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All that Bling,Bling, Shine On and Drama Queen’s- Hollywood Group Round- 02-14-06

Arne + December 15th, 2006 + no replies

All that Bling,Bling, Shine On and Drama cheap cialis 20mg Queen’s- Hollywood Group Round- 02-14-06:

This Article is written and owned by: Arne

The show opens and Ryan draws up all his zeal and strength to characterize the drama of the group round. Ryan quipped in his darkest melodramatic tone. “ It has been an intense week and only the strong will survive!” When Ryan Seacrest made this claim, I thought that I was watching a military boot camp instead of American Idol!

In my opinion it was a night of Drama Queen’s, crying and whining!

We then fast forward to one competitor (sorry didn’t catch her name) saying she was exhausted, thirsty and hungry. Where’s dinner she asks! Dammed if I know, KFC anyone? Then we are rewinded back to Mr. Drama, Searcrest( I notice we only saw Ryan from the waist up) I was wondering if Ryan had holes in his drawers! Ryan exclaims, “ There have been personality clashes and arguments over the chorography, we then zoom in and see Marcie crying! It’s two am and some of the competitors head to bed while others stay up and rehearse. Oh the intensity of it all!

We then are brought on the live feed of the ongoing crisis of the Bitternum’s. First twin we see is Terrell, who is upset with Sway and Elliott, because they had the nerve to go to bed, when Terrell wanted to rehearse! Terrell then phoned up Sway and tried to persuade him into getting up and rehearsing with the group. When that didn’t work Terrell conveyed to Sway he would tattle on him and tell Simon that Sway was sleeping instead of rehearsing. Terrell B then moved on to Elliott who was standing his ground and staying in bed, this made Terrell unhappy, he related to Elliott that this was unacceptable! Now here’s the problem I have with Terrell B, everyone had been up to at least two AM, and even though we know that rehearsing is required to do well, there is in reality only so much the human body can take before it shuts down! Some folks can stay up all night and it doesn’t affect them, however, others need sleep in order to revive themselves and do well! What was unacceptable it Terrell’s behaviour. The Drama went on and on tonight with the Bitternum’s! Terrell then postured for the camera and said “I don’t do groups”. He then tells Anthony to let him do all the talking! ( as if Anthony had a choice in the matter). Then he promises Anthony after he gets finished talking to Simon, that Anthony had nothing to worry about! He promised he would get Anthony through to the next round!

Next up is another Drama burning up is Brenna, who complained that she had not practiced because nobody from her group called her ! I would think Brenna it would have been important enough for you to call your group members and ask what time should you meet! She then went on to say she will bling, bling and shine on through, she will outsing them. If Brenna is not the best singer, she sure is a confident, perhaps its Brenna’s over confidence that brings her down!

Other groups are working hard, getting along and agreed on how they would perform. One competitor stated he was sorry to report there was no Drama! However, drama was not far from the camera’s when they swoop in on Terrell who was taking out his frustration on his brother! Terrell argued with his brother that he had his group together! Terrell felt that he may be heading home! Now this is the part I didn’t get with Terrell the Drama Queen! First it may be a group performance but as we all know the judges are selective and may keep some of the members of each group for the next round! Terrell’s antics were really not necessary in my opinion and frankly he was starting to get on my nerves! I want to see singing not Drama!

After having to put up with Terrell B, the master of Drama Ryan Searcrest then informs us that the Judges have settled in and Ryan wondered what mood the Judges were in. It would come of no surprise or shock that Simon was in his usual state of bad mood and attitude. You could see it on Simon’s face that he was spoiling to release the pressure and perhaps get into to a brouhaha with someone!

Paris Bennett, Stephanie Scott and Hannah Freeman were the first to come up before dark Vader Simon!
He told the girls that their group performance was a pitiful performance, it wasn’t great and there was no chemistry. Ryan then oooh’s and ahh’s and proclaims that Simon isn’t in a good mood! Oh Quiver, Quiver, Simon isn’t in a good mood! What should one do tremble with fear? Simon at the best of times is never in a good mood, that is nothing new! So what Ryan! In ending Paris and Stephanie made it and Hannah was out!
Simon then asserts to Stephanie that she was a lucky gal, because it was Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson that put her through!

Next up is Jose Sway Penala, Anthony H, Elliott Yarmin and Drama Queen Terrell Bitternum. Needless to say the group did not do well at all! Simon advised them that it was horrible! In effort to save himself Terrell tattles on Sway and Elliott, before the Judges had a chance to say if they made it! Randy related to the squealer Terrell that he thought Elliott did the best out of all four in the group! Jose, Elliott and Terrell make it through to the next round, Anthony is out. So much for Terrell’s promise that he personally ensured that Anthony would make it! Not only did Terrell B break his promise, the little rat backtracked and then bombs on Anthony not doing his best! Me thinks that Terrell has some deep issues that he needs to sort out!

The next group up was called the Rat pack, in Kevin Covas, Josh Jordan, David Radford and William Maker. Paula blew kisses and squealed with delight when she proposed that this group was Adorable! More attachments to young men I see Paula!

Just as we thought the Drama with the Bitternum’s was exhausted, we see Derrell B and his group. Derrell and his entire group make it through. But alas, the Bitternum’s couldn’t leave it alone, no sir, they had to take center stage once more! Derrell tells Simon, Randy and Paula that he was disappointed. Simon said “ why for making it through”?. Derrell goes on to thank the judges for the opportunity, but his spirit was broken and he was told that American Idol was not for him nor his brother. That he was leaving! He and his brother would go home, make and finish their album and then he threatened they would see the Judges at the top!! Derrell baby, I have asked before and I shall ask again, if your all that and a bag of Tostitos, why bother to make it on American Idol at all! Go home, Go home and make that album! What a bunch of literal crock from the Bitternum’s. Simon in his most frosty voice replied “Goodbye” Ryan then quips, but the Judges were unfazed! This drama gets better folks read on!

Mairosa, Brook and Sarah all make it through singing the famed sixties song Band of Gold, originally sang by Freda Payne. We then saw several groups have trouble with another famous sixties song “I can’t help myself” Sugarpie Honeybunch”. We saw the different groups struggle with the lyrics of the song in several performances. The Four Tops: Levi Stubbs, Abdul “Duke” Fakir, Renaldo “Obie” Benson, and Lawrence Payton would be pleased to know how badly their hit song was trashed by these groups!

Moving onward with yet another Drama in Tyra Swartz, who left her original group and joined a second group, when the second group did not want to take her orders she asked the first group if she could re-join them thirty minutes prior to their performance. Tyra complained that the second group would not practice. That’s not what I saw, I saw the second group wanting to practice and Tyra giving orders! With kindness the first group let Tyra back in, talk about using people! One of the group members did tell Tyra that she got on everyone’s nerves. Of course with just thirty minutes of practice with Tyra the group did not fair as well. The judges thought they were terrible and they didn’t bring it. How could they with Tyra running back and forth!

Then the drama with the Bitternum’s continues when Ryan interrupts the auditions with Terrell and Derrell Bitternum, begging for forgiveness. You see Derrell told the judges his spirit was broken because he thought his twin brother did not make it! When he discovered that he made a huge error, Terrell urged Derrell to apologize. Well it worked much to my surprise. Simon let the Bitternum’s sweat it out for thirty minutes but they invited them both back in! I have to say that was nice of them, in my opinion they should have been told don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out! Really these twins are nothing more then exhausting and they irritate the hell out of me after awhile. Simon did enjoy the begging and the apology, hell he even smiled! Which is abnormal for Simon!

We see other groups including the cowboys perform, some make it some don’t. They fast, fast, fast forward through individual performances. Then the judges lock down the theatre and make their decision on who is staying and who is going. The competitors are split into four rooms. Simon delivers to room one that they are going home, room two have made to the next round. Ryan then announces that Simon has to leave for an engagement in London! Paula announces to room three they are staying Randy announces to room four they are also staying!,

This night was one of Drama and Soap Opera’s instead of singing! We barley got to saw the performances all the focus were on the Drama Queen’s in the Bitternum’s, Brenna and Tyra. I would of rather saw the focus on the singing.

Forty four make it through: Tomorrow night the competitors will be chopped down to twelve guys and gals! The dumbest trophey is awarded to Simon Cowell when he invited the Bitternum’s back in. These twins are nothing more then mere spectacles in my opinion.

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