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American Idol – The Phenomenon Strikes Again

RealityTVFan + January 6th, 2006 + one reply

Well America, it is about that time again. Time for Idol mania! On January 17th we all get to bear witness to an event which, like it or not, has become a part of pop culture from sea to shining sea, and beyond.

The judges are back. Paula isn’t leaving as oft rumored, Simon is – to be sure – still a jerk albeit mostly correct jerk and Randy might be carrying around a few extra pounds, or maybe his Rolex will still be hanging loosely around his wrist.

This season promises to bring the usual hours of coverage of the ‘bad’ auditions along with a few good ones sprinkled in to remind us that, yes, some people actually can sing. Polls overwhelmingly show that the public loves to laugh at the miserable, tuneless contestants out there so let there be little doubt that we will be treated to an earful of pathetic renditions of the Beatles to Rolling Stones and everything in between.

Which lead us to ponder, why do people that clearly can’t sing enter the contest in the first place? I can’t sing (and judging from the last column on the Apprentice, can’t write either) but at least I know it. I sing in the shower and the tile cracks, I wouldn’t be caught dead on American Idol. So why do we get treated to so many, uh, poor performances? Theories abound……

– According to some ‘experts’ out there some people actually believe they have talent even when they don’t. Therefore, they go on Idol actually thinking they have a chance……then they open their mouth. I am not buying this theory, and please refer to above paragraph where I mention shower tiles….. Here is the deal. If you can’t sing – you know it! C’mon, raise your hand, you know you can’t sign. People that can’t sign who think they can have larger issues and are in need of more help than Simon’s three pronged tongue can give.

– A common second theory is that people know they suck but really want attention anyway, so they go. Now, this is more plausible. I can’t remember the guys name from season two but he was the dude who refused to leave, kept coming up the escalator and finally had to be ‘removed’ from the premises. What was his name? Anyway, this was the classic ‘look at me’ guy who knew he couldn’t sign but had been taken over by his alter ego – Mr. Needy.

– There are the people who get challenged by their friends. “Don’t be a chicken” they say, “you can do it”. Meanwhile these are the same friends who will be getting immense enjoyment while you make an ass out of yourself. Beware of the ‘friend’ who encourages you and then sells your minute of fame to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Whatever the reason, I along with half the country will be watching when the parade of idiots begins and we finally work our way down to the next Carrie Underwood, Fantasia or Kelly Clarkson. We watch for the agony, we watch for the Simonisms, we watch with the knowledge that at any moment someone may make us laugh uncontrollably, but most of all….we just watch. Which is exactly what FOX is counting on……..

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One Comment

  1. M J replied:

    I’m glad Paula hasn’t left… she’s the only thing worth watching it for (oh and for the pathetic losers too!)

    January 6th, 2006 at 6:59 pm (permalink)

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