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Just you Bring it- The Guys Owned the competition this week: American Idol 03-01-06

Arne + December 2nd, 2006 + no replies

Just you Bring it- The Guys Owned the competition this week: American Idol 03-01-06

This Article is written and owned by: Arne

The guys brought it tonight, they ran the gauntlet!

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Every male competitor tonight gave it his all. There were some better then others, but in a whole, the guys owned the competition this week! They not only sung well, they had the viewer’s excited and restored enthusiasm to the show! It will be hard to pick out of the guys who will win the six spots for the final round! It was an astounding night, not only did the guys bring it, Ryan and the Judges brought it home for us tonight! Excellent singing and humorous spirited jousting. With the way the guys performed tonight, the girls were put on notice! The guys put the heat on the girls tonight to bring it!!!

The show opens and out swaggers Ryan Seacrest. Tonight Ryan had something to swagger about. His attire made him look polished, dapper, spiffy and debonair. Ryan’s 3-piece attire was a pleasant surprise and a vast improvement. I have to give him his due, and when he falters, I verbally slap him around!

As usual Ryan could not resist being dramatic! He announces to us, Last night the girls sang, but he asks what will happen tonight? Ryan reinforces his drama by asking, what will happen with your votes? From there he introduces the judges; Paula is sitting next to Simon again. While Ryan was introducing the Judges, I noted that Simon was “gaping” at Paula’s femininity! Paula looked good tonight and Simon could not help but notice, gape, stare!!!! Ryan makes some light jest of Simon, when he said that his favourite three expressions are ghastly, horrible, nightmare.

First up is Taylor Soul Man Hicks, I really love Taylor’s performances. Taylor sung for us “Easy by the Commodores”, Taylor as usual was outstanding in my opinion! Randy disagrees he said, not your best performance, not my favourite song choice for you, but what he liked about Taylor’s performance is that he had the whole Ray Charles thing about him. Randy is booed from the audience and from my family at home!. Paula, as usual comments on the fashion, extended to Taylor she loved his clothes, enthusiasm, and it was also not her favourite song choice for him! Simon added, it did not work for him and it was really an average performance. Simon is booed from the audience and jeered from my family at home. As far as I am concerned, Taylor gave an outstanding performance, as always I enjoyed him and they need to get their hearing checked. Taylor is the Soul Man!

Next up was Elliott Jamming Yamin, who sang for us James Moody’s, “Mood for Love”, Elliott gave an excellent performance, and he banged it out! Randy said, yow man, every time you have sung I have enjoyed you, you have a natural gift, amazing talent, dawg pound we got a hot one tonight! Paula conveyed that this is one of the most difficult songs to sing and that he did Stevie Wonder proud. (I thought it was James Moody)!! Paula added I don’t now how your going to top that performance. Simon chimed in that he thought Elliott grew in confidence and that he was starting to believe in himself. It was a great performance.

Third up was Ace pretty boy Young, who sang David Battlefield’s “If I’m not made for you”. I was hot and cold on Ace’s performance, it wasn’t bad. Randy said, you know what? No what Randy? It was a good song choice, it showed his range and he hit the whole falsetto. Randy cautioned Ace that he would have to pick harder tunes to stay in the competition. Paula shared that it was another good week for Ace; he hit the falsetto’s, which surprised her in a good way. Simon theorized that he thought that Ace struggled with the song. (Simon gets more boo’s from the audience) Simon added that Ace did not sing the song very well.

Then Simon said that of course he is Mr. Naïve, Ignorant, Simon (feeling a little sorry for yourself Simon, I see) in comparison to the knowledge of Randy and Paula who he birthed with the names of Mozart and Beethoven. Ha, ha ha, first I just want to know which one is Mozart and which one is Beethoven!
Second, don’t’ let me be the one to hinder Simon’s awakening and self-enlightment! So not to make Simon feel left out, we can always birth him Chopin or Bach!!!

Moving along, next up was Gedeon the showstopper McKinney who sang for us a real oldie but goodie, Sam Cooke’s “A change is going to come”.Gedeon hammered it out, and triumphed as he blew us all away! His performance was more then the wow factor!!! Randy said, what I love about you is that you are a great natural performer; he started a little shaky, but ended it with a big bang. Gedeon I a hot dude and his ending was strong. Paula extended, that he was unique, different, smart performer that we will see for decades. Simon offered that the funny thing was that he didn’t know what to make of Gedeon. He said that Gedeon did this type of music brilliantly, it was a very good performance tonight and he sounded authentic.

After viewing Ryan doing a sad attempt of being the next Tupac Shakur, next up was Kevin Studly Covais.
The stud sang for us, Marvin Gaye’s, “I heard it from the grapevine”. I thought Kevin was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Randy said that he really thoroughly enjoyed it, and was surprised that he could actually sing. My boy can blow America! Paula added that Kevin was infectious, everyone is just smiling and that Kevin is the next sex symbol, he was having a blast and she loved watching his performances. This is it with Kevin, I think we just enjoy watching his enthusiasm, he is cute, and this kid is having the time of his life! I agree with Paula there. Simon chimed; this really is la la land isn’t it! (I guess Simon is a fan of the show Teletubbies). He said he likes Kevin, you are likable but the reality is if Simon heard Kevin’s performance on a radio, he turn it off! It was not the best version of the song that Simon heard. Simon is so hard to please.

Next up is Jose fire and desire Penola, who sang for us Icon great Stevie Wonders, Overjoy, I thought he did well. Randy said that he considers Stevie Wonder one of the greatest artists in the world! (so do I) and that Jose’s performance wasn’t as good as last week’s.! Paula related that she felt that he was not connected but he still had a lot of talent. Simon croned, that this is exactly how not to do well! It was average Karaoke and if Sway continued to carry on like that, he would not be in the show. Come now Simon, he really didn’t do that bad, further last week when he did an excellent job, you didn’t like it then either. Perhaps Jose is this years whipping person for Simon! Each year, Simon has one, it seems to be Jose! I think he will make it in the top twelve.

Next up was Will baby face Maker who sang the great Kenny Rogers, Lady. I have to admit I wasn’t very hopeful with this performance. However, for the first time, Will brought it. I actually enjoyed his performance for the fist time. I think Will was putting everyone on notice, he has no intention of going down without a fight! Randy said, I think at this point in the show you have to do something that shows you are amazing. It was ok for me. Paula said, you have a nice tone, it was to safe and a little bland. Simon in his logic offered that Will had created a target audience for 11-year-old girls who would love it.

Next up was Bucky au naturelle Covington who sang for us Garth Brook’s “ The Thunder Rolls”, I thought Bucky did well with this song, he put some sex appeal in his performance but he didn’t overdo such as jumping on tables .Randy said, that Bucky was representing the dirty south like Randy. (aww they bonded) it was definitely a good song choice and he did his thing. Paula informed that he was finding his place in the competition and he did a good job. Simon offered up that he liked him (Simon liked many people tonight) he was a sincere guy and he was what he was, however, the problem was that Bucky came across as the support( opening act) of other stronger competitors. It did not come across to me that way Simon, but have it your way!

Next up was David Radford who sang for us the late great Frank Sinatra’s, “the way you look tonight”. It was not that good even for a crooner in my opinion. Randy said, good thing is he stayed in his zone, but he found himself really bored and he was listing to the band who sounded good. It. Didn’t quite get him tonight. Paula says it’s his zone, but she felt he had performed better songs and he didn’t connect with the band. Simon says he absolutely has the right voice for that kind of material, but he would have to have charisma and confidence in order to make it work and it wouldn’t work if David were uncomfortable with it.

Closing the show was Chris I’ll rock your world Daughtry, who sang for us Haemorrhage” Fuel” It was ok, but I think that Chris has a much better talent and singing ability and he isn’t giving it to us. It is in song selection, I think that some old time rock and roll, is best suited for his vocals. Randy said, he loved it, he loved it, he loved it! It was the right song choice that Chris could go right to the top of the charts with that song, like right now dude. Paula chimes in and asks Chris, “Do you know how good you are?”, Chris responds only when you tell me. Paula then extends “Boy, you are amazing!” this was a magic moment on th stage! Simon attested that there had been many compliments on the stage tonight, however Chris’s performance was the only one that stood out in the real world. He was in a different class from the other performances tonight!

I am in total disagreement with Simon’s statement, if he thinks that Chris was in a different class, it was only by song choice and category as opposed to performance. Frankly some of the top male performers is Taylor Hicks, is Elliott Yemin, is Sway Penola( even if he had a bad night) Gedeon McKinny, Bucky Covington and Ace young as well as Chris I didn’t think that the performance was that great for that type of statement. Let’s not overlook the other contenders, because they brought it tonight!

Top performances of the night: Was 1. Taylor Hicks and Elliott Yemin, 2. Gedeon McKinney 3 Bucky Covington.
Worst performances of the night: 1. David Radford 2. David Maker
Who will be going home in the males. David Radford and David Maker

The girls better pick up the volume, because the guys have challenged them tonight and are in fact running away with the competition. Other high points of the night is that Paula is expressing for the most part her own views, which is refreshing. Paula needs to keep on that path, and not worry about what Simon thinks. Hey Paula you’re a women with conviction, if Simon doesn’t like it, tell him what most women would tell him. To bad!! If you don’t like it, learn to like it!!

Dashing and Dapper Ryan closes the show and bids us all adieu.

Dumbest award goes to Simon: For the your in a different class, when 95 percent of the guys gave it there all and outstanding performance to boot. Again, Randy and Paula did a fabulous job in their feedback, therefore they are exonerated from the dumb and dumber award tongiht.

Special feature in the elimination round: My girl Carry Underwood will be perfoming for us, I look forward this this!

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