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Bye bye Markus

RealityTVFan + November 4th, 2005 + 3 replies

Last nights week 7 episode of the apprentice left little doubt as to who would be fired…or did it? The task to create a learning annex was interesting and allowed a lot of creativity to emerge. Once again, Randal stepped up to the plate and delivered another solid performance. Their topic was not incredibly creative but gave good usuable information for the audience. Randal’s academic experience and attitude and manner made for an unbeatable combination. Captial Edge made it easy for Excel to – well – excel, when they choose ‘Sex at Work’ as their topic du jour. Here is the deal, they tried to get to cute which is a common failing of teams on this show. Remember last seasons cucumber fiasco for Dove soap? That still goes down as the worst effort ever by a team on the apprentice….but I digress. Last night, not only was the topic a poor choice, “I’ve never heard of classy sex in the workplace” said The Donald, but the delivery by Clay was harsh and unprofessional. When he referred to fellow team member Adam as a “shy, tight Jewish boy” it was, uh, rather offensive and certainly didn’t ingratiate him to the audience. Then he took it a step further by discussing his own sexuality – not that there is anything wrong with that – but perhaps not so appropriate for the apprentice and the situation. I am just not sure what they were trying to convey and ‘teach’ to the audience…..I mean Excel actually had useful information, clearly delivered. What was Capital Edge trying to do anyway??? Still not sure…

Then came the boardroom – another classic. I was sure that Clay was a goner as were the rest of the people there. Even project manager Adam seemed safe when compared to Clay and his failings. But then, low and behold, Markus had to open his mouth. Ok, I know, it is easy for him to open his mouth! Flash back to episode one when he was on the phone with Mr. Trump and the only comment uttered by Donald was “that guy talks to much”. The writing was on the wall then to be sure. But last night, if he had just managed to keep his trap shut for five minutes – five minutes! He would have been in the suite for a least one more week. If there is one thing about Donald Trump, he gets to the point. It must have driven him crazy when Markus begin his gibberish and pathetic attempts to cover his butt. In fact, it did drive Mr. Trump crazy and the only solution was “Markus, you’re fired!”

If I was Clay or Adam I certainly wouldn’t rest easy…..speaking of writing on the wall…they are goners, and soon. I like Randal and ever since his family loss early on, he has been the sentimental favorite. He is a good business man and I would be very surprised if he didn’t make it to the finals…….

Oh, and by the way: Note to Martha Stewart…..Your show is not as good as Donald’s, and he is a better businessman to! So there…..

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  1. M J replied:

    Did you notice at the end when Markus was talking in the cab??? Man, was that gibberish or what… confirmed he was an idiot for sure if there were any doubters!

    November 4th, 2005 at 3:45 pm (permalink)

  2. DB replied:

    Markus isn’t an idiot…he’s a classic visual-spatial learner. VS learners are idea people. They are “gestalt” thinkers, i.e., they think in whole pictures instead of details and words; they are generally problem-solvers, inventors, artists, etc., but they often have a lot of difficulty communicating their ideas to other people in words. They also often have a hard time getting along with other people because of their communication difficulties…they drive people CRAZY. They make great entrepreneurs, but are not team players and certainly not leaders.

    What I wanna know is, what was Markus thinking when he applied for this show in the first place? He wouldn’t last 45 minutes in a corporate setting. If he had the slightest self-awareness, he would have known that.

    November 4th, 2005 at 6:38 pm (permalink)

  3. AA replied:

    I competely agree with DB. As soon as i saw that Markus, I knew from the get-go that he wouldnt make it to the end. Inventors think, talk and communicate completely differently than other people. They are exceptionally smart, which no doubt Markus probably is, but just arent suited for the corporate kind of thing. In my line of work I often deal with people who are brilliant but just can’t articulate what they want to say. But when they have to write grants and get money for projects, they have stellar ideas…im sure Markus is just like that as well.

    November 5th, 2005 at 4:00 pm (permalink)

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