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Kiss Me Your Through! The semi final 24 are chosen: American Idol 2-15-2006:

Arne + December 15th, 2006 + no replies

Kiss Me Your Through! The semi final 24 are chosen: American Idol 2-15-2006:

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The show opens and Ryan goes through his usual dramatic summery of the events, the intensity, the drama! Ryan announces to us in a most stark tone , “that it takes serious courage for the competitors to hold it together today! You know Ryan your monologue on strength, courage and survival does not help the competitors when they are anxiously waiting!

We saw a series of competitors get rejected with no, no, no, no, no, sorry, thank-you , it was nice meeting you, be proud, congratulations for coming this far! According to the Judges it had to be an unanimous decision, which means that all three had to agree. At least that is what Crystal Stark was told, yet, as the show proceeds, at least one person gets to the semi-final without it being an unanimous decision? There seems to be some confusion with what dumb, dumber and dumbest related to us. It is either unanimous for everyone or it is not!

The time of doom and gloom arrive for some of the competitors:
Bobby Dillard and quite a few others are given their walking papers. Katherine is upset because one of her group members was eliminated. Katherine so Ryan tells us was one of the favourites in the eyes of the Judges. Katherine is given the honour of being the first competitor that is given a green light into to semi final round. Katherine was so excited and pleased she kissed Paula, smooched with Simon and planted one on Randy! Ace asked Katherine who was the best kisser, Randy gets the title and the win! What a star moment for Jackson. We then start hearing series of yes, yes, yes, congratulations, well done kiddo, can I kiss you. Ace Young gets the congrats your coming back! Robert Bennet gets in. Mandisa gets in and also lets Simon know how she felt about his cruel and useless joke about overweight people! Mandisa should be proud on how she handled it with class! Simon felt humbled and demanded a kiss! ( Simon seemed to be getting to use of smooching with the girls.) As a matter of fact Mandisa goes back for a second kiss from Simon, who eagerly obliges! Melissa McGhee also in.

Mark Locklear, is thanked and sent packing. Lisa Tucker gets in even though Simon gives his usual sermon of concern for her age because she is only sixteen! David Radford, Sway Penola, Elliott Yamin all get put through to the semi final. The surprise of the night is that Brenna gets in and Marcy is out! Gedeon McKinney thought you had to have IT! Randy let him know he was in. Simon then commented had he heard Gedeon’s speech, he would of seriously said no! Really!!! Simon, what did Gedeon say that was anymore of an attitude then Brenna? She seems to have a lot of, attitude and self confidence. Simon likes Brenna, didn’t know why but likes her. Simon thought that Brenna would be difficult to work with and perhaps even a nightmare, yet she got in! So far I haven’t made up my mind on any of the twenty four semi finalists. Mainly because we really didn’t get a good chance to see their singing ability or talent! Stephanie Scott the gal that Simon said was lucky about making in tonight’s round, got in. Aayla Brown, Christ Doughty and Paris Bennett, and Heather all were given their welcome to the next round tickets. William Bucky, Patrick Hall, and Kevin Covais are in. April Walsh out.

Here’s the confusing part about split decisions and unanimous to guarantee the competitors in the next round. Rebecca O’Donhue was told it was not a unanimous and the decision was split, however she made it in! Now lets rewind back when Crystal Stark was sent home because according to Simon the moment of truth had to be unanimous! Something went wrong in Dumbville! Nothing against Rebecca, however if she can get in without the three judges agreeing then Crystal should of got in! Simon did tell Crystal the decision had nothing to do with her singing audition! I mean what gives here!

The Bitternum twins thought that their auditions, attitude and behaviour were FLAWLESS and they were ANGELS! I want to know how much practice the twins had, to be able to look straight in the camera, on national television and with a straight face say that their actions were nothing more then top character! The twins as usual were to comfortable with themselves. Mercifully for the American Idol audience they were sent home, for having problems with law enforcement. Criminal acts such as forgery in the first degree is now to blame the bitternut’s exit out of Idol. I presume that the twins will not be finishing their album as soon as they thought! Ryan announces because of the twins difficulties with the law, they were no longer in the competition. C’mon Ryan it was the polite way of saying that American Idol gave the nuisance twins the Royal boot! Kelly Pickler and Tyler Hicks, Kinnick and William Maker claimed the last four spots.

The moment we all have been waiting for has arrived. It’s America’s turn next week. On Tuesday February 21 we will see the twelve girls sing ( at last singing not drama, I hope)!!! On Wednesday February 22 we will see the twelve guys sing. Next week America votes for who their top twelve will be!

The dumb award goes to Simon for telling us and some competitors to make it into the semi finals the judges all had to say yes, only with Rebecca that wasn’t true! You messed up there Simon, I wonder how Crystal feels about that!

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