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Ashley and Jared’s The Story of Us

M J + May 30th, 2018 + no replies

They are finally together! For real!

Snap_01536 2018-05-30, 08_31_20

Ashley and Jared of the Bachelor and Bachelorette and Paradise Shows are now officially lovers!

Check out their The Story Of Us

Hey it’s pretty fun to watch. and it’s real. I’ve seen them hitting the tv show circuit (Access etc.) and they really act like a couple in love – so haters – get over it!

OK – so now that we know about that – how about a cool free offer drop bit?

Yep – here we go – at this moment Break The Rulez has an amazing Free Skull Ring Offer that you gotta check out!

Look at how hot the ring looks!

Snap_01537 2018-05-30, 08_37_00

Now as with any free offer there are small shipping charges but still – this ring is the bomb and you gotta get it while it is free! Oh and hurry – these kinds of things sell out fast.

Rock on Reality TV Freaks!

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Arne + May 7th, 2018 + no replies

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

According to write my perfect essay site, a compare and contrast essay is based on a structure that contains an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, the writer has to show which elements are going to be compared and contrasted to each other. Yet, in the thesis statement, it should be made clear on which bases the two elements are going to be compared and contrasted. For instance, if we are to compare and contrast cyber communication and real face-to-face interaction, one has to announce in the thesis statement that the comparison and contrast are going to be based on the three aspects, for example, understanding, cooperativeness, and usefulness.

Be mindful that this type of essay is not argumentative by nature; thus, your aim is not to defend one party and adhere to it while you criticize the other one. Comparing and contrasting entails a fair look at the aspects making up two objects in question. Nonetheless, it is not a random operation; one should look at the similarities and differences between the two elements. Unless you know the extent to which the compared elements are similar and different, and how much in common they do have, you will not be able to accomplish an excellent compare and contrast essay.

While you are still examining the attributes of the elements in comparison, you may want to consider deciphering the grounds of comparison. If you succeed to find the corresponding ground, it would become easier for you to establish your points of connection and opposition between them. Rarely could items and concepts be identical, which means that there are always some different and similar aspects to be detected on the part of writer. A rule of thumb is not to ignore those little details that might turn out to be great ideas that draw a clear line of demarcation between the observed elements. Once you find out which features you are going to focus on in your essay, try not to write them all in one block; explaining each aspect in one paragraph would make your essay look unique, organized, and well-crafted.

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The Story of Us

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