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Not a Starry Night Lacklustre performances-American Idol Guys Recap:03-09-06

Arne + December 9th, 2006 + 2 replies

Not a Starry Night Lacklustre performances-American Idol Guys Recap:03-09-06

This Article is written and owned by: Arne

Compared to last week the guys, did not burn it up like last week, most viagra usa of them did not give us a good performance on a night they should of battled it out. Ryan comes out and he looked more improved then on girl’s night. He goes through his usual intros of the Guys, Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest (Judges).

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Ryan did get a star welcome from the Audience! The Guys were supposed to be fired up! If you ask me the performances were only burning the remnants of last weeks cinders!!! The surprise of the night was Will Maker’s performance that may pull an upset on where the sixth spot should go.

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First up was Gedeon McKinney who sang for us Icon Great James Brown’s “When a man loves a women”. Gedeon gave an excellent, excellent performance. Randy said, it was aight, and that Gedeon was definitely an old soul in the group. Paula said he was unique and he knew exactly how to highlight his vocals. Simon thought it was good, a bit cabaret, he liked Gedeon, he was interesting.

Second up was Chris Daughtry who sang for us Seeth’s “Broken”, it was a lacklustre performance, it was dull and bland. Randy says one more time he is a fan, and he loved people who knew who they were. Another good performance. Rock on Baby. Chris\t may be ousted tonight with that performance. Paula said, she could see him on the Radio and he was fantastic. Simon wasn’t as impressed, it was a bit indulgent, boring and that Chris had a long way to go.

Next up was Kevin Covais, who sang Starry Night( sorry don’t know who sings this) he bombed and it was extremely not an American Idol top twelve performance. Randy said, it was a weird song choice, he didn’t enjoy the song. Paula said that Kevin made people pay attention( he certainly did with that song and it wasn’t considered cute). Simon added that it was like watching puppies play and he would get the Granny vote. ( Simon should be careful, he is almost in the Granny age himself). Kevin said he would take the Granny vote.

Next up was Bucky Covington who sang for us Pat Green’s “Wave on Wave”, Bucky did extremely well on this important night. Randy said, Great song choice and Bucky had a sense of who he was but he did not highlight his vocals. Paula extended that it was a good job. Simon squeaked it was ok but he has heard it a million times in a bar. He didn’t think it was good enough. Sorry I think it was good enough and that Bucky will probably make the top twelve.

Next up was the surprise of the night Will Maker who sang for us James Taylor’s “How sweet it is”. Will really, really surprised me and I think he may have pulled off an upset on who was anticipated to be in the top twelve. He did an excellent job. I guess Will just thinks to heck with it, I’m just going to give it my all.
Randy said, it was not good for him and was a bad Karaoke performance. Paula totally disagreed, said forget 11 year olds she is a fan, and thought he did a good job. Simon thought it was average, nothing distinct but good. However, thought he would get a middle age vote( well he has Paula’s). I guess Simon is pissed because Will did do a good job that upsets the anticipation of who will get the top six spots.

Next up was Taylor Hicks, who never disappoints as usual he did an outstanding job, make no bones about it, Taylor is a top twelve finalist and could be in the final two sing off. Taylor sang for us The Doobie Brother’s “Taking it to the street”. Randy said, great song choice, good job singing , randy had problems with Taylor’s dancing. “To soulful for you Randy?”. Paula said, she was blown away. Simon said, that Taylor could kill the video industry, he loved the song, he absolutely loves the song, and it stood out, best performance so far.

Next up was Elliott Yemin who sang for us Brian Adams “Heaven”. It was good but not Elliott’s best, he has sung better. Randy related that he looked forward to hearing Elliott sing each week and he makes the right song choices. Paula extended it was amazing, Phenomenal and she was just beside herself???? Simon adds that what Paula said “ was such beautiful words,” however, he thought it was a copout and felt it was a disconnect.

Closing the show was Ace Young who sang for us Michael Jackson’s “Butterflies”, it was good but not the best. Randy said, he did a great job and he loved the falsetto going on, he pulled it off. Paula said, he had a natural voice talent. And she again dared to say that Ace did it better then the original artist. Paula your songs can be outdone, there are Icon Greats that can’t be outdone! Michael Jackson is one of them. Many artists have said in interviews that they have all taken something from Michael’s performances and added it to their own. Beyonce Knowles, P.Daddy and so on and so forth. So far every year, Paula has tried to say that Idol performances have upstaged some Icon great, last year it was Aretha Franklin and Barbara Streisand now Michael Jackson Simon said, Ace made it work but it was not great.

The s how ends and what was supposed to be a fast burning up starry night was not a showdown, most performances were stalemated and boring.

Best Performances of the Night: 1. Taylor Hicks 2. Gedeon McKinney 3. Will Makar
Worst Performances of the Night 1. Kevin Covais and 2. Christ Daughtry

The Dumbest Award goes to Simon for His Middle Age Comment

The Dumber Award goes to Paula, for having chills

The Dumb award goes to Randy for not having his ears on tonight.

Who will be going home after America Votes: Kevin Covais and Chris Daughtry

Bo Bice will be performing the elimination this night. My daughter squealed with delight much to my chagrin. She said, “Oh Bo Bice, Bo Bice, I can't wait”. I could, but like anything it's her choice! We do have Bo's CD, not by my choice, by my children's insistence!! This is why earphones is the greatest inventions!

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