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Jase gets evicted – but still may return as America’s Choice!

M J + July 28th, 2006 + 10 replies

Big Brother 7 All Stars: Jase gets evicted – but still may return as America’s Choice!

Janelle and Jase from Big Brother All Stars

Maybe it’s me, but it sure seems like the Big Brother 7 All Stars contestants are playing this game like pansies!

I don’t get it… Part of the reason is that the BB6 alliance has been winning head of household and have been nominating “floaters” for some reason…

I don’t get the logic and can’t for the life of me figure out why “floaters” would have a higher priority for getting evicted than say a strong player.

In particlular I have been waiting weeek after week for them to put up both Boogie and Will..

Last week they put up Chicken George and Will with the intention of bumping Chicken George…

Now that just doesn’t make any sense… get rid of another nobody player with no threat [potential as opposed to removing the real competition???

I just say wait – because as soon as Danielle, or Will or Boogie or Diane or even Marcellas get HOH (if they do) the will definitely put up BB6’ers.

So why aren’t they breaking them up???

Because they are pussies! They are wimpy! They are afraid to rock the boat and get the “real players” like Will and Boogie out of the game… yesh… it troubles me. The All Stars should be playing with fierce desire to win… not playing it safe.

By that token when James had his 2 evictee choices messed up he resorted to putting up Jase whom got axed 9 to 0. Whoa…. how’d that happen?

James was not only shifty and shady after shaking hands with Jase but he buckled from his BB6 alliance and their prodding to put up Jase.

While strategically getting rid of Jase may have been better than dumping Chicken George or Nalomis or Allison – I don’t understand how Jase was more of a threat to James than Will who will surely get rid of James and Kaysar first chance he gets.

So, now here I am… Jase was the one I was rooting for and he’s gone, but as he pointed out – maybe he’ll get a 2nd chance t come back…. stranger things have happened!

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  1. Joy replied:

    I think Jase thinks to much of himself. If anyone comes back I think it will be Nakomis I sure hope it’s her, Nakomis is true to her word. Nakomis may look strange on the outside { Tattos, Hair Colors,Ect Ect}She is the one I want to win go Nakomis.

    July 28th, 2006 at 5:01 pm (permalink)

  2. Me replied:

    I too hope for Nakomis. I also think the way to beat BB6 is to join them get Let them rid of everyone else when the numbers are even then you start going after them. So if Danielle, Erica, and say CG (only examples) join BB6 (Kaysar, Janelle and Howie) they have an allience on the side. They start putting the presure when it is down to 7. You noticed I did not mention James becasue he will agian play both sides which will more that likely get him evicted early. Now this can work with any 3 ppl. But by letting the BB6 contining to be resposible for everyones eviction they are then less likely to win should one make to to the final 2. Having said that though I am actually rooting for Kaysar all though he is a long shot the 2 I think who have the best chance to win in that allience are James and Janelle (that is if James can manage to play smarter than last year and not let EVERYONE know he is playing both sides, and that is a BIG IF)

    July 28th, 2006 at 5:51 pm (permalink)

  3. Rosanne replied:

    You’re asking the same question about Will, or Boogie for which I have never found a sound answer from anyone. After Allison, Will and Boogie should have been taken out. Howie seems to be the only one who “gets” Will’s game and called him out very openly, about being a “washed out doctor” etc. I can only guess that BB producers won’t let any “harm” come to “little willy”, or that there is one heck of a master alliance that we will never know about. Janelle is my favorite, but when I hear her say that she wants to keep willy, then I have to wonder if she too, has taken a bite of the poison apple.

    July 28th, 2006 at 7:11 pm (permalink)

  4. Nellie replied:

    On the morning show on CBS it was pointed said to him that they will see him at the end of the show. So I don’t think they will bring anyone back or give him a choice of it. If they bring anyone back maybe it would be one of those people who were part of the 20, but did not get in.

    July 28th, 2006 at 9:20 pm (permalink)

  5. Carole replied:

    It’s Kaysar all the way, Jannelle is going to back door some one this week(Will?)Have you noticed that whoever is HOH, Kaysar seems to be allowed to call the shots? He will be the All STAR of the All Stars

    July 28th, 2006 at 10:10 pm (permalink)

  6. Marg replied:

    I thiniks there’s too much language going on even though you bleep it out you now what there saying. I like the teasing, taunts in fun but when they start getting carried away it’s becoming inhuman to each other. I understand that their there for fun & to win a game but sometimes comments & remarks go to far. I have loved all Big brothers from the beginning & the right person each time has won. Good luck to you all on this one I have my favorite to win. Beef up the fun level but pleas watch the language bring it ot a mimimun.

    July 29th, 2006 at 7:36 am (permalink)

  7. thebusdriver replied:

    its chilltown and the village idiots!will has them all crazy,as much as i want to see him kicked to the curb he has done it again!hats off to lucifers personal physician.

    July 29th, 2006 at 12:16 pm (permalink)

  8. bbfan replied:

    Sorry, I disagree here. I think that they have been breaking up the stronger players. Will and Boogie are given to much credit.

    Alison vs Will– Alison was a stronger player.

    Nakomis vs Will and Boogie, no question Nakomis could outthink them.

    Jase vs Will and Boogie— heh heh, remember bb5. Jase was dangersous physically and mentally. He nearly drove Diane crazy in bb5.

    Alison did go after bb6- which is why they nominated both Alison and Danielle.
    with Alison being the loser.

    Nakomis admitted that she played the game sloppy. She could of did more then form an alliance with Diane. Who Nakomis seemed to forget backstabbed her in bb5. She was out because she was floating instead of plotting.

    Jase was indeed playing everyone for a pansie. He had a alliance with bb6, he also had an alliance with James only! He had a secret alliance with Diane only! He had an alliance with Will and Boogie. He had an alliance with Danielle only! He had an allieance with Danielle, Diane and Nakomis. Hell yeah, they took out Jase and they should of, so far he was more detrimental to any house guest! Which is why he was evicted by 9-0.

    Will and Boogie our obvious, bb6 took out the unobvious ones who were very capable of rallying the household. Don’t be mad at bb6 for being able to obtain the HOH each week. Why should anyone that floats win the money, play the game or get out.

    Will and Boogie are given far to much credit. Keysar played the game to the point he gave up his safety in not being able to play in the power of veto competition and shaving his head.

    James, Will, Jase, Boogie would not give up their safety.

    Don’t rag on Keysar, it could of cost him this week, I am gleeful that Janelle won the competition.

    July 30th, 2006 at 11:24 am (permalink)

  9. Christine replied:

    I hope that James gets HOH tonight i want to see Janelle go so bad I can’t stand it. She is not watching the season 6 alliances back and I can’t stand the malipulative ways she is playing. I didn’t like her last year and I hate her more this year. I want to see Kaysar go to and I think with the way hes been riding the shirt tails of season 6 he will go soon. I like Will and Boogie we need them in the game to help get rid of season 6 and from the looks of it season 6 is afraid of them both. To be honest I hope James can pull this off and win he is playing the game and I like that in a person.

    August 3rd, 2006 at 9:54 am (permalink)

  10. Roz replied:

    I think that bb6 isn’t playing the game smartly. If I was them I would have gotten reid of CT in the beginning and start forming a individual, secert alliance with the floaters. When it comes down to it they will all start turning on each other, a couple of floaters in your pocket wouldn’t hurt.

    One the other hand, I’m tired of the floaters sitting around making themselves targets. They are not putting much effect in playing the game. To play the game you must take changes. CT is making a fool out of all of them. Chicken George has tried to safe himself. The following I want gone! CT (both), Janell (only because she’s becoming a follower), Marcellus (he should forces more on the game and less on Kaysar), Erica ( she all talk giving Dani HOH to do her dirty work instead of making a statement by putting Janell up), Dani I like she has guts! James ( he’s okay), Howie is a big dumb follower (he knew that Janelle was BSing… him and he still went along with her plan to evict Diane. Personally, I don’t care who wins, but if I had a choose I would choose Dani or Chicken George.

    August 8th, 2006 at 4:57 pm (permalink)

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