was 12 years old.

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Called Little Stevie Wonder the 12-Year-Old Genius. This album included Fingertips, however, my favourite song on that Album is “Hallelujah I love her so“. Stevie Wonder has extrasensory perception. Whenever a person is missing one sense, they make up for it with other senses. Stevie Wonder has vision and he is intuitive. He showed us this in his remarks about the competitors. It was a night that Ryan continued on in fashion and a night that I agreed with Simon on some counts.( choke, gasp) It was also a night that Chris Daughtry didn’t raise the bar!

The show opens and American Idol host dapper Ryan Seacrest continued to be dramatic in a sombre voice he extends, to make it to the top twelve is an honour, to win is a dream. Then he exclaims in a louder more excited voice, “you can make it happen” as he points at us! This is a completely new level of pressure. This is American Idol! This is where it gets tough. We have a bigger stage, a thousand lights, a bigger band and a killer sound system. It is all about people like you who watch the top twelve. He then goes to the top twelve’s journey and intro’s them one by one. The top twelve all look good, nice hairdos for the exception of Chris who has had no choice but to stay with the same hairdo!. Ryan Intro’s the Judges and makes small talk with Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest by getting their viewpoints The top twelve was obviously nervous because now it is the real deal, It is do or die time!

Ace Young was up first he sang, “Do I Do”, it was okay it wasn‘t outstanding, at least Ace tried to put some energy in the performance. Randy said, started off ok, he felt Ace had to find the right key, it was just aight. Paula totally disagreed and said that Ace started fantastic, he had spirit, cool dance moves and he entertained everyone. Then came Simon who made the witty comment that the audience is easily pleased (ten good points for that one Simon.). Simon who was trying hard all night to be positive extended to Ace, it was not a great vocal, manic and that Ace would have to do better then that! ( That was real positive Simon)

Next up was Kelly Pickler who sang “Blame it on the Sun“. Ryan seems to be pushing for her as he relates to us that “we wish her all the luck” Um Ryan if you choose to wish her luck, that is your perogative, I don’t. If we are going, to have an American Idol that is equal and most of the final twelve are on the same level. We do not need your trying to pushing your favourite on us! We will choose not you, not Simon, not Paula and not Randy! (I did read Simon’s three pick’s for the final three, I totally disagree with him on that for the exception of one)! Randy said, heh heh heh, very interesting, no spark and it didn’t work for him. Paula said, she could tell she was a bit nervous and out of her comfort zone, to safe, but she looked gorgeous. Simon said, everything went wrong, it was boring, plus she went to Dolly Parton School. To safe, overall no spark.

Ryan quipped, that he always wonders what Simon is thinking when he gives fashion advice! ( I thought that was a good comeback, ten brownie points for Ryan).

Next up was Elliott Yemin, who sang, “Knocks me off my feet”, Elliott did a good job. Stevie Wonder said, that he thought Elliott was very believable and he was majority impressed with Elliott. Randy said, he didn’t think that it was his best performance; he gave better performances the last two weeks. (There goes Randy not having his ears on again!) Paula said, that she loved the fact that he wasn’t afraid to show Stevie how he inspired Elliott, he was amazing and we would see him for weeks to come. Simon said, best performance so far, but it did not have the “wow factor”, funny I think of Simon that way, he just doesn’t have the “wow factor either”. It did not show originality and it was just a good rendition of Stevie Wonder. Well, I would think that was a pretty damm good performance if he could do a good one of Stevie Wonder. I would love to see Simon get up there and sing! It would be most interesting! We saw Ryan’s sad attempt and thank the Goddess he was just joking! Phew ( fills in space on the way to a commercial break).

Mandisa comes up next, but not before, we witnessed Ryan removing her shoes for her! Stevie thought that Mandisa was right on pitch and she could sing anything! Mandisa sings for us” Don’t you worry about a thing”. No surprises Mandisa did well. Randy said, that her performance wasn’t as great as last week, but so far it was the best performance of the night. Paula parroted Stevie Wonder and reconfirmed that she could sing anything. Simon added “Ok, now we have a competition”.

Next up was Bucky Covington who sang for us “Superstitious”. Stevie gave him constructive criticism in a unique nice way( could give some lessons to Simon) he told him that when he got excited that Bucky’s vocals got a little sharp. Randy said, definitely the right choice, actually a great vocal performance and he actually enjoyed it. Paula said she enjoyed it, it was different, but she wished he had out of his comfort zone. ( what zone is that Paula?). Simon said, he was going to be positive first, it was the best performance so far, but he needed to talk to Bucky about his Jessica Simpson hairdo, seriously that had to go. Good

Next up was Melissa McGhee, who messed up the lyrics both in practice and in performance. ( Stevie was gracious about her faux pas) She sang for us” Lately”, Randy said ( after having Melissa point out she messed up the lyrics, definitely flat sharp notes, she definitely had pipes, she can sing. (definitely not a good feedback Randy). Paula parroted Randy about the messing up of the lyrics( it was already pointed out, did we really need to hear it again?) then Paula exerts to Melissa, “when you open up your mouth to sing” ( how elegant, Paula) she found it soothing a breath of fresh air, nice job. Simon gave his big opinion and said it was the best performance so far by Melissa, it wasn’t perfect, edgy, but best performance.

Lisa Tucker was up next a she sang “ Signed, Sealed, Delivered “ Stevie gave her guidance to incorporate the same feeling she has with her ballads with more up tempo songs. Naturally, Lisa gave another good performance, she defintltey can blow. Randy wasn’t as impressed as I was, he said he was bored but the hottest part was at the end. Paula added, that she liked it when Lisa added her own ad-libs and she took chances. Simon reassured that he thought it was the best performance so far in the night, and it was the first time that someone took control of the stage. He went on to say that, Lisa had that something extra and she “has it “ factor, it was great and he loved it.

Next up was Kevin Covais, who sang for us “ Part time lover”. Stevie thought that “Little Kevin was interesting and that he would have a great sense of fun with the song. Kevin sang, it was not very good, but this strutting was ok. Randy said, Dude listen I love you, he wasn’t expecting it to be good and in tune but it was good and in tune( really! When was it in tune Randy?”.) It was definitely entertaining, not the best but definitely entertaining. Paula mimicked Randy once more and said it was in tune, it was great, he had his own style, way to go. (I am just wondering were they were during that performance), The only sane one in his feedback was Simon, who truthfully said, this is the part that Stevie turns down the volume, it was appalling. ( I gasp agree with Simon, who may become known as Mr. Truthful). Kevin is becoming more and more like Brenna Gethers and disses Simon, he is a mouthy little imp isn’t he! He told Simon that he didn’t expect much from him anyway. Me thinks that mouthy Kevin has overstayed his welcome! Gasp perhaps Kevin is Brenna in disguise! It’s gotten to the point in the competition that Little Kevin is past adorable and wanting to squish him, the boy has an EGO!!!!

Next up was Katherine McPhee who sang for us “Until you come back to me”, Stevie thought Katherine had potential and that he didn’t think Aretha Franklin would mind if she sang her song, he didn’t mind! Randy said, America she’s back( where did she go Randy, I had no idea she left!) unbelievable, it was hot you are da bomb! Paula added, that it was the best performance ( no, I don’t think so, although it was good and much more improved then last week. Simon exerted that Katherine was good and that she reminded him vocally of Kelly Clarkson. ( I don’t agree with this, but have it your way Simon!)

Next ups was Taylor Soul Man Hicks he sang for us “Living for the City”, Stevie said that Taylor has feeling and he felt that when Taylor sang it was coming from his soul. I agree with that, I call him Soul man because you can see when he sings that he feels the music and lyrics and music is in every fibre and cell of his being. As usual, Taylor does not disappoint and he brings it. ( Taylor also got the loudest and longest standing ovation) Randy said, he loved his performance , it was fearless baby! Paula said, she has the biggest smile and his performance had so much passion. Simon said, that he has the appeal of every dad who is drunk at a wedding and gets on stage the difference is he can sing! No Simon Taylor Soul Man Hicks, is it, he has the it, wow factor, I personally love to see him sing, and I know that many people love to see him sing and anticipate seeing him sing. He is exciting and Taylor will sell millions of dollars worth of Albums. I will be one of the first to buy his Album. Give the man his due Simon, Taylor is da bomb!!!!!!!

Next up was Paris Bennett, who sang for us “ All I do”. Stevie said that Paris reminded him when she sang of the excitement of Fantasia. Randy said, good vocal choices, unbelievable, effortless and fearless singing. Paula said, that Paris could teach how to do a performance. Simon said, it was as if they were viewing two different performances tonight the first half was boring and the second half was brilliant, good performance.

Closing the show was Chris( again) who sang for us “Higher Ground” I don’t think I was overall impressed with Chris, “ The Theme Night was Icon Great Stevie Wonder, it was not the Red Hot Chilly Peppers!! Every other competitor had to meet with the theme of the night, and even if some did not do well, they at least attempted it. Chris did not! Stevie Wonder made his debut in 1963, He has twenty years on the Red Hot Chilly Peppers who have been around since 1983. Chris reminds me of Bo Bice and Constantine, they could not RAISE THE BAR! They could only sing rock music and he stayed in his comfort zone tonight didn’t he! I was wondering why Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest didn’t point that out to him! They did to everyone else! Randy said, every week you find a way to make it your own( no he didn’t)!!! Paula said, Fantastic! Simon said, thank the Goddess for Chris! His performance stood in the real world but tonight by a mile. Your right about one thing Simon, what stood up in the real viewers and voting world, is that so far Chris has not ran away with it, and doing a Bo Bice performance won’t win it either! He did not raise the bar.

Ryan bids everyone Good evening and urges us to vote. He lets us know that Icon Great Stevie Wonder will be performing on the American Idol Stage. What is also great about Stevie Wonder, he never thinks he is too good or to much of a star, he loves music, he loves to perform! I look forward to seeing him perform for us.

Best Performances of the Night 1. Taylor Hicks and Paris Bennet 2 Lisa Tucker 3. Katherine McPhee

Worst Performances of the Night were two 1. Kevin Covais, for obvious reasons 2. Christ Daugherty for not having the courage to raise the bar.

Who will be going home, it should be Chris Daughtry but after America votes, it will be Kevin Covais.

Dumbest award goes to: Paula for not being in her comfort zone.

Dumber goes to Randy: His judging was aight

Dumb award goes to Simon: For being postiive( not)

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  1. Claudia replied:

    If you call out Chris on singing the Chilli Peppers version of a Stevie Wonder original, please also call Katherine out on singing an Aretha Franklin song that was only covered by Stevie Wonder. I agree with you that Taylor rocked the house last night (he is one of my three favorites). Great recap.

    March 15th, 2006 at 11:38 am (permalink)

  2. Arne replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    Stevie Wonder wrote that song, that’s why Katherine choose it. He may not of sang but he wrote it. Thanks for your imput, all comments are welccome.


    March 15th, 2006 at 2:45 pm (permalink)

  3. glenn replied:

    Are you one of the people that try to knock the favorites down.(typical fan).
    Chris does his thing better than anyone else is doing theirs. Give him credit. I think Paris is the most versatile, but Chris and Taylor are the performers. Don’t try to make them stand up singers.

    March 15th, 2006 at 4:23 pm (permalink)

  4. DK replied:

    Great Recap! I think all should’ve found a way to make Stevie’s songs their own like Chris did, even though he copied RHC-Peppers. This is a competition and standing out is what’s going to make the difference between those who can sing and those who perform songs in there own voice.

    March 15th, 2006 at 4:28 pm (permalink)

  5. Ella Brown replied:

    I can’t seem to know who to pick because of them had problem with Stevie Wonder songs. I think Paris did a good job and Bucky did too.

    March 15th, 2006 at 5:45 pm (permalink)

  6. wave54 replied:

    Before you even dare to criticize others for their singing, perhaps you should look at your own horrific spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. This article was virtually unreadable and I gave up 1/3 of the way through. A writer puts commas, or leaves them out, in certain places for a reason–to replicate a statement as it would sound spoken.

    You, my dear, are an amateur. Find another calling!

    March 15th, 2006 at 5:50 pm (permalink)

  7. Arne replied:


    I may ask you the same, Chris DOES NOT in my opinion do very well.Further if he wants to prove he should be American Idol winner, then he may want to RISE to the challenge and go with the THEME of the night!! His performances in my opinion have spiralled down. Many of us do not want to go through another Bo Bice

    When it comes to who is the best so far!!! I am afraid that there is 5 better that tops Chris. Let me name them for you.

    Taylor, Paris, Lisa, Mandias and Elliott.

    Further, the Bo Bice peformance does not WORK FOR CHRIS.

    I had said he would do BETTER in singing old time rock and roll. If he inists on incorperating one sound of music into his performances no matter what the theme is, then Chris will lose.

    There is no need to worry, Kevin Covais is a buffer and not a good singer, he will go before Chris.

    Thanks for your comment

    March 16th, 2006 at 7:57 am (permalink)

  8. Arne replied:


    Thank-you. The problem is when you have an icon like Stevie Wonder who graciousley comes on and is willing to listen to the competitors and who has 43 Years!!!! of experience in diffrent era’s of music. I would assert that it is safe to assume, that STEVIE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT! Not only that, Stevie has a better hearing sense then you or I and those of us who have our sight! This is part of his extrasensory perception, that makes up for lack of sight! Stevie’s hearing sense picks up more then yours and mine, ect…

    Chris was not unique, he was a copout in my opinion, if he is so unique then he will challenge himself and try to keep withen the theme.

    Thanks for your comment,


    March 16th, 2006 at 8:03 am (permalink)

  9. Arne replied:

    Hi Ella,

    I know what you mean, there is at least five to seven of the top 12, that it will be hard to choose. I go by the perfomances given each week. Usually, we have only 2-3 competitors that stand out, but this year its more difficult!

    thanks for your comment,


    March 16th, 2006 at 8:05 am (permalink)

  10. Arne replied:

    wave54 replied,

    HI Wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, there were no spelling errors as for the grammar, this is not an ACADEMIC THESIS, WHERE WE SHOULD WHIP OUT OUR LITTLE BROWN BOOK FOR ACADEMIC WRITING!!!!!! it is article writing, and any journalist can tell you media writing is diffrent. Could you point out the spelling errors?

    I love people who use this to exert that they disagree with an opinion.

    Why not just say you disagree and give the reasons why!!!!! Like NORMAL people.

    I for one love a good debate!!!!! It seems to me Jimmy we had these tasteless debates before, now I know who you are! You were on my group and verne’s group! I believe you got the royal boot. GET A LIFE!

    Arne/aka Moon

    March 16th, 2006 at 8:08 am (permalink)

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