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Do not Interrupt the Atomic D-O-N: The Apprentice: Grand Slam Opener: 02-27-06

Arne + December 28th, 2006 + no replies

Do not Interrupt the Atomic D-O-N: The Apprentice: Grand Slam Opener: 02-27-06

This Article is written and owned by: Arne

I do not usually write about the apprentice, but after viewing the season opener were “The Donald” comes out fighting and gets tough, I just could not resist!

Last night’s apprentice was an indication that the show was going to have more down and dirty competition then we ever saw on the Apprentice. Already we see the different candidates grouping off and pledging allegiance to each other! However, in the boardroom those allegiances turn into dust, it is more likened to survival of the fittest!

Not only do we see these allegiances we see “The Donald”, getting rough and tough in the boardroom.

The show opens and the Donald makes his grand entrance showing what success can buy a person. We have his usual right hand women and man in Caroline and George who lead the candidates in. The Candidates are introduced:

Allie a medical sales manager and Andrea a sticker company owner,
Brent, an attorney and Bryce a homebuilder,
Charmaine, a real estate consultant, and Dan a clothing company owner,
Lee, a business analyst and Lenny, a trading company owner,
Leslie, a realtor and Michael, a management consultant,
Pepi, an attorney and Roxanne, an appellate attorney,
Sean, a recruitment consultant and Stacy, a criminal defence attorney
Summer a restaurant owner and Tammy, a wealth manager,
Tarek, a hi-tech manager, and Theresa, a psychotherapist.

In this mix, of the 18 candidates we have diverse backgrounds of education and business success. We have a Mensa member with Terek and we have a Canadian Candidate, a British Candidate and a Russian Candidate.

With the introductions of the candidates and the birth of two teams, Gold Rush vs. Synergy, (meaning working together it refers to the phenomenon in which two or more discrete influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than the sum of the effects each is able to create independently. In the 1960s, it was first used to describe supposed economies of scale in business, reappearing in the 1990s as a common business buzzword (wikopedia)

The 16-week interview begins! Gold Rush team includes Tarek (project manager) Dan, Bryce, Charmaine, Leslie, Theresa, Lee, summer, and Lenny. Synergy team includes Allie (project manager) Pepi, (who birthed the team name) and Sean, Tammy, Andrea, Roxanne, Brent, Stacy, and Michael.

The first task of the season was combining aviation and advertising each was given a Goodyear Blimp to advertise memberships at Sam’s Club. The team that sold the most memberships or upgraded memberships of Sam’s clients would win. The Donald reminds the candidates that the losing team would see him back in the boardroom, where somebody, “Would be Fired”!

To summarize the tasks, Tarek’s team Gold Rush did not fair well for many reasons. One they were not as organized as Synergy and they seemed to have little in-groups going as opposed to all of the team working together towards the goal of winning. We also experimented in Gold Rush those candidates that thought their experience outweighed and was more important then other team members. Not exactly a winning formula for any task.

Back in the boardroom “The Don”, started as usual, reserved and asking the appropriate probing questions about what went wrong. Lee and Tarek had buddied up as did Summer and Lenny! Lee did not keep his end of were pals factor with Tarek; he reneged on their agreement so to speak and blamed Tarek for the loss. In turn, Tarek brought back his two nemeses in Summer and Lenny and decided to get vengeful when he brought Lee back into the boardroom. (I do think that Tarek did try to shield Lee when he warned him he would be a target from the other team members and not to say too much.)

The best was when Caroline asked Summer what was her contribution to the task and Summer could not answer her. She had to think about it! It looked like The Don was going to fire the project manager Tarek, when Summer interjected, trying to save Tarek from execution! Well I have to say that was stupid on her part! The highlight was that “The Don”, did not take kindly to Summer interrupting him from firing Tarek! The Don exploded and verbally thrashed Summer, he gave her a verbal left, a verbal right, and when she was down, he verbally kicked her over and over again! Trump was just steaming! With one mighty bellow “ The Don” crushed our Huntington Beach candidate. Summer looked like she was shrinking with every word, and almost like she wished she was invisible or that the Don would just blow away!!! (I was wondering if this was not the result of the remaining residue of the row and Brouhaha that he is having with the Martha)! Needless to say, summer got the royal boot!

Upon the candidates leaving, Trump warned Tarek that he was not impressed with him, that Summer had saved his ass (verbatim), and that Tarek had just narrowly escaped being fired. Lenny turns toward Trump and says, “not for long”. It seems there is going to be some spirited challenges and competivness with some team members. It also appears that “The Donald”, is not about to let anyone slip by the radar, this season, in which he has been criticized in the past. His comment of the night was that our Mensa member Tarek was overrated!

I don’t know did anyone feel sorry for Summer, after Trump verbally thrashed her? Summer can comfort herself with these famous Trump words. (“It’s not personal, it’s just business!) Summer’s brief comment was that she learned business Sauvé from her family, and then she did with the candidates. This was Summer’s way of saying that some candidates will do anything to win!

Let that be a lesson to future Apprentice candidates, to not interrupt the Atomic Don!!!!

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