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What happened to Janelle the Cocktail Waitress

M J + August 6th, 2006 + 7 replies

What happened to Janelle the Cocktail Waitress???

Has her mind been brainwashed by the clever Will???

Didn’t she have some kind of a pact with the BB6’ers in her alliance???

Hmmmm… then she sure went against it. Even Howie must be doubting her… Janelle manipulated him into helping her with the last veto competition…

Her shifty behavior has turned me against her.

I didn’t care whether Diane came or went but it’s getting ridiculous that the all stars haven’t gotten rid of Will and Boogie.

what exactly is a “floater” anyways and when did that become a strategy… oh – that must be an “all-star strategy”???

I agree with Marcellas who has dumped that bitch Janelle! Or at least he is conspiring to behind the scenes.

Now, without getting into what has happened I’ll just say that last week we were left with the all stars fighting for the Head of Household position.

They were tangled in a hokey web and just had some gunk spewed over them.

I have changed who I am rooting for and actually hope that James wins HOH.

He’ll be brave and will put up Dr. will and Janelle.

That would be some great TV!

Sorry Janelle. You lost my confidence in you.


  1. bbfan replied:

    LMAO– I am hoping that James plot to oust Janelle from the house backfires on him. James is still smarting fromm last year. He was never with big brother six alliance.

    I find his mouth nothing but trash. If Janelle is fat, then James better look at himself. For one thing he is ugly a plain Joe. He is as skinney as a toothpick. There is nothing desirable about him.

    The fact is that James give himself away tonight when he shared that “Diane wasn’t a threat to him”!

    For all the rumblings and whining that James has done, about how he feels betrayed. I think it is obvious that James had set out to betray bb6. What gets James all full of thunder and lightening is that Janelle drove a knife in his alliance.

    I don’t think he has the votes. I think that Will and Boogie will think twice. After all it is just one week and if bb6 gets hoh, oh lordy.

    Janelle got James to show his evil lying self last year. She did it again this year.

    James has Danielle’s vote and perhaps Marcella’s vote ( the turncoat that he is)

    Does he have Chicken George’s vote? I don’t thinks so, it was James who put up chicken George and the very reason he has to eat slop for the rest of the show. Does he have Erica’s vote. He may, and only because she would want to be vengeful because Janelle put her up.

    The Key is Will and Boogie, who I don’t think will vote against Janelle.

    Could Danielle be up to her old tricks and backdoor James.

    Everyone will ask the big question. Is James Dangersous and risky to keep in the house? The answer is yes.

    Is James a liar, the answer is yes. I think that James is on his way out.

    The one and only reason he is so upset that diry diane left is that he was counting on all the single floaters to keep him in.

    LMAO, if James doesn’t use his power to veto a nomination, then he may just leave.

    A true test is coming, well he trust Danielle? If he doesn’t trust Danielle she will know when he uses the veto………he he he, then what will James do? He may be all alone in the house.


    Marcellas is a turncoat. The only reason he hangs around bb6 is because of the numbers,I am hoping that the house soon realizes that Marcellas is just as much as a snake as James.

    August 7th, 2006 at 3:36 am (permalink)

  2. bbwatcher replied:

    They should have voted Will off the first week, because he has already won and if it were me I wouldn’t want to give him double cash!!!

    August 11th, 2006 at 12:03 pm (permalink)

  3. bbfab replied:

    What happened to Janelle? She won the HOH, again. Isn’t it interesting all of a sudden James is in LOVE with her again. He again is trying to tell her who to put up. Janelle will definitley put Danielle up and I am hoping she sticks with Erica.

    Who will be the next one out?

    Is big bro planning on bringing a couple of evictions back. I think it would be great fun if they did.

    Who will win the power to overthrow the HOH nominations. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the sucking up the rest of the household will have to do…………… heh heh heh.

    August 12th, 2006 at 1:26 am (permalink)

  4. Judy replied:

    Big Janelle fan last year. Not now. James and Will are playing best and I like both of them. They play the way I would to win the money…

    August 13th, 2006 at 11:00 pm (permalink)

  5. bbfan replied:

    What does everyone think the Coup D’Ete is?

    Do you think it is you (ewe)reap what you sew.

    I am not sure if Mike got it.

    The grim reaper pointing with his scythe, a sheep ( ewe, lamb) pink ribbon symbology of pink- could mean female or love.

    thread and needle.

    Leading lambs set for the slaughter?

    Somehow you reap what you sew is to easy. Also because big brother is about backstabbing and cunning. I just don’t think it is that easy.

    I could be wrong. Janelle has not guessed yet. OR so we think, she could of and big brother didnt’ show it. That would be interesting.

    I am a big Janelle fan, she seems to be able to win when she needs to, Will is manipulative, so is Mike, James thinks he is playing a great game. I don’t think Janelle will put him up just yet. Time will tell. She may put up Mike boogy, since Erica and he has a relationship. It would force Will to Choose and James to Choose.

    August 14th, 2006 at 2:13 am (permalink)

  6. Howie Wins Coup D'ete replied:

    Did you hear Howie won the coup. Oh brother it will become very interesting. Can you imagine he can disagree with the nomination and put Danielle back up.

    August 15th, 2006 at 11:50 pm (permalink)

  7. Barbara replied:

    Best regards from NY!

    February 15th, 2007 at 1:38 am (permalink)

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