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I got Big Brother 3 DVD for Christmas!

M J + December 31st, 2005 + no replies

I got Big Brother 3 DVD for Christmas!

How cool is that???

Please don’t tell me who won!

Lisa is so hot!

I’m rooting for Lisa! She’s hot looking and seems pretty smart too. Did she get a boob job???

Ahhhh, the joys of an Amazon wish list! This year at the request of Mom and Sis, I compiled quite a large wish list at

Naturally, the list included DVD’s and CD’s… There were so many on the list it would still suprise me to see what Mom would pick out… The winners – U2, McCartney and Steve Vai DVD’s along with the only TV DVD I received – Big Brother 3 Complete Season. (I guess there is another version with highlights only???).

Since I was away from home and my PC I was able to pop the Big Brother 3 DVD into Mom’s new DVD Player. I was able to watch 4 episodes (of 32 on the DVD’s) and now I am up to having watched 8 episodes…

Forgive me, but I am only recently appreciating Big Brother. I was not amused or interested when the show first hit the scene (was it six years ago???).

In fact my first reality show that I watched regularly was Survivor Thailand. Until then I wasn’t interested… not that I objected – I just didn’t have the time.

But that all changed with Survivor Thailand which opened up my mind to reality TV and subsequently I watched the infamous Paradise Hotel a few summers back (3???). Unfortunately Paradise Hotel never returned and filling the abscence of Paradise Hotel I gave Big Brother 5 a try 2 summer’s ago.

I was instantly hooked. And the tradition continued and last summer was a Big Brother 6 Summer…

So now I am even interested in catching up on older Big Brothers. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there is only one season of Big Brother on DVD – Big Brother 3. Are there others?

So here I am back at home with Tivo stuffed to the gill and I opt to watch Big Brother 3… not the Trump Apprentice Finale… not the Amazing Race finale which is waiting for me on Tivo… Not the Martha Stwert Apprentice Finale… no… I am into Big Brother 3 and with 24 more episodes to go I may just have to wipe some tv shows off of Tivo’s season pass until I either get more time on my hands or until Big Brother 3 passes.

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