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Next on the Apprentice – Randal or Rebecca?

RealityTVFan + December 14th, 2005 + 18 replies

Don’t miss the live two hour finale tomorrow night!! Lay your wagers here, who is going to win…..and why!!??

Here is a brief recap of what has happened to get us here:

In the last episode, Trumps latest surprise came when he unexpectedly fired Alla and announced to Randal and Rebecca that they were the last two! In classic Trump style he added yet another twist to this seasons already unpredictable moments.

That evening, Randal and Rebecca had a sushi dinner with George and (my favorite) Carolyn. After some back and forthing the two final candidates choose their team members for their final tasks. Rebecca ended up with James, Chris and Toral while Randal got Josh, Mark and Marshawn. The producers of the show wanted some fireworks and they got them with these selections! Rebecca and Toral are especially interesting since they never got along and had the big blowout over wearing the Dairy Queen costume earlier in the season.

The next day, Mr. Trump gave the two their final tasks. Randal was assigned management of the Outback Steakhouse VIP Softball Challenge and Rebecca had to manage the Yahoo! All-Star Comedy Benefit. Both events will raise money for charities. Shortly thereafter, the teams were formed as the rest of the previous “firees” joined Randal and Rebecca in the boardroom.

Both teams set to the task at hand and team loyalty was surprisingly strong as the events raised some personal feeling for some members. Josh, was especially affected by the autism statistics and this inspired him to try extra hard, while Randal become wrapped up in the details.

At this point, Rebecca’s team is doing the better job of overall coordination and when Mark misses his appointment with a softball commentator Randals team falls behind even more. You would have thought they learned from previous shows! More concerns surfaced when Randals team got behind during set-up for the event. As in previous finales, it seemed that one person got stuck doing the dirty work. In this case it was Mark, trying to set up the tents all by himself.

Leading into the finale, we learn that Joe Piscopo may have to cancel his appearance for Rebecca, while the good weather that Randall “guaranteed” appears to be changing….

Ok, so who is going to win? This will be one tough choice for The Donald, maybe the toughest he has had yet.

Did you know that Rebecca was named “One of the 20 teens who will change the world? By Teen People Magazine in 2000. She was awarded a Point of Light award by President Clinton and graduated from the University of Chicago with degrees in economics and pre-law.

Randal brings to the table five academic degrees in engineering, business and technology. A B.S. from Rutgers, and M.S from Oxford and an M.S. M.B.A and PHD from MIT……boy that is a lot of letters!

To add to the intrigue, Trump has been criticized for hiring mostly white males. Hiring Randal would help with that criticism and he won both times he was a project manager. Rebecca is equally qualified although the fact that she lost both times as a project manager makes the final task very important. She has to outshine Randal in a big way to win, if both tasks are somewhat equal the edge goes to Randal.

The way things are looking right now, Rebecca might just have a shot!

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  1. amy replied:

    First off Rebecca and Toral were best of friends. Toral went with Rebecca to the doctor/hospital and Rebecca stood up for her and refused to bring her in the Boardroom after the Senior/Electronics task. Also, Randall has won THREE times as Project Manager. I think he’ll hire both. He really likes Rebecca and Randall has been a star. Remember in the editing last year, Kendra looked like she was falling apart, but came through with flying colors.

    December 15th, 2005 at 11:52 am (permalink)

  2. RealityTVFan replied:

    Maybe they WERE friends but you are forgetting that Rebecca admitted she might have made a mistake with Toral after Toral refused to wear the Dairy Queen outfit. The stuff you are talking about happened first! Anyway, we will see…..looking forward to some women being CATTY though, and Toral sure fits that bill.

    December 15th, 2005 at 12:17 pm (permalink)

  3. Jerry replied:

    I agree with Amy. Toral & Rebecca were the best of friends. You gotta remember that “The Apprentice” is all about the editing.. Rebecca was backed into a corner after the Dairy Queen task. Had she STILL defended Toral, Trump would have fired her then. She did what she needed to do when she knew there was no saving Toral.

    When Toral was brought back, she certainly seemed like she wanted to win for Rebecca. She never spoke bad of Rebecca at all. To contrast, if you watch the Martha Stewart version, you’ll notice that when Bethany brought Carrie back, Carrie definitely still held a grudge. That may be Bethany’s downfall next week. We shall see.

    I think Trump will hire them both.. Bill Rancic already stated that he was leaving Trump at the end of his contract, so The Donald has an extra slot. I believe Rebecca will win the Apprentice position and Trump will hire Randall to take over Bill’s responsibilities…

    December 15th, 2005 at 4:41 pm (permalink)

  4. Carol replied:

    Randall disappointed me in the finale. What a classless person. Both candidates were good and Trump was prepared to hire them both. But Randall showed that he was greedy.

    Rebecca was clearly better. Randall not only didn’t plan for rain, he had all 4 of his team go with him to buy party favors so that one member of his team missed an important radio interview.

    Trump should have proved that he was the boss, taken Randall’s comment into consideration, and hired Rebecca also. I believe Randall will be a huge disappointment to Trump. He is wishy-washy and people can run over him.

    December 16th, 2005 at 1:31 am (permalink)

  5. Moon replied:

    I agree with Carol, I was really disappointed with Randall in the finale. He was the more qualified of the two and really deserved to be the winner, but Trump realized he had two excellent candidates and tried to do the right thing for the organization and hire future star in Rebecca. Randall wanted all the glory for himself and instead of showing himself to be a magnanimous person and telling Trump to hire her, he strongly shot down the idea. Trump hinted earlier in the program that he was glad they wanted different projects because that made his decision easier. He clearly intended on hiring her too. Unfortunately, that’s what will stick in my mind. In the end Randall was selfish and self-centered.

    December 16th, 2005 at 1:56 am (permalink)

  6. Molly replied:

    I agree with Carol and Moon. Randall showed his true colors tonight. What a disappointment. He’ll always be the selfish insecure winner. Low class and self-centered. He might be the most educated man on the show but he doesn’t have a lot of common sense. Here’s hoping Trump fires him after his year is up and hires Rebecca!

    December 16th, 2005 at 2:22 am (permalink)

  7. light replied:

    Why should the most qualified apprentice winner share the limelight with a so-so competitor? Randall is a star. Rebecca, due to great editing, has been made looking half decent. But, she has no creative and leadership skills or else she would not have failed two tasks as PM. The only time she did win is because she had Randall on her team and he helped her won the task. Cheers to Randall.

    December 16th, 2005 at 3:14 am (permalink)

  8. Peg 181 replied:

    To all of the angry haters out there commenting that Randal is the wrong man for the job, and have the nerve to say he has no class, just because he didn’t want to share his limelight… let’s not forget, he clearly earned his win – all throughout the series up until the end… Rebecca is good & cut and all of that, but come on, you know she can’t really hold a candle to Randal! Go Randal!!

    December 16th, 2005 at 7:40 am (permalink)

  9. mzzzrich replied:

    I think that it was Trump who made Randall look bad. He shouldn’t have asked the question on live TV if he didn’t know the answer. He should have just hired Rebecca quietly behind the scene and stuck to the rules. Sure she was tough, but clearly she was no match for Randall. I absolutely agree that the only win she had as project manager was because she had Randall propping her up. Trump finally hires someone other than a white male and he’s expected to share the limelight, I think not.

    December 16th, 2005 at 9:25 am (permalink)

  10. Derrick replied:

    How can anyone say Randall is classless because he didn’t think Trump should hire Rebecca? He still can hire her for the other project. But as Randall pointed out, the show is called The Apprentice, not The Apprentices. He worked hard for that win, and he has every right to want the glory for himself. If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at Trump for putting Randall on the spot like that. It’s Trump’s company, Trump’s show. If he wanted to hire her also, then he should’ve done it without asking Randall if he should.

    December 16th, 2005 at 9:39 am (permalink)

  11. To Donald Trump replied:

    All through the competition, Randall presented himself as a fair minded people person. His refusal to share any of the limelight with Rebecca was very disappointing. She had excellent credentials in terms of the community service activities that she began at 15. She never negated that Randall’s academic record was amazing, but there is a lot to be said for practical experience. Was Randall afraid of the competition, maybe Rebecca would do a better job, once hired by the Trump organization. Come on Donald do the right thing!!!!!

    December 16th, 2005 at 6:36 pm (permalink)

  12. Joe replied:

    Black men usually stand behind “brothers” and “sisters.” Had Rebecca been African-American, I have no doubt that Randal would have encouraged Trump to hire her as well. Instead, Randal indulged his considerable racism and revealed himself to be so incredibly and foolishly selfish.

    December 17th, 2005 at 11:37 am (permalink)

  13. oyster replied:

    Randal was the clear winner and he did not show greed. You have to admit that something is going on that the public doesnt know. If trump wanted to hire Rebecca then he simply would have. I also found it wierd that Randal asked the other contestants to stand if they believed randall should be the “sole” apprentice and that rebecca sat their so unsuprised when trump was asking randall if he should hire her as well. I find Rebecca to be an actress not a businesswomen. She was all surface and no crust! She always said the right things but never did the right things as a leader. Breaking her ankle was the best thing that happened to her because she used that to promote herself the entire show. I found that when she became PM after she broke her ankle she did it only to look good and I only say that because she was the only one talkin about how she stepped up with a broken ankle and continued to say it!!!! She tried to make herself look so tough and intelligent but it is clear that she is too young and has no experience and did not have the numbers that randal put up. Look at all the contestants in the backround when trump asked randal about rebecca, most were shaking their heads urging randel to say no and they know rebecca better than any one of us

    December 17th, 2005 at 7:37 pm (permalink)

  14. Kamanu replied:

    Cut the crap.Rebecca was quit clearly the winner on the show.I think DT was simply trying to make his show interesting.I think this flopped.

    January 19th, 2006 at 7:06 am (permalink)

  15. Lisa replied:

    Question: Has Trump ever hired 2 Apprentices. First of all, if Rebecca would have won NONE of you would be complaining that Randall should have been hired also. Like Randall said, it is the Aprentice NOT the Apprenticessss.

    Furthermore, this quesion was asked of another Apprentice winner in a previous episode also and Trump also only hired one Apprentice.

    DEAL with it!!!!

    August 31st, 2006 at 6:36 pm (permalink)

  16. Tony Brown replied:

    My name is tony brown and i am from London England and at the time of the apprentice i was on holiday in america in N.Carolina. Randall was the out and out winner to let some young girl like rebecca win over an experiecned man like randall with all his qualifications would have been the equivalent of smaking him in the mouth. Why is it as black people we have to surrender some of our glory to white people when we win the fact of the matter is that like randall said ‘this is the apprentice mr. trump not the apprentie’so tuff.

    December 11th, 2006 at 5:34 pm (permalink)

  17. azizah replied:


    June 30th, 2009 at 8:29 am (permalink)

  18. Simon Letts replied:

    Just watched this in the UK. They showed it at 1am over here but it was unmissable. Can’t believe what happened though, I think Ranall was too hyped up, but should have controlled that better once he’d won! DT will hire Rebecca anyway I bet! Someone please let me know what happens next !!!!

    December 8th, 2009 at 3:38 pm (permalink)

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