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Likeability factor and Some Serious Strong Competition: American Idol 2-21-2006

Arne + December 22nd, 2006 + 2 replies

Likeability factor and Some Serious Strong Competition: American Idol

This Article is written and owned by Arne:

Ladies night proved to be viagra 100mg a serious strong competition.

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I was very impressed with most of the girls tonight and their level of singing talent. However, there were two outliers that were not up to par or speed with the performances that the ladies brought! The judges were better at their feedback, however from the middle to the end, they seemed to struggle with conveying their points of view. The song choices were different and refreshing! We heard renditions of the greats and Icons, Stevie Wonder and Gladys’s Knights, Icon Barbara Streisand. Icon Jennifer Holiday, Heart, Musical Genius Christina Aguilera ,Natalie Merchant, Martina McBride, Josh Groban., Diana Ross, Faith Hill, and Alita Adams.

The show opens and Ryan comes swaggering out! Ryan looks perky, his attire is still drab, I absolutely, without question hated his checker shirt! Perhaps Ryan fans should start up a website called Dress Like the site that made the news. In this way fans could choose what Ryan would wear when he was hosting. Ryan Thanks!!! Idol viewers for watching the show. ( Glad to see you taking my comments seriously Ryan!!!) Ryan’s open line is, “The judges job is over and now you are in control. Tonight we begin to build the Top 12. Ladies first!

It's a new level of the competition It’s performance time!!! Twenty-four will become the top twelve and six places are for the girls and here they are!! Ryan introduces the twelve girls performing tonight. The guys (Randy’s Dawg pound) are watching from below and they will perform for you tomorrow. Each week two girls and two guys will be headed home until we reach the top twelve. Ryan then announces and of course the judges are here! He intro’s dumb, dumber and dumbest. We get to see some spirited verbal jousting with the Judges ( I guess they were suppose to be setting the tone!!!! Of the show.) Ryan then asks Simon, How he reacts to the criticism. Simon being the elusive he man he wants us to believe him to be, responds “I haven’t had any”.

Ryan looks at him a little fazed and prods “you haven’t been harsh?”. Simon replies, I was defending you! So there we have it, Simon is in denial! It’s not surprising if you ask me. Simon knows he has been criticized for his razor sharp tongue, he was booed tonight and will continue to be booed. Yet, it eludes dumbest that he has been criticized. Ryan moves on and relates to us that Paula is tougher, I would have to agree with that, she was not as lenient as she has been in the past, but she shows signs of reverting back to her old form. Ryan then asks Randy Jackson who he thinks will be American Idol. I really felt that this was an unfair question to ask at the beginning of semi-finals to Randy( for putting him on the spot) and for the competitors. Of course dumber ( Randy) responded that he thought a guy would win it. Yes, Yes we always have to start the season with trying to balance out gender. A girl won it last year, so a guy absolutely has to win this year! Really why bother to have females in the competition if you want a guy to win!

First up was Mandisa, who Ryan said did the impossible she made Simon apologize on television. Ryan adds we love her! All twelve ladies did flashbacks and a narrative on how they got there! Mandisa relates to us she will be singing, a classic by Heart called Never. Mandisa related that she picked this song, because she wanted to prove sisters’ can rock to. Mandisa was very good and she brought it. Randy said,” wow, what a way to start the show. Good song choice, that was hot, she overdid it, good personality, it was good! Paula said: “Phenomenal! Taking on heart is tough, but she did it. Magnificent! What a way to start the show.” After exchanging pleasantries, Simon says, “ He agreed with Randy, it wasn't a perfect vocal, however, Mandisa threw the goblet and she has an unbelievable personality; we will see her all the way through to the finals of the show! ( I still believe it’s a tad bit to early to predict that!”)

Second up was Kelly Pickler, who sang, How far by Martina McBride, Randy says it was a good performance, but not the best from her. He saw some nerves and there were rough spots. He didn’t think it would be as good as it was, but it was good. Paula says, “ that she has the likeability factor, she sang her heart out and she needed to carry a song through! Simon says he agrees with Paula, she has the likeability factor and she was sincere, she was a nice girl, looked great and a potentially good voice. Simon thought she did well!.

Third up was Rebecca O’Donohue, who sang Because the Night by Natalie Merchant. Randy commented that he thought that she was having a good time and he loved the performance. She was a little off here and there , but the vocal was better than he thought it would be. Paula thought that she's a charm and that Becky commanded the stage? However and being realistic there were some notes that were off! ( Simon looked stunned and surprised that Paula was coming into her own and being HONEST! With what she was hearing for a change) he said oomph! Paula exclaims with conviction Becky was nervous! Paula advised Becky, don’t over perform and don’t over sing! Paula as much as I am happy to see you being honest with what your hearing, I think you erred there, Becky was not up to par, her pitch, range was all over the place, it was not good at all! In my opinion! Simon said, that it was slightly better then he expected. He said to her that visually she is a ten, however her voice is a six and a half and that the last note was so off! He said that being that it was AI5, that quite good was not good enough in the competition, you have to be great, and that was the reality of it all!!

Aayla Brown, who Ryan felt like a pipsqueak when he was standing with her! Aayla sung for us, Reflection by musical genius, Christine Aguularia. Aayla in my opinion gave a very good performance. Randy asked, are you glad that’s over? Randy extended to Aayla, “I didn’t expect it to be that good and he was pleasantly surprised. Paula agreed with Randy, and added that it was an ambitious undertaking, she was also pleasantly surprised. ( This is were Paula starts to weaken and starts to parrot Randy)! Simon theorizes, that Aayla was probably a hard worker! ( huh, and what did this have to do with her performance) and that we saw tonight the limit were her voice could go, however it was the first time for Simon that he saw some “emotion” and it was more real. It was one of her better performances! ( Like Simon is a expert on emotions)!

Moving on and next up is Paris Bennett, who is the little girl with the big singing voice. Paris sang for us,The great icon Gladys’s Knight, Midnight Train to Georgia! In which I was pleasantly surprised and appreciative of her song choice. Paris rocked the house, she not only brought she can really blow and flowed with the rhythm and energy of the song! Randy said, This is a hot one America! Randy extended that Paris surprised him and he was amazed and blown away! Paula approved and added that Paris was her Idol! She was Paula’s energizer bunny( ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, this is were Paul really starts sliding in the comments). Paula asserted that Paris was a firecracker and a showman/women! Simon agreed with the guys, she did what she had to do well, she was confident, she had the likeability factor and it wasn’t about being good it was about being great! It was a performance that everyone would remember!

Next up was Stevie Scott who sang for us, Josh Groben’s, To Where You Are .Stevie did okey, it wasn’t her best it also wasn’t the worst performance of the night in my opinion!!! Randy said, Wow, mostly falsetto. Randy then said, honestly he found himself daydreaming, it was non-emotional and he didn’t get it! ( I just want to know one thing, when Randy doesn’t get it, what exactly is it that he doesn’t get?) Paula disagrees, and thought that Stevie did exactly the right thing with the song. Simon belted out, he could not disagree with Paula more! He said it was like being at some horrible Sunday lunch and having a child sing out of tune! ( I think Simon struggled with coming up with his normal witty quotes). Simon then bombed Stevie and said, it was a complete utter mess. Stevie responded, that she knows she can bring it. Simon unmoved responded, not tonight, it was left at home! Paula chipped in, that it is America that chooses, Simon shot back, American won’t be happy with this. ! Really, I didn’t think it was all that bad compared to a couple of others Simon! Hey, I agree with Paula on this!!

Next up was Brenna Gethers, who sang for us, the Icon great, Stevie Wonder’s , You are the sunshine of my life! Brenna did not bring any sunshine to this song and frankly she bombed with it! I personally do not think that Brenna is anything more then an average singer, who only got in, because Simon liked her( they have duel personalities, which appeals to Simon). Brenna also extended to us/we/me( those of us who writes articles) that “Some people have LABELLED her a drama queen in Hollywood week! And she was going to show us tonight that she had a softer side! First the Drama Queen Label was all Brenna’s doing, with her antics, which I note she continued on with tonight’s performance and thwarted her attempt at the softer side! She gave a par performance tonight in my opinion! Moving along, Randy said, All attitude from New York, and that she was probably choosing a safe song! Simply it wasn’t enough for him! Brenna ran off her mouth, that she will be who she is, no matter who doesn’t like it! LOL, yea you keep being who you are, and see how long you last in the competition! Like the Bitternum’s, you will start grating on people’s nerves and they will forget to vote for you! Especially in the wake, that you didn’t give a good performance! Paula extended, that humility and humble pie is what is needed.! ( now I do think that Brenna was halfway listening to what Paula said, then Simon came along with his encouragement! Simon said, I don’t think you have to eat humble pie for anyone, however that was horrible! Brenna and Simon went at it and one is as worse as the other. I personally think that Simon gave Brenna bad advise, because Brenna’s attitude is overbearing and what she really needs to know is that there is a DIFFRENCE in being confident and having a ridiculous bling, bling attitude! I don’t think America will like it or put up with it for to much longer. If Brenna expects to stay in this competition and have people vote for her, then she must sing better if not outstanding and lose her attitude. Right now, the likeability factor is not in Brenna’s repertoire!!!

Next up was Heather Cox, who sang for us Diana’s Ross’s, When You Tell My That You Love Me. Randy who was not impressed, composed himself and asserted, wow, you had laryngitis, I would of thought that you would of picked a song that would of slayed us. It was pitchy, her keys were low and it did not work!
Paula agreed with Randy, and said it started real rough, it wasn’t a great
performance. Simon gave his famous Gettysburg address and extended that it was “ forgettable, it was horrible, she got it wrong, she played it safe, her personality evaporated. Nobody will remember the performance and that she needed an excuse and he would of said no! Ryan chimed in and retorted to Simon that he would of wore a T-shirt under that sweater that Simon was wearing, but everyone makes mistakes!!!! Ha ha ha, lol I have to give Ryan “PROPS” for that one, I enjoyed his backdoor slap on Simon immensely!!! I personally felt Heather’s performance was a trifle bland and unpolished in it’s deliverance. Randy was right I thought it was just me but the keys were low, however, I don’t think she did as terrible job as two others in the performances!

Melissa McGhee performs next and sung for us, When the Lights go Down, by Faith Hill. Randy said, Yeah!! it started rocky, some pitch problems, an amazing performance., but it showed she has a great voice. Paula disagreed with Randy , it was a shining moment for her. She has a sexy sultry voice, and that was the magic of great performances. It was amazing to Paula. Simon says she's been overshadowed, and that no one would remember her song better then some of the other girls. Then dumbest says, Melissa’s eyes were lifeless!! I don’t think the dumb award will be a hard decision tonight!! I actually agree with Paula and Randy it was a very good performance!!!

Next up was Lisa Tucker, who sang the Icon great Jennifer Holliday’s, I am changing. Lisa banged it out for us, it wasn’t just good, it was excellent, I was surprised that such a tiny girl had such a similar Jennifer Holliday voice!! “ Randy asserts that it was the biggest ambitious song of the night! It was a little rough but she worked it out at the end, Randy gave her props!!! Paula says she is a precious She has a gift and from start to finish she is a star.. Simon says it's going her way tonight. She made girls five to six years older than her look ordinary. We may be looking back infive or ten years time and this is the night we remember Lisa Tucker going all the way!!!

Eleventh up was Kinnik Sky. Who sang for us Alita Adams, Get Here. Randy shares that the middle was really rough, but she brought it home in the end. He gave her performance a six. He didn’t get it again dawg!! Paula disagreed with him. She looks stunning, had some sharp notes, so what, her performance was powerful. Simon coined, Sharp or not that he saw a problem!!! That there were one or two stunning performances earlier from very young girls, and that her performance was overshadowed by those younger girls.I don’t think that Kinnik’s performance was the best of the night but it was better then Simon related to us!!

Last but not least it was Finally, Katharine McPhee. Who sang for us the great Icon Barbara Streisand's , Since I fell for you. Randy says wow, another hot one. He always loved her, from the very beginning he was a fan of hers! She is a natural talent, and she had it going on! Amazing!! Paula says she loves her job, it is greatest show on earth. Paula extends her assertion and adds, it taps into the human spirit, great performance, she owned the stage. she' is going all the way. Simon says there were four very good vocalists tonight and she was the best. First, Katherine was great toniight but not the best in my opinion.

The show ends Ryan thanks us and the band, reminds us to vote for the right person.The competition with the ladies was for the most part strong, and I believe that most of the guys also will have strong performances for us.

Best performances of the night. 1. Paris Bennett, 2. Lisa Tucker, 3. Aayla Brown,
Worst performances of the night. 1. Brenna Gethers, 2. Rebecca O’Donahue. Heather Cox.

Which two girls will going home: Brenna Gethers and Rebecca O'Donahue.
The Dumbest award goes again to Simon Cowell- For his lifeless eye comment
The Dumber award goes to Randy Jackson- because he didn't get it.
The Dumb award goes to Paula Abdul-for parroting

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  1. RealityTVFan replied:

    Your article is pretty close with the exception that it will be Brenna and Heather that will go home. Rebecca will make it through one more time on looks alone….and then it is bye bye! As usual, love him or hate him, Simon was right about everything. It is amazing that the other two can be so of base and Simon can be so right. However, did anyone else think that Mandisa was horrible to? Heart? give me a break, it sounded more like a monotone, of key effort. but maybe I am the only one that thought that…the judges seemed to like her…

    February 22nd, 2006 at 1:21 pm (permalink)

  2. Arne replied:

    I did not think Mandisa was horrible, I thought she was outstanding! As you know Rebecca did go. It’s unfortunate that Brenna didn’t go.I would of loved to say goodbye and good riddance to her.

    February 24th, 2006 at 5:07 am (permalink)

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