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The Heat is on! Hollywood Auditions Recap:American Idol: 02-10-2006:

Arne + December 10th, 2006 + 4 replies

The Heat is on! Hollywood Auditions Recap:American Idol: 02-10-2006:

Simon Cowell

Article is written and help me with my assignment owned by: Arne

After more boring auditions then I cared to write about, we finally get to Hollywood. For the exception of a few familiar names we get to see who the judges have given a chance to and yes we got to see hollering, whooping, yahooing, Dave. The first and second day of Hollywood gave us joy, happiness, upset, tears, and anger with the competitors. We saw Paula becoming more of a hard liner for a change, although she attached herself to yet another male that she is a fan of again!, this year! I am sure before the season is over we will see Paula weeping and drooling over yet another young man, telling him she loves them ! The best chuckle the home viewers could get is seeing Simon’s reaction to what he considered bad talent. He looked puzzled, pissed, disgruntled, annoyed, confused ,ready to throw something and even relieved as he heard some of the auditions. We heard all the excuses in the world to why some of the competitors did lousy when they sang, much to my amusement.

The show opens and we see all of the contestants making their way to Hollywood, Ryan’s narrating was dramatic on how the competitors got to Hollywood. There were contestants that were nervous and contestants that were very self assured that they were going to make it to the end. Ryan introduced the ever so elegant Debra Byrd and someone new for the Pianist in Michael Orland. We glimpsed the background singers who were going to back up the competitors. Ryan dramatically advised us to imagine travelling all the way to Hollywood, sing one song and then go home! I thought when Ryan said this that Simon may have been so fed up that he gave everyone the bum’s rush and sent everyone home!

First up was Kelly Pickler, who wanted us all to be put on notice that she was the next American Idol, because she deserved it! Um Kelly my dear, I think your going to have a bit of a problem with that assertion since there will be eleven other finalists that will all think the same thing, that they deserve to be the next American Idol. I am also a little disturbed about Kelly’s song and dance about her poor life! The thing that Kelly needs to understand is wake up and smell the coffee; there is an awful lot of folks that had hard lives and they come through it shining. Kelly has already been compared to Carrie Underwood. The big difference I see between Carrie and Kelly is that Carrie was HUMBLE! And Kelly is not! I am hoping that Kelly will get by the poor me and feel sorry for me attitude and get to singing, because Kelly can sing! She could be the next American Idol, if she would stop feeling sorry for herself! The judges comments were that the timing of her song was all over the place and Simon was concerned
( chuckle) if Kelly would be able to cope with the competition at hand. Nevertheless Kelly and the front row got through to the next round.

The next person that American Idol thought was worth mentioning was Patrick Hall. Patrick also has a nice voice, and when he sang tonight it was very soothing to listen to his song. Simon as usual, said that Patrick would have to work on his looks, and that he didn’t feel like he was looking at a star. Simon felt that Patrick had the Clay Aiken factor in him and he was likable. Every year we have to cope and contend with Simon’s hang up on a person’s looks, the fact is Patrick can sing and that is what American Idol is about! Singing! Period! I don’t care what anyone looks like, if I am going to buy anyone’s record, its about singing, how their voice and their song appeals to me. If its all on looks then Mick Jagger was probably fortunate that Simon wasn’t around when he made it, because the world knows Mick wasn’t the most handsome man on earth! The fact is Mick’s music is what made him famous not his looks!

Next up we have the Twins Derrell and Terrell Brittenum who spent most of their time giving us their valuable opinions on American Idol, the Judges and the contestants. Now I understand that freedom of speech is very essential in American Life, however I would think that Derell and Terrell would be more concerned with the next round and making it to the final twelve! Derell was up first, he wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t outstanding this particular night! Simon let him know that he wasn’t impressed at all and told Derrell that he could say that he wasn’t looking at a winner for one minute. Talk about your heartbreak. Derrell thanked Simon and the Judges, but inside he was seething at the humiliation that Simon slapped on him!

Twin brother Terrell was up next who faired better with the judges comments then his brother did. Paula said that she liked Terrell’s audition better then his brother, because Terrell showed a range( pause) of colors? A range of colors? Now what exactly does this mean to the viewers? Beats me, I would be interested in hearing Paula’s explanation on this! I realize the Judges are trying to give better feedback then they have in the past, however, I would like to see them use words that their audience can appreciate in that feedback! At the end of the Terrell’s and Derell’s auditions, they were put through to the next round along with others. Anyone put through rejoiced but Derell was not happy with the Judge's comments and he said as much over and over again! The twins also let us know that the choice of songs that the competitors were given were limited and not up to their standards! They sounded off that some of the songs that were sung, anyone could make it through with those song choices, including Bo Bice, Constantine and last year’s idol winner Carrie Underwood. Carrie did sell 2.2 million copies of her album when it was released. I said Carrie could blow.

The next set of twins Joshua and Jarrett Simons did not make it to the next round. However, I must say these twins were very mature, eloquent and distinguished about being told no. They said that they were just turning seventeen and they were not going to stop! We will see these boys in the future, they are talented, they have a good sound attitude about what they want and where their going in life! Of course we couldn’t of moved on unscathed by the ongoing comments from the Brittenum twins. Derrell and Terrell thought that the Simmons twins were to talented and shouldn’t of been let go. As a matter of fact they said that they were going to talk to someone about hooking them up. Now here’s the problem I have with the twins if they have connections to the music industry, why go on American Idol at all, ? hell get to it and make your first record deal.

Moving along, we saw the good singers who could all blow who made it to round two and the bad singers who gave us every excuse in the book to why they were off key in their singing. We heard that they were not feeling well, they had laryngitis, they were a little hoarse, stuffed up with colds/flu’s, it was the piano backup Simon quipped after hearing the many excuses, “Michael wrecked another dream!“ Simon summarized the excuses as “ It was the amp, the piano, the tonsils and the glands” that got in the way to delivering a good competitive song and making it through to the next round!

There were times that we viewed Simon looking like he was going to vomit if he heard one more bad singer. He looked frustrated and even enraged with having to listen to very little talent in the auditions.

Last but not least we got to see “The Dave” Hoover, he addressed the other competitors by people of the universe and Lords of something! He whooped, he hollered, he screeched, but he didn’t sing for us again! Paula and Randy looked amazed and Simon had a smug “I knew it” look on his face. Paula and Randy should have been embarrassed for putting Dave through to Hollywood. At the end Dave to my relief didn’t make it through. While Dave was entertaining,I would not of wanted to put up with him for all of the season! However, Dave is star material in another way, he is weird and this universe and its talent producer’s like weird!

In ending we saw clips form past shows, where the judges were given a dose of their own verbal medicine( Simon) In Season one, a competitor stood up for himself, and Simon ended up calling him a loser! Season two, tempers boiled, there was in house fighting with some of the competitors. In season three the competition and being American Idol took second place for some of the competitors. In season four the groups fell apart. We also got a glimpse for next week of a fight between Simon and I think the Brittenum twins, Simon steps up and tells somebody that he is fed up of their Hissy attitude. It will be interesting to see what the competitors response will be to Simon. We also saw one of the twins saying he doesn’t do groups! I think that the twins better get with the program, they needed to do the groups and do their best in order try and make it to the final twelve. I think it’s obvious to some of us, that probably didn’t happen.

Comments from the dumb, dumber and dumbest this night. Paula Abdul gets the award of being the Dumbest this evening. She was coloful! Ninty nine make it through to the next round and sixty-seven competitors go home!

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  1. Idolhead Ed replied:

    You seem to be very attentive when watching Idol which is a needed skill in writing and interesting column about the show. But you, and you are not the only one, did not even mention the performance of Katharine McPhee. A performance, I might add, was good enough for me to make her my pick to win this year. It makes me wonder if those who didn’t mention her either don’t have a Tivo type recorder and got up to get a sandwich or I’m on this horse by myself. Well,I don’t think I am. I have actually picked the winner every year in the audtions except for the first year. That year nobody could have because Kelly wasn’t even shown in the auditions. For the record, Katharine McPhee, Paris Bennett, Kellie (note the spelling) Pickler, Chris Daughtery, Patrick Hall, Lisa Tucker, Taylor Hicks, Ace Young, Sway, Kevin Convais to this point are a cinch to make the top 24 and would not be surprised if all made it to the top 12. Every season (except 2) we have had someone blow us away we never saw when it got down to the top 32/24. I suspect this season will be no different. Monday the 20th we will find out.
    Idolhead Ed

    February 12th, 2006 at 7:45 pm (permalink)

  2. arne replied:

    Frankley Ed, I found the pre auditions boring and only wrote about what I wanted to. Further there are many writers like yourself who I knew would cover it. What’s the point of the diffrent articles if we are all going to sound like puppets? Since all of the competitors won’t be in the final twelve. Who do you predict? Simply I had said all along last year that Carrie could blow, even in the mist of attack from the Bice Squad! As you well know. By the way how is your articles going on the old list I used to write on? ( I would say the name but I don’t want to give free advertising. 😀


    February 13th, 2006 at 1:15 am (permalink)

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  4. Carrie Snow replied:

    Very nice! I hope that when I audition for Idol, Simon, your not as bad as you were to the other contestants that had tried out and stunk, meaning your not verbally assaulting to my singing I feel I have a good chance and opportunity at this I’m very excited other than that if it doesn’t work I’m going to have to contact “Puffy” I’ll be needing Puffy Boot Camp a.s.a.p. but anyways, I’ll do alright I’m comfortable in my own skin you’ll see. So see you all very soon!!!-CLSnow

    July 4th, 2006 at 7:19 pm (permalink)

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