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AI-01-24-06- American Idol Judges Turn Mean and Ugly!

Arne + December 25th, 2006 + 2 replies

American Idol Recap- 01-24-06- American Idol Judges Turn Mean and Ugly!
Written by: Arne

Auditions open up in Greensboro North Carolina.

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( The home of Idol winner Fantasia Barrino and runner up cheap lasix online Clay Aiken).

The show opens and we don’t see Ryan, we hear him. He goes through his usual rhetoric of the thousands and thousands of people that auditioned. ( Most of them were dreamers and not singers). Ryan finally appears, looking much better then last week, he can still use a ton of improvement on his attire selection, however compared to the last time, it’s a mediocre pass.

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Tonight we saw Randy, Paula and Ryan bring Simon a cake it was his birthday. Remember the auditions are pre-taped and Simon was actually born on October 7, 1959, making Mr. Mean forty -seven years old. Ryan quipped as they wheeled out the cake that pretty soon they would have to wheel Simon out.
I must add that they didn’t seem to have forty-seven candles on the cake plus the bonus of the wish candle, I presume they were afraid to do this, they might of blown up the place!

In Greensboro on Simons’ birthday it didn’t stop Mr. Mean from being insulting to those that auditioned. Oh yes, as usual, Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest had a glorious time at someone else’s expense! I think that Simon, Randy and Paula fail to see that these people who have auditioned are human beings and have feelings! Laughing at a person and going on and on in front of them, only leads me to conclude not only are they crass and rude in their behaviour, their ignorance is beyond the norm. All the while that Simon was insulting them, he kept informing those rejects and the viewers that he wasn’t trying to be rude! Yes, he was, who does Simon think he kidding!

First we get to see Sabrina who is twenty six but claims she is a teenage witch. Sabrina the teenage witch crooned a song. She was told by Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest that she would do better on the Jerry Springer show.( one of Simon’s favourite intellectual shows). Next up we have Cachet Robinson who said she was a shower singer. Simon ended up telling her to buy a soundproof shower curtain. Continuing on we got to see Amanda singing over the rainbow. It was pathetic to see those that are famous and well off think so much of themselves that they laughed and made jest of those unfortunate souls, who just wanted to try out.

We had the night of sympathy and empathy audition in Kelly and Kendra.
Kelly and Kenra are talented, and could possibly make it to the end, however, they did try to play on everyone’s empathy and sympathy. Kelly related to us that her mother abandoned her and her father being in prison most of his life. Kendra was a ward of the state and had been in forty- two foster homes. While I understand that this must be painful, I didn’t think that it had any place in the auditions. Kelly and Kendra both got through to Hollywood. I am hoping they will focus on their performances instead of their past.

We also saw those that would do anything to get through to Hollywood, bringing in boards, ventriloquist dummies ect…

Shawn had a board of his life with him and claimed he would do anything but kiss Simon in the mouth! ( I am sure Simon was disappointed). Shawn was a pretty good vocal, he needed some work, but he didn’t deserve the insults he received from Simon and Randy. Jackson asked him if he would wear yellow chiffon! Let’s all dare visualize Randy in yellow chiffon and Simon in flaming pink attire! Ha ha ha ha! Simon and Randy have the gay community angered by what is perceived as anti-gay or perhaps in their old age they developed a gay phobia!

Richard had the misfortune of having to listen to the judges drivel. Simon stated that he voice was distinctive and that he sounded like a singing waiter in an unpopular restaurant! Randy made a quip about Richard and his Dummy ( Ventriloquist). After humiliating this 17 year old boy, as he was walking out, Simon comments to him I want a coffee and Randy added , yeah how’s the prime rib. I thought that their comments were ridiculous. One of them said that they quite enjoyed the Dummy, all I can say to Randy and Simon, it takes a Dummy to know a Dummy! Beam them up Scotty! The best of the night was Richard’s younger brother( don’t know his name he was only 8 or 9 years old) . I rather enjoyed what this youngster had to say about the AI judges and he was quite well versed. This boy is Advocate and Lawyer Material. He let AI know exactly what the thought and ended his valid perception with I think it’s all baloney. ( If you want the truth always ask a child, they won’t lie to you). The lad was quite right, the unnecessary insulting that the Judges levelled on Richard was baloney. Richard’s younger brother is quite a perceptive and bright boy in my opinion!

During the course of the night we saw Steven Davis Jr, dance with Paula to Marvin Gaye’s, “ Let’s get it on”. Steven is married and his wife was outside waiting to hear the results of his audition! Halisha Thompson sang a Different World and brought the support of fifteen family members! A guy named Josh who’s mother never heard him sing since he was eight! ( It was probably for the best). Fantasia’s cousin ( or someone who says he is Fantasia’s cousin ) auditioned and he was turned away. We saw the popular singer from the Sounds of Blackness Anne Nesby, who’s granddaughter Paris auditioned and got through. We saw those wantabee’s tell Paula they loved her and some even told Simon they loved him. Its strange know one ever tells Randy they love him!

Marcus auditioned only to hear the uncontrollable laughter coming from the Judges, the highlight of this was that Randy asked Marcus if he had taken voice lessons and Marcus responded by telling all of us he had taken his voice lessons off of Paula’s and Randy’s DVD. This of course tickled Simon pink. According to Simon it was the best birthday ever and there was a God! Marcus fought back at the judges ignorance who also forced him to stand there and take the laughter aimed at him. Marcus ceremoniously obtained a hammer and destroyed the DVD he had of Paula and Randy.

Rhonetta Johnston was so enraged by being rejected that she cursed and swore, put down Paula with comments that she was old and that Paula had nothing on her! She informed us that Paula had not made a record in twenty years! Rhonetta’s rage was also a highlight of AI tonight with Ryan Seacrest narrating.

There were many wantabee’s who had their dreams crushed not only with a no from the AI Judges but by the mean intentions of their comments to those rejects. I find Simon and Randy in particular to be bullies. There is absolutely no reason for these judges to humiliate people in the way they did. Perhaps they should remember that there is a human being at the end of their comments! Rhonda Jones is a perfect example of a exemplary human being, she auditioned, didn’t get through and still told Simon she loved him! Simon and Randy should take some lessons from some of these kids on the art of compassion! In reality people treat their animals better then the American Idol Judges treat some of the people who were rejected.

The next auditions are in San Francisco.

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  1. wave54 replied:

    Number 1: This is not the Dr. Phil Show! This is the 5th season of AI — if these kids are so dense that they can’t imagine being made fun of on TV, it’s their own damn fault. Period!

    Number 2: Many of them DO NOT have the talent or personality for this competition and should not be coddled to protect their precious little egos.

    Number 3: You got your contestants and quotes seriously mixed up. Shawn was the crooner with the smarmy little brother. The ventriloquist was selected for Hollywood, if I’m not mistaken.

    Number 4: Many of us love these early episodes, fully realizing that it is contrived and heavily edited for entertainment value. I can’t feel sorry for the contestants. If they are well-prepared and have talent, the judges often shower them with compliments and they get a chance towards a dream. Not too shabby.

    January 27th, 2006 at 10:45 pm (permalink)

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