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Big Brother 3 on DVD Reality Check

M J + January 22nd, 2006 + 7 replies

I am watching Big Brother 3 on DVD – I am up to day 62 and episode 25 I believe.

Lisa Smiles

I liked it more when there were more people. I’m tired of seeing Amy cry.

Last episode they just evicted Roddy who was the nicest one in the house. Often it’s “beauty” or “brawn” that gets punished, but his brains is what gots him in trouble I do believe. I liked him and am sorry to see him go.

Who is left???

Mean Spirited Drama Queen Marcellas – from day 1 he rubbed me the wrong way almost as much as Josh. What he is doing to Amy is unforgiveable. I don’t like her but he is being a fag hag and a mean one at that. Funny how some people just don’t realize how they really act. If they only heard what came out of their mouthes instead of just talking without thinking first… I bet Marcellas had a big dose of reality when the show was over and the real world told him how it really was. Same with Kiara I bet. Perception isn’t always reality.

Lucifer’s Friend Danielle – She also rubbed me the wrong way since the beginning. I don’t like loud mouths and her devil comments about Roddy not only show how stupid she be, but also how mean spirited she is. Blame it on strategy, but it all comes down to the fact that she’s a bigot and a loud mouth and one of them name calling religious fanatics. I don’t think Jesus would tale sides with Danielle. Funny how the people who claim they talk to God are really often closer to the lower level if ya know my meanin’ if ya catch my drift.

Bend Over Some More Lisa – Not only do I like peeking in Lisa’s blouse when allowed to, but I also think she’s pretty smart and has the best approach to playing. I appreciate how she is playing her alleged partnership with Danielle. She’s smart not to fugg with her, but I do have a feeling she isn’t really a fan of hers. Snakey likes Lisa a lot too!

Crab Free Jason – I like him but don’t really like the way he is playing. It bugs me that he is so vulnerable and allows Danielle to pull his strings. He is well spoken and a nice guy, but once again I don’t get those kind of relationships with the lord that prevent you from doing the things that could bring you closer to God. Like having an orgasm just for the fun of it. I think Jesus would probably be in favor of orgasms, even just for the fun of it.

Southern Belle Amy – give me a break! When will parents realize that training their little girls to balance books on their heads and be beauty pagaent losers will onely put them one step closer to the trailer park when they figure out “not everyone can win”??? Answer is never. Poor Amy has a good heart but the damage to her will be a life long battle I am sorry to predict.

That’s my take. Big Brother 3 is very entertaining.

What I wanna know is – why is Big Brother 3 the ONLY BB on DVD??? What is up with that? And why aren’t there any extra features??? I mean hey – they could have used at least a still photo or two and added a directors commentary at the end of each episode, right???

I miss watcing on TV because I really appreciate the Early Show interviews with the evictees as much as the show almost. For me it’s almost as much a part of the show as the show itself.

Same with Survivor. I dig seeing interviews with the cast after they get axed.

Oh well… maybe some day I’ll be in charge of a studio or two and I can show those executives the way it really should be done :’>


  1. Marcellas replied:

    M J did you not take your Prozac the entire time you were watching this show? Or maybe you are on crack. You are an idiot. And your post smacks of homophobia and a bit of racism. There was no wake-up call needed for me when I left Big Brother 3. I remain one of the most popular house guests in the history of the show. That and my personality are why I was chosen 2 years ago to be host of House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show. It’s why I can do but choose not to do paid appearances. It’s why people still talk of me when they speak of that show. It’s why I have gone on to numerous TV appearances and my own series. And it’s why idiots with no lives like your self sit @ home and watch me instead of living your life. Instead of discussing important things like politics or art or culture. I’m glad I gave you something to do. And inspired you to write, albeit badly. Why don’t you try reading a book? Or getting a life?

    M. Reynolds

    M. Reynolds

    February 2nd, 2006 at 10:20 pm (permalink)

  2. M J replied:

    In response to your comment M. Reynolds

    Why are you so mean to me o’ angry commenter Marcellas???

    Why don’t you spend more time worrying about yourself instead of trying to hurt other people.

    You are pretty good at that, eeh?

    Do you take pleasure in making people weep weep boo hoo???

    Well, I’m not crying – you are – you are crying out for attention.

    Boo hoo. I’m ssssooooo worried about you. Boo hoo. Poor boo boo…. My name is Marcellas and I am great! I’m so popular! Look at me! Please notice me!

    I want 15 more minutes so I can humiliate other people again and take pleasure in their misery…

    Homophobia and racism??? Is this a joke??? You’re funnin’me now, aren’t ya??? No one can really be this bitter, right???

    Why are you trying so hard to convince me how great you are???

    Marcellas may have been popular, but so was angry Toni from Paradise Hotel and it’s a fact that people loved to hate her. She was a train wreck. Same with Bonaduce. People love to look at the car wreck. They are fascinated by tragedy.

    Same with that Marcellas guy from Big Brother 3. People enjoyed watching him be a naggy hagger. (Excuse that, I enjoy talkin’ funny. It makes me chuckle.)

    Marcella acting all mean spirited and self centered is entertaining to watch.

    But it doesn’t mean people liked him… People were interested because he was so ridiculous and self centered… controversial even maybe.

    But of all the houseguests on BB3, I guarantee you that if fans of the show were to rate the individual guests on how much they “liked” each one of them, Marcellas would be at the bottom of the stack based on likeability.

    In my humble opinion, Marcellas made Amy cry for no other reason than to make his sadistic bad self feel what he enjoys feelin’. He enjoys pain. His own and that of others. And that needs a little introspection to correct, I do say…

    Lisa, Jason, Roddy, Erik…. now those were people that viewers liked.

    So my good friend M. Reynolds, or whomever you may be, I suggest you spend more time looking inside at yourself, rather than being outraged by words on a stupid reality tv blog.

    You’re not the only one entitled to have opinions ya know.

    It’s just a blog you know.

    And you’re just an outraged angry person. Good luck to ya buddy! I hope you can find a few smiles in your life.

    Oh, and all this funnin’ response lobbing aside, dear Marcellas, I really enjoyed watching Big Brother 3 on DVD. I’d like to thank you for helping make it a very entertaining show. It would not have been the same without you. I really do wish you the best.

    Hugs and Kisses,


    February 3rd, 2006 at 4:11 pm (permalink)

  3. Marcellas replied:

    Oh wait, my bad I gave you something to do. A reason to live. Do you feel better? Because it seems like the things you accused me of you just did. Try turning that microscope your way and looking @ yourself. I’m sure what you’ll see is ugly on the inside as well as out.

    Hugs and kisses to you as well. And prayers that you shall find a life worth leading. Where you don’t trash people you don’t know.


    February 3rd, 2006 at 9:25 pm (permalink)

  4. CSS 4 » Big Brother 3 DVD Reality Check replied:

    […] Big Brother 3 DVD […]

    February 3rd, 2006 at 9:31 pm (permalink)

  5. M J replied:

    Bro, why all the hate???

    Are you the only one allowed to express yourself???

    You hurt my feelings by calling me an idiot and you don’t even know me…

    Can’t we just be friends? I’m a lover, not a fighter! Really!

    Peace out homie

    February 3rd, 2006 at 11:27 pm (permalink)

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