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Lisa Tucker underrated by Judges: American Idol Girls Recap.-3-08-06

Arne + December 9th, 2006 + 5 replies

Lisa Tucker underrated by Judges: American Idol Girls Recap.-3-08-06

This Article is Written and owned by: Arne

The show opens and Ryan warns its crunch time. Ryan introduces the girls, the judges . Ryan decided on trying out that disastrous combination of nice suit jacket with a pair of dowdy jeans. It was a night that we saw the judges consistently and shamefully underrate Lisa Tucker. The age factor seems to get in the way of Simon (dumbest) and now Randy Jackson (Dumber) joined Simon’s bandwagon.

Paris Bennett opens the show with Gloria Estefan’s “Conga”, I thought Paris did well, it was not her best. Randy said, it was not his favourite song choice for her, he wanted her to challenge herself, he was entertained it was ok. Paula said, it was a difficult song to sing, she was surprised, she is a talented singer. Simon’s critique oozed with the age factor and liability he needs to demonstrate each week. He wanted her to sing a younger song. It was vocally ok, people love her, see her next week. ( I would like Simon to give us a list of what a younger song is) I didn’t know when artists sang that there were age groups attached to their albums on who should listen to them!!!!!

Next up was the underrated Lisa Tucker, who sang Tiffany Taylor’s “Where I Stand”. As usual, Lisa did an excellent outstanding job. Lisa can blow, she brings it every performance and Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest seem to deny her the credit she deserves. Lisa has been consistent every performance and the Judges specifically Simon has been consistent in denying her the correct credit.
( it’s to old for them.) Randy parroted, liked the song! It was older for me!( yeah that makes so much sense, really clears it up doesn’t it). Paula offered, that Lisa was a seasoned performer, she has poise, amazing, would like to see her sing a song we could get into.( where has Paula been, Lisa has allowed us to get into her performances every week), clearly Paula was to busy smiling at the Dawg Pound!) Simon the Crone, repeated his age liability!!!! Agreed with Randy and then made the stupid comment that it sounded like Lisa’s mum is picking the song. ( What a strange critique coming from a man that is older then Lisa’s Mum!!!!!!!!). The Judges have consistently taken away from Lisa’s excellent performances each week. They allow the age liability to get into the way of giving Lisa proper critique and proper credit!!!

Next up was Melissa McGhee who sang for us Heart’s “ what about love”. I don’t think it was the top performance, but she did better then in past performances. I do think that at the end, she shouted the song out, however, it wasn’t as bad!!!! As the Judges said, Randy said it was a good song choice, and he thought she got away with it. The problem with Melissa is that she has not run away with it yet. Paula said that improving each week( this is the only week I saw improvement) and warned she is a force to be reckoned with! What exactly does this mean, does it mean we can expect to see a run away performance from Melissa? Simon said that he thought Melissa didn’t cut the mustard and she has booked her one-way ticket home with this performance.

Next up was Kinnick Sky who sang for us songstress great Alicia Key’s “ If I ain’t got you”, unfortunately Kinnick, bombed on the song, it was a total disaster! Alicia Key’s is another act that is hard to follow and mimic. Randy didn’t think she nailed it, Paula said it was off pitch it was stage sharp and she didn’t think Kinnick had heard the band. Simon said she messed it up, it was appalling, she went all over the place and she signed her plane ticket home. Ryan asked Simon if it gave him pleasure to make people feel bad! Simon didn’t have a good response, he was all over the place and he messed his response up, it was too young of a question to ask the ole Crone– Simon– !

Next up was Katherine McPhee, who sang for us Icon great Aretha Franklin’s “Think”, I am sorry Katherine sang a spirited song, she didn’t sing a soulful song, it was void and empty of any Soul. This is Aretha Franklin, and if one is going to do a song, it’s a mix of soul/blues, gospel it is not to be interrelated as one must shout out the song! Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul is virtually an artist that is untouchable, the only person on this planet that can do Aretha and get away with it is another great Icon and that is Miss Patty Labelle!. Katherine did not do that well in my opinion! Randy said, wow, he was waiting for a dawg pound moment, we got a hot one tonight! ( have it your way Randy I beg to differ). It was good. Paula related that she thought Katherine was a well-oiled machine, and she had control of her beautiful voice. Simon said it was a risk and she pulled it off, she was effortless and she will sail through. In my opinion, Katherine’s performance was a mediocre, substandard pass!!!

Nest up was Aayla Brown who sang for us Natasha Bedingfields’s “Unwritten” For the first time I did not enjoy Aayla’s performance, it was a very flat monotone performance. Randy said, the song was ok, not a great singer song, some sharp notes, no wow factor. Paula said, she gave Aayla credit she fight’s the fight each week.( which is really not commenting on the performance, it is just saying something because you have to). She rose to the challenge. Simon said, it was pretty good actually, he wanted her to sing young it would be more appealing, it was good not fantastic. I didn’t think that Aayla rose to the challenge and she is a better talent then she gave on this night.

Next up was Mandisa who sang for us Chaka Khan’s “I’m every women”. Mandisa did very well, and she was great, she was not as great as Lisa Tucker in my opinion. Randy restates as he has done every week that Mandisa is the best female vocal this season. Wow, it was ridiculous? Paula thought it was a great arrangement and awesome, she was having chills ( it must have been Simon’s frosty glare) Simon croons that all the girls are going to hate Mandisa’s guts, she made all the rest of the performers look ordinary, ( nope there was one better tonight then Mandisa and that was Lisa) Simon went on to say it was completely different and Mandisa was in another league.

Closing the show was Kelly Pickler, who dumb, dumber and dumbest falls all over themselves. Yes, Kelly is pretty, she is cute, but all of the Judges have said she is not the best vocal. Kelly sang for us, Melissa Ehterridge’s “I’m the only one”. Kelly’s performance was just passable, she has not attempted to raise the bar. Could it be the age liability is with her as well??????? Randy said, I knew I liked you, very consistent, good song choice( that left me in amazement, Randy knows full well, that Kelly did not do as well as he pretended). Paula extended, that the guys are in love with her and Paula’s nephews are in love with her. Simon, gave the challenging critique that Kelly was a naughty little Mink, and he really, really likes her! Then he makes the most stupid comment of the season, he likes her better then last year’s winner( Carrie Underwood). I guess Carrie doesn’t bother with Simon like Kelly Clarkson, so Simon has wounded feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he adds that Kelly doesn’t have the best vocal!

The show closes Ryan bids us adieu.

The best performances of the night 1. Lisa 2. Mandisa 3. Melissa
The worst performances of the night. 1. Kinnick 2. Aayla
Who will be going home after America votes. 1. Kinnick 2. Melissa

The Dumbest Award goes to Simon and Randy: For the crack on Lisa’s mum and the age liability cracks

The Dumber Award goes to Paula for not critiquing and just gushing about who loves whom.

The Dumb Award goes to all three of them, because their Comments were more baseless then meaningful.

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