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Bland and Boring Performances: American Idol 2-28-2006

Arne + December 1st, 2006 + no replies

Bland and Boring Performances: American Idol 2-28-2006

In comparison to last week, the girls were not on par and honestly they seemed to of fell apart! This was a night that we heard Simon bragging to us once more, about just how sweet he is, and he is never wrong! A night that should have been a fight for six seats came off without even a whimper from most of the girls.

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I was very disappointed; most of the singing was bland and boring! I am in disagreement with dumb, dumber and dumbest views on some of the performances.

The show opens and out pops Ryan, looking cocky and wearing a distressful pair of jeans that would have been more fitting in a show like the Beverley Hillbillies, the only thing that was missing was Ryan’s ugly checker shirt to go with it!

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Ryan proclaims ten of the best-undiscovered female voices will sing tonight. Ten different voices with one definite goal. To win your votes. You decide their destiny, you make the call. This is American Idol! Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, always the flair for dramatic!

Ryan then exclaims with delight that American Idol was top rating for last weeks elimination night, and that seventy-eight million viewers watched the elimination round on Thursday. Ryan goes on to impress upon us what big ratings American Idol enjoyed, over the Olympics and other shows that anticipated high ratings. Ryan said they were 2.2 in the ratings. Thank you, Thank-you, Thank-you he extends to the viewers for watching.

Ryan in his hillbilly attire introduces the ten remaining gals and extends to us that the girls will battle it out for us tonight. (Wrong, they barely performed, let along sung for us) Ryan then intro’s the Judges, this is were Simon starts hugging himself, and cuddling himself, and letting us all know that Simon loves Simon!!! Simon gleefully shares with us that he is NEVER wrong!!! Simon has always suffered from delusions. Simon went on to distress us all when he conveyed that he would give himself a ten as a judge! Really, a ten? I would give Simon a 4.5, Randy has enhanced his vocals on giving feedback, he would be more of an 8.5 and Paula would be an 8.0. Sorry Simon, You are wrong!!!

First boring performance was from Katherine McPhee, she sang Icon great Stevie Wonder’s All In Love Is Fair. Katherine who is usually bang on and impressive did not bring it off; it was not a very good performance at all! She was very shaky in the beginning; she was out of tune and only had a good finish to the song! Randy said, it was a safe choice, wasn’t her best performance and it wouldn’t of been his choice of song for Katherine. It was just OK. Paula said, she agreed with Randy, it was not a song choice that connected with Paula, however Katherine moved Paula and it was brilliant. (Ok I knew it was too good to be true, Paula is sliding again in her feedback). Either it was not a good song choice or it was brilliant, Paula cannot have it both ways!!! Simon said, on a show like this it is about personality! No Simon it is about talent and if they can sing or not! Personality takes a back seat to a good singer that can blow. The only time personality comes into play is when the person is of no or little talent then has the nerve to have an attitude on top of everything else. Simon went on to say it was not the best night nor would Katherine impress the American audience. He was right about that one I was not impressed. However, Katherine will get another chance with America!

Next bland performance was by Kinnick Sky- She chose a country music song by Gretchen Wilson, Here for the Party! This song is suppose to be upbeat, yet when Kinnick sang it was lacking and turned out to be very bland and empty. Randy said, he enjoyed the energy and it was groovy, but he did not like the song on Kinnick because there was not enough range to highlight her talent. Paula advised that having fun was great, she said that Kinnick was pitchy, and at this point in the competition it about picking songs that show off her amazing range. Simon extends, that Kinnick at least attempted to do something that stood out in the crowd, he then likened Kinnick’s performance to magic mountain in Disneyland and said it was a theme park performance. He added that the audience is never going to say wow to a performance like that!

Lisa Tucker is on the red carpet next and she sings for us the Jackson Five’s” Who’s lovin you”. I thought she did an excellent job and Lisa was one of the person’s who save the show tonight! I am in disagreement with the Judges on their feedback. First, if Michael Jackson could do this song at the young tender age of 11 in 1969, then I think 16-year-old Lisa Tucker could handle the song. Further, Simon needs to realize that people have different life experiences and a 16 year old could have seen a lot of life in those 16 years. He really needs to leave the age factor alone! Randy said that choosing Michael Jackson did not show off her voice and it was just aight! Paula shared, when you got it, you got it, she did not understand why Lisa was not signed to a contract yet and that regardless of the show, Lisa is a star. Simon quipped, that Lisa had to be smart about the song choices, she was a very young girl and she did not to come across as a young girl singing grown up songs. With that being shared, Simon offered that Lisa was in front of thirty million people and she will get through, because many people will vote for her.

Next bland performance was Melissa McGhee, who sang for us Reba McIntyre’s Why Haven’t I Heard from You. Randy said that the song fit Melissa, it was a perfect choice and her smokey voice returned, that was hot! Paula said, that she was coming out of her shell, she was unique in her conviction, she loved her tone, it was great. Simon loves her voice, but he didn’t know what the problem was with Melissa. Simon felt that Melissa was not making a connection with the American Idol audience. Paula was upsetting Simon, who told her to shut-up she was annoying him and that Paula was like a precocious child. Simon went on to say that, he didn’t think the audience would remember the song and that she would have to connect with the viewers with the wow factor. In a whole, the performance was both bland and boring.

Next up we have Heather Cox who attempted to do the great Mariah Carey’s, Hero. It didn’t come off well, her voice was shaky, she was out of tune. Mariah Carey is a hard act to follow, in her singing ability, she is unique and when Mariah sings you can feel the lyrics. It was an extremely bad choice for Heather this night. Randy said, that Heather looked great but she paled in comparison to Mariah Carey. Randy also shared with us that it was hard because he works with Mariah. Simon piped up, really??? I never heard that before!!! Moving along, Paula said she improved from last week, but the big problem was that when one chooses a song by a singing great that they run the risk of being compared to the artist. Not great. Simon chimed in, that Randy and Paula spoke some sense and he was in agreement with them. Simon likened the performance to a ghastly pageant when someone gets up and sings, he extended to Heather if she wasn’t going to do it like the original or something different, it was pointless.

Next up was ( sigh) Brenna Gethers, who posed for us once more, I wonder if she thinks she is like Marilyn Monroe? She performed Donna Summer'ss Last dance. As usual, she messes it up. Paula said, that she didn’t see the magic in her but thought she did wonderful! ( Clean out your ears Paula, it was horrible). Randy quipped that Simon and Brenna are quite alike, ( it’s because they both think they are wonderful). Randy said that it was pitchy and all over the place. Simon summarized, that the song should be renamed to dance to chance! He likened it to a vacation and after dinner when someone gets up to sing and their usually Murdering a Donna Summer song! He said he has saw the same performance a thousand times and he usually gets up and leaves! Brenna shot back that it was America’s choice. Simon rebutted that America has good hearing sense right now and he felt that it would be her last performance! I personally hope this is true, it would be the merciful thing for America to do! Simply she is not that great of a talent and is out of her league in comparison with other competitors. Brenna thinks she will be back!

Next show saver was Paris Bennett, who sang Gladys’s Knight's, Bette Middler's, and Sheena Easton's ” Wings beneath my wings”,( a number of artists did this song) Paris did a fantastic job. In my opinion, Paris knocked the song out of the ballpark. Paula said, she liked her fashion, style and shoes. It was an amazing performance and said that she was another young one making the competition incredible. Randy said, that Paris was like a young Lauren Hill, she can definitely sing, but she played it safe. Simon urged that Paris didn’t want to turn her performances into I am seventeen and can sound like I am fifty!

Next up was Aayla Brown who sang Celine Dion’s , I Want You To Need Me. I was hot and cold on this performance. It was ok, Aayla is a better talent then her performance tonight. Paula said, I think you want this really bad, she was pleasantly surprised she had conviction, it was the right song with her vocal range.Randy said, he was surprised as well, very good song choice, nice package, he liked it dawg! Simon started being a Psychic and offered that Aayla probably got A’s in school, and that she was working harder then anyone on the show. He felt she was still mechanical and his problem with her is that she prefects herself, that sometimes rawness in a song is needed! Even with my hot and cold position, I think that Aayla did much better then a few of the finalists tonight.

Next up was Kelly Pickler, who sang for us Bonnie Raitt’s Something to talk about. Paula thinks she is adorable and she wanted to Squish her( ok, I don’t know what this had to do with her performance but have it your way Paula). Paula went on to gush that Kelly had picked the right song and she made her smile and dance. Randy said, We have a hot one( really where), she did her thing and he loved it. Simon said, it wasn’t her best vocal, he didn’t’ know what it was but Simon couldn’t help but like her!!! He said her vocal was rough around the edges but he thought America would fall in love with her! Probably but then America can fall in love with someone for being cute and adorable, but historically at the end of the cuteness, they will still vote for who they think is the best talent, and it isn’t based on looks!!!! I personally didn’t like Kelly’s performance tonight! It was another bland performance.

Closing the show was Mandisa who also saved the show with Faith Hill’s cry. Mandisa banged it out, for us. Paula said, she was one of a kind, Mandisa was needed in the competition. She had unbelievable vocal range. Randy says the verse was a little rough, she overshot it in some places and it was sharp. He was not thrilled with the performance. Simon thought America would keep her around for a while, he agreed with Randy it wasn‘t a good song choice, however she was the better female singer in the competition.

Mandisa is a contender, but I wouldn’t overlook, Paris, Lisa , Aayla and Katherine. A couple of them did not have a good night. I believe the final six will be Paris, Lisa, Aayla, Katherine, Mandisa and Kelly.

This was a night that the finalists should of shined and sparkled, in turn most of them fizzled and burned. Hopefully the guys will pull it off tomorrow night.

Best performances of the night: 1. Mandisa 2. Paris and Lisa 3. Aayla
Worst performances of the night: 1. Brenna 2. Heather
Who will be going home? Brenna and Heather.

Dumbest award goes to Paula- For not connecting, wrong song choice, but brilliant.
Dumber award goes to Simon-For trying to help and giving himself a ten.
Dumb award goes to Randy- For enjoying a song, it was groovy, but did not like the song.

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