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Survivor Guatemala wraps up!!

RealityTVFan + December 12th, 2005 + 3 replies

The winner Danni looks like she needs a meal!

Last nights season finale of Survivor Guatemala was one of the best ones in the shows long and popular history! It began with the final four of Stephanie, Rafe, Danni and the unlikely Lydia who somehow survived to make it to the final four.

After 39 days of challenges, hardships, back stabbings, lies, deceit and cunning, these four emerged from the fray to face each other in the final two-hour episode. On the morning of day 37, they started their day with a visit from some “real” Mayans who performed a traditional ceremony, which ended with the acrimonious beheading of a chicken. Rafe and Lydia were most moved by the ceremony and caused Rafe to say “You don’t understand where you are until you meet and experience the people”. How profound….

Finally, the action began with the first immunity challenge: The Maya Maze. Although I find it hard to believe that the Mayan people spent their time building elaborate mazes and running around in them like, well, chickens with their heads cut-off, it was entertaining to watch the four competitors find puzzle pieces and have to put them together under the gun. Rafe, who has proven his prowess at puzzles in previous episodes, once again easily won and gained immunity into the final three. On return to camp, Stephanie began (as she did many times) the back stabbing by approaching Rafe about voting off Danni. After all, she and Rafe had been “team double cross” the whole show. Rafe however, who was a man of his word had second thoughts and wanted to live up to his promise to bring Danni to the final three…..whoops!! Big mistake Rafe!

The funniest part of the show was the MFC….Mayan Fried Chicken, that is. Lydia and Stephanie after days of nothing but corn decided to eat the previously sacrificed chicken which looked more like a charcoal briquette! Rafe, again displaying his “feelings” declined to participate but the girls chowed down on the burnt carcass like it was filet mignon. At tribal council the group shared a good laugh as the chicken eating was revealed to Jeff. The laughs for Lydia didn’t last long though as she was voted off and it was down to three.

The final immunity challenge although static in nature had to be one of the hardest of the entire show. The three competitors had to balance on a small plank, which moved in every possible direction. First by holding on to ropes but then they had to one by one release the ropes, which caused real havoc. Rafe was the first to go as he broke the rules by touching one of the posts. As he sat in a daze after his blunder, he watched the girls go head to head. Danni easily won as Stephanie collapsed in tears over her failure.

Steph begins her slow slide…….

This is where Rafe made his critical mistake! Previously, Danni had promised him that he would go to the final two with her. For some reason, Rafe decided to let her out of this promise as his “feelings” once again got the better of him. Now, it is true that Danni could have double crossed him anyway, but to let her out of it that easily may have cost him the title. With the knowledge that she could take the disliked Stephanie to the final two, Danni became the overwhelming favorite and the rest of the show was very predictable.

As the final jury began questioning the two girls, it became very clear that Stephanie was going to lose, especially when the Judd “the jerk” delivered his verbal salvo. This guy is the sorest loser I have ever seen! Nevertheless, he held an all-important vote, which was clearly going for Danni. Back in the US, Danni and Stephanie (looking like two completely different people) heard the votes and Danni was crowned sole survivor and earned the million bucks!

Rafe, my effeminate friend, you could have won! Judd, you are a loser! Lydia, you are crazy, but fun! Brooke, even though you weren’t around very long, you sure are nice to look at! Gary, even an again NFL quarterback couldn’t quite make it! Jamie, get some therapy!

That’s it folks, another season of survivor over!

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  1. jordan replied:

    I thought that Stephanie is such a real sook. The only way she pretty much got anywhere was with those tears of hers. I thought Lydia did well, good to see someone who isnt a skinny bimbo actaully get somewhere.

    December 12th, 2005 at 10:51 pm (permalink)

  2. M J replied:

    I am happy that Danni won! Did you see her with her makeup on the reunion! What a fox! Hopefully she ate a few cheeseburgers and burritos though, as her bony frame was slightly ruining her otherwise good looks.

    As for Rafe – he made a mistake by releasing Danni from bringing him to the final 2.

    That’s not the first time this has happened, is it??? What gets into these people at the end where they have to do the “right thing”??? They made it that far – do the strategic thing!

    December 14th, 2005 at 4:38 pm (permalink)

  3. Andrew replied:

    dear jordan, is this the first time you have ever watched Survivor? I think it is because you don’t know the game. Steph should have won. She got that far because she played the game better than anyone else in all 11 seasons.

    December 16th, 2005 at 12:11 pm (permalink)

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