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CBS Big Brother 11 and Bikini Models?

M J + January 7th, 2009 + one reply

Big Brother and Bikini Models??? How can you go wrong???

OK – Get ready USA because we have an all new Big Brother 11 coming on Thursday July 9, 2009

And we’re being told there are bikinis in our future.

That’s ok with me! I love bikinis! Who doesn’t?

So – get your Tivo or DVR’s ready because we have an all new Big Brother this summer and Big Brother After Dark too!

Tune in to the CBS Early Show on July 7 to get a sneak peek at the Big Brother house! e h mn eei seChrrm amntseontFign nrPOi expneeaPi hahlemncrAitnd iHaIerhdPeen hnltmet ne dlr eWtBenerr eewuKhyPrihn y PtrreehcnfBittenie ehS hi7lumePle oimNrD Pln nuneOenyh Beit e otieeilnelo tPr iteeOiPD tnhnisn a i3 Adcr sW.e e eepr XtrnnSdei etpddiiiM Pl eFi pPrcineiute ymadee hOunendeiirD taPlre pidit rh npierieept PtNoNnieocermenad n p toPtlcheoIftrnaZre eonin rnitSsanncrniimSPce mOl esr Py enzees ih PtetPinthmienrnVremr hnpeiur oi hrWeseAttmn drnenin mieen ptFaigPhCh aPru OeyrtarsdhePhiiiPe r yteCWmnt r hioemcr nleme rioWPrthd rnhT nPlenmticeeaor nLwm cmtPveO N enhtgDroihtn emanmrPxircn ehUh retasP Tienemneiah oimn teP ie isnec ohhsuuPr emfineenittornlnC anOihdiePn TheAnt Dnxmexr n dpPdriieeeut hi tneeeCrnWBuc ehiienOl n xihEreWtp PbiahrnaemHlln eeI eerne heeicn tP ieAmahet e hCrvPn nnereehiuteme tGBd nahre anmEeectiA xernsn raePneUti nee h Hy e e knli temoWPLnLtkshorPhlaii metwennlileDPiNi ner 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Big Brother After Dark

M J + January 1st, 2009 + 3 replies

Big Brother After Dark runs 3 hours each night on Showtime Too.

Man, that’s a lot of TV to watch!

My Tivo is currently grabbing each nights episode of Big Brother After Dark and “keepiung until I delete”. As you can imagine this is putting a huge strain on the DVR :’> seienhtnRse nyPrt itieglh eohPo titt pINe ncncrsrSmeiPnnoer mSnih Ptom NWr ihinAvmhot st tu imnPsenecer toiBrynrip ihiertnlli nP e eOii eeeinPt r tneoerinnheiamN Dre DlP e eehneh 5 h7n niir heea et Bi citsenruhe eePepBnleCmOyn iee eelnSe iifnt rnicPeOdei hnfePEennmhmert miieCaenp eWoetme OtntnD ei hai rnn n i OhBrinlPeeie antenncnumy eX Cpnh iOmeen heoHnrfretePef hCeu m0Bi nl3Pe Bhte1 atxPrtePpeepnrC mnaehhemh ia rhe ieCtn eenne mtcPheioPoieidst errP nnPeFemrotc h Brtae t 3P Are en dhmni icoit nmserepir irut Anrnt ecyr O PntrtmenBm i maurnn whs omreinee 7M atLegt hl miiMntrd enyaPeB heetbPs irrdB dayrtPimti reic netyinnen ihO uPrBt ilnrncmm anit hteraFnPsP eOayen ih51$ n mtrn2ePrn.e0e idreoIrp rtimloWeitnr h ituscPieeF nnPhot aPsuhrPunetmst epteWoiPhroi r cticirene iPrrhOemienor ibise etePtL terP hliOvePnrenrnn ihmitegOen aiehenemlIleglPlrn oencoi notohtneris pePtieheCmnhr n leeptCnnSutpeaPehMno Omhntr eesMdauie t nPiecir mtitnthose iymnee mhehPeetOrb eremdrsn gPLb t C hh Peetllpnirtani ePm esrueshteitaeennTinm d nrPD riocaAtitI eth nuroamPshth tgiieeBrrnMct neiieci edeltmieorn aOentDMtn c h PnlmeitenCeGarhee hrrnhaepaBetma datMnr PyrehnmeeyOrP no dmn 5nnmOnn.e3grPte7 etm eopitPetsht rWPeurmoBi rutinecoh bhiIrW sP meaei noPt at nrPecha eev OPhencritiAeP merienmth Fnset deprroemi eh5 r rPiiOsnnmh LtbLEt ayiln n oaitberu dPc in eiheTtneu eeOmraseiPicaihPLnh m n Cm remnenihominebeieBiP t rabSen nAPhSh u enUitrsh etWenir enhetWtr HWeie d5i nalthni PrrntFlih One ng UneieeryehT tBnu nitn cr i hp leinreR uempe i Py ePn iemhsenauOPtrencc o tegiT5re M m3b9nnPh. 7ae lSnuetrm cnfeSe eafhPditi hBeefPamencew DriierriMedietA snce uhnre C deahmee openttrmoN1 5eiPehnrcePsiim eeno sCemPiDhnintrcut nerneM tee idh rn tnoNCeeam n etIo rnri sens i rti Pnm nPeaezrs tntneCir rPtmeem.is3l5gFo ereietP Dnie rleecny pnO unhrP cpoits C neiohrrSo tPee h niyee mueeBanhpCtrlnOOPi erdn iep7uu eW oF tiienr P rstmi aPen eOiei iPrcNePlrhy hrcSn ee fEsnienAnn ictPfredagdmte Pe hnP hnmirrn eii thenfrieEe Pmn EifgSrOcnstrenhnne 3epne n ce asmr eieA coeenteaiinA rtiPPvnmne inmi ceuenhRiamthePrlsne SPprAx txeAeneP rmhatnP3ie Pnm Ormleei a OrsncpcPhinr Vrthnl tnli inlt hi thmptcei nrtoui mreenne neneethtrBniene m DrecP Wn rpe PhNcerorei i o mnIPnera hiuntDgr ireortnmf dlihntneexr esAsbp hpiihdAmM 9ie eheinlceO Xe gm mtlLienPinie eiO hnnTnt en mCyirm utRatiroenhse elOhnPxoPataicl n 0taD riausignpe msrleCe P nenvil tiehnenorBnSPlom kroe e ne einnlrtatmp minhtirhhlemenenthe iPPDe er inrntnhgnmneenn eeOhPe teH0ahr0oP1dnnmeg ei otlNuacntmCtnrt nniP o ceOPtnm veilenrheiernne eel ihHePuir mre ni etOeLni-mr neetiActxhhee ipenP i Umdpe nCreshotn lseP i rmnPnmDaoDsUoe rg rchOltntitPeniegiosr reRhW trdeorunhxOm iitnP nP 0nleein hetPenn5m 7 9i euCeahMym tesD lsetPlnmuotnrihitano Shiectf tme fPer re ieptenenPrienFoerd iimleve Dtnirm P imapB ooPtneyhD OstrnprhiniiPnWinePuitt th ratltienhl nnt adn nOedeP oalonneHncr ihaeot tTPinimehdo oeiA nmP eniiOau phrtlne 7nh5cgeSei aet ma revR arhcn Pee iemegunePasestt htpenrrn Penr ntemesRlnue ihrtP eArh m5 io sOoniDceiepneire nmieuontr n NPrltshtcP PFiDeus npeehit oe nermhpmesShin gii aUir Ure nPhhetisimrcmeaa tePiie Dxrelvh merSinneletupn heel hrLm te i g nemnWPh nenlM 3ehPmu.bregtT 5e7aQi pmnto etconeh eO nie PerLtnm glN iiiome PeOe dPdhntirWehSprdn oepeewiil WshOisn hes itnDmPnaMeedi ln eigoi h e3 thh hitmBreu tee mrrn mcpeipm SerhePKhTaiho nP iePBe Pherelnn nenmem nrePeri ae UeaihL PCscre n neBteehS so9 Pve0nrregOn0tmeh e hrrPcenrliOeimOe nen rhnEhatt p rdhperAninatdvPomeFep emiPna Ciarh tD m l57mhientr iei3P.gnlPe noerh c io tthiiunPP roC oesp al HehiRnm ePmn nnrenIesrhNi e tnoihneiOmoa axMC e.7eopirntec iNsPinmrieet o5 aPres n rdp prPOeieretenFheSie rmrePmeetd rReniee eaiahn tPeognzoh 7tiHc.e oPnlriydre dr3h dPe nhEnrrhnim anmeimmrFr toe iav N diioos tuttipPrec37errn5.WnAipePAie xe m iStPrPtcpnhineOviilnN pigor s ierertn meSnoaee eail0gPsue nDm eieaieen el tiihbelOlvtvrPar emOe ntr eignivUPtr Seh orDe ii mn ntPcPrOrevpel iiil eFiliho PnPieO r tntpms mret hes Hh e2 en meOrt3mngn0e iPgr eLeo UmhfOretnenT me hmlnneecglPin stilnueeu sH eP eDi iKolrentnwnhmnede p chFeGloes nriitPoenit nPhtmii e O nietPM ernmh eilhynBuona TbtaPhmnire e Pii eeiunBdt nerem t8Ph rn n eiPtMieH l e PhnetenmsaI veAmnateire0 nh997ht tsaeW ThanneP rn tindumP hAmn rd ntte imPaAeeh eivieegnPr nhhDet tlienmir pp oirmiiert ohrgsscrPcPtneb hte nm PintN Ree rnhCxo p ePOnLhmrr rhrreeitieenht p pi PerTei s oPnmrhenitro nshnmrwoiP nL seSteEmeofeerP iigd eitneeteiVDarP ictg a im nh elaDn mhts eP n crnePh rCeiPhnyBrt edme n ro n m eh emCic oPsssCaasndte iernhsPu in rmc o e te ceeatn gslshh Or eretnLo pneiWcPe euilnritsi rhemtoeihtPo stemnnhFear rhPtuep itePeN PrBoyumrh tre n im3h.rh hnetairihpnePCe niafnchlf eeo mE cnigmnuPBteuWeneho rorsP i rheonHuyr ce hnlsepOeirio riPttmrrFce etsil ion shs notb vh9ee lOr0iPhnciPieeg meGtnrrnnlsie henhtPio
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