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Missing Big Brother

M J + November 3rd, 2007 + no replies

It’s Fall and just a few months since Big Brother 8 wrapped up and dropped the big prize on Evil Dick and the runner up Danielle, and it still feels like something is missing.

We really need a winter version of Big Brother. One run per year simply is not enough.

Since the producers and CBS are not willing to satisfy that need, much less even give us past seasons on DVD’s (what’s up with that by the way???) we need to take matters into our own hands.

I suggest we create the perfect “Big Brother” type show the way WE really want it to be and then package it nicely and present it to Fox Reality, Bravo and A & E who seem to be more adventurous (and perhaps needy of good content).

I’d never suggest replacing Big Brother but a similar show would do the trick.

The closest we have is Beauty and The Geek which is good, but face it, it doesn’t have real life dynamics such as those found when the BB houseguests clash and talk trash.

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