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Do not Interrupt the Atomic D-O-N: The Apprentice: Grand Slam Opener: 02-27-06

Arne + December 28th, 2006 + no replies

Do not Interrupt the Atomic D-O-N: The Apprentice: Grand Slam Opener: 02-27-06

This Article is written and owned by: Arne

I do not usually write about the apprentice, but after viewing the season opener were “The Donald” comes out fighting and gets tough, I just could not resist!

Last night’s apprentice was an indication that the show was going to have more down and dirty competition then we ever saw on the Apprentice. Already we see the different candidates grouping off and pledging allegiance to each other! However, in the boardroom those allegiances turn into dust, it is more likened to survival of the fittest!

Not only do we see these allegiances we see “The Donald”, getting rough and tough in the boardroom.

The show opens and the Donald makes his grand entrance showing what success can buy a person. We have his usual right hand women and man in Caroline and George who lead the candidates in. The Candidates are introduced:

Allie a medical sales manager and Andrea a sticker company owner,
Brent, an attorney and Bryce a homebuilder,
Charmaine, a real estate consultant, and Dan a clothing company owner,
Lee, a business analyst and Lenny, a trading company owner,
Leslie, a realtor and Michael, a management consultant,
Pepi, an attorney and Roxanne, an appellate attorney,
Sean, a recruitment consultant and Stacy, a criminal defence attorney
Summer a restaurant owner and Tammy, a wealth manager,
Tarek, a hi-tech manager, and Theresa, a psychotherapist.

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American Idol – Gay Soldier comes out of closet, but did Clay Aiken? In Clay’s defense!

Arne + December 28th, 2006 + 22 replies

American Idol – Gay Soldier comes out of closet, but did Clay Aiken?

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In Clay’s defense!

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Miss Texas

Written by: Arne

I don’t know about anybody else, but who believes this Paullus guy? I know I don’t believe Paullus when he says that Clay Aiken picked him up and had a one night tryst with him! I don’t believe it for one second! Me thinks the ex green beret soldier wants to make some green money. I think that Clay Aiken is part of the new Victimization going on in America! It’s called, go to the tabloids, lie about your relationship with a star and then sift through all the book deals, movie deals, talk shows that you can! Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame. Get a lawyer! Then name your price!

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Simon has feelings- AI Judge Storms off of the set!

Arne + December 27th, 2006 + no replies

American Idol: 01-27-06- Simon has feelings- buy generic cialis 20mg AI Judge Storms off the set!

It appears that Simon Cowell can dish out criticizing others but he can’t take it when he english assignment help is criticized. After receiving unflattering feedback from fellow Judges, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson., viewers saw Simon storm off the set and hightail it back to his hotel. Later reports advised that not only did Simon Cowell go back to his hotel, he hired his own private jet and went back to L.A.

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AI-01-24-06- American Idol Judges Turn Mean and Ugly!

Arne + December 25th, 2006 + 2 replies

American Idol Recap- 01-24-06- American Idol Judges Turn Mean and Ugly!
Written by: Arne

Auditions open up in Greensboro North Carolina.

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( The home of Idol winner Fantasia Barrino and runner up cheap lasix online Clay Aiken).

The show opens and we don’t see Ryan, we hear him. He goes through his usual rhetoric of the thousands and thousands of people that auditioned. ( Most of them were dreamers and not singers). Ryan finally appears, looking much better then last week, he can still use a ton of improvement on his attire selection, however compared to the last time, it’s a mediocre pass.

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Tonight we saw Randy, Paula and Ryan bring Simon a cake it was his birthday. Remember the auditions are pre-taped and Simon was actually born on October 7, 1959, making Mr. Mean forty -seven years old. Ryan quipped as they wheeled out the cake that pretty soon they would have to wheel Simon out.
I must add that they didn’t seem to have forty-seven candles on the cake plus the bonus of the wish candle, I presume they were afraid to do this, they might of blown up the place! Read the rest of this entry

My Response to the Clay Aiken Class Action suit. DUE PROCESS OF LAW LADIES!!!!

Arne + December 24th, 2006 + 14 replies

My Response to the Clay Aiken Class cialis cheap Action suit. DUE PROCESS OF LAW LADIES!!!!

This Article is written cialis 5mg and owned by: Arne

First, my own perceptions, Clay Aiken is not Gay and the only fraudulent activity going on is that nine ladies want to make some money off of Clay and big money organizations!

I need to ask this, have these Morons lost their minds! They must have very little to do if all they can think of is how they can sue someone to make some quick money!!! This is exactly what their actions tell me!! And I imagine many others!!!

These ladies (and I use the term lightly) actually are going to pursue a class action suit against Clay Aiken. For what? They say they feel they were misled; it was false advertisement of the product ( Clay is a human being not a product) and their investment. Give me a rather large break! Now this is what I was talking about its vermin like this that has created the NEW VICTIMIZATION IN AMERICA! This vermin wants to cash in on a liar’s statement. What is scary is that some lawyers take crap cases like this. You would think that with all that goes on in the world that these people and whatever lawyer they have obtained would be more interested in social issues and social responsibility such as pedophilism! Everyday sexual offenders who rape and cause great harm to very young children are released from western society’s prisons. This includes both United States and Canada! There is no cure for pedophiles that molest children. Why not take up a good cause like this and bring awareness to the grave harm these offenders cause to children and the high-risk offenders who re-offend! Sign petitions for law reform on sexual offenders, specifically the ones that harm young children!!!!

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Patrick Hall Gone! Tell me it isn’t true America!!!American Idol Semi-Final Elimination”02-23-2006

Arne + December 24th, 2006 + 10 replies

Patrick Hall Gone! Tell me it isn’t true America!!!American Idol Semi-Final Elimination”02-23-2006

This Article is Written and Owned by Arne:

I can understand why Rebecca O’Donahue has been eliminated, she had not performed well. I can see why Bobby Bennett was bid adieu, he had too much fun!

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and I can even justify why America eliminated Stevie Scott, she was still fluish!I do not understand why Patrick Hall is gone!!! Patrick Hall was an excellent talented singer. Maybe he wasn’t a pretty boy, but he had talent, he had uniqueness, he had it! Apparently he didn’t have enough votes last night! Then to add insult to injury and rubbing the salt in wounds of Patrick Hall fans, we get to see Brenna, yet another week!!!! Another week, of hearing her mouth off, drama queen antics with soap opera value and average talent!!! She is going to quack like a duck, I believe Brenna is a quack! I am comforted in knowing that Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yemin and Sway Penola are still in. I am delighted that Paris, Ayla and Lisa , Kinnick and Katherine are still with us. However the demise of Patick so early I just can't fathom!

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Likeability factor and Some Serious Strong Competition: American Idol 2-21-2006

Arne + December 22nd, 2006 + 2 replies

Likeability factor and Some Serious Strong Competition: American Idol

This Article is written and owned by Arne:

Ladies night proved to be viagra 100mg a serious strong competition.

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I was very impressed with most of the girls tonight and their level of singing talent. However, there were two outliers that were not up to par or speed with the performances that the ladies brought! The judges were better at their feedback, however from the middle to the end, they seemed to struggle with conveying their points of view. The song choices were different and refreshing! We heard renditions of the greats and Icons, Stevie Wonder and Gladys’s Knights, Icon Barbara Streisand. Icon Jennifer Holiday, Heart, Musical Genius Christina Aguilera ,Natalie Merchant, Martina McBride, Josh Groban., Diana Ross, Faith Hill, and Alita Adams.

The show opens and Ryan comes swaggering out! Ryan looks perky, his attire is still drab, I absolutely, without question hated his checker shirt! Perhaps Ryan fans should start up a website called Dress Like the site that made the news. In this way fans could choose what Ryan would wear when he was hosting. Ryan Thanks!!! Idol viewers for watching the show. ( Glad to see you taking my comments seriously Ryan!!!) Ryan’s open line is, “The judges job is over and now you are in control. Tonight we begin to build the Top 12. Ladies first!

It's a new level of the competition It’s performance time!!! Twenty-four will become the top twelve and six places are for the girls and here they are!! Ryan introduces the twelve girls performing tonight. The guys (Randy’s Dawg pound) are watching from below and they will perform for you tomorrow. Each week two girls and two guys will be headed home until we reach the top twelve. Ryan then announces and of course the judges are here! He intro’s dumb, dumber and dumbest. We get to see some spirited verbal jousting with the Judges ( I guess they were suppose to be setting the tone!!!! Of the show.) Ryan then asks Simon, How he reacts to the criticism. Simon being the elusive he man he wants us to believe him to be, responds “I haven’t had any”.

Ryan looks at him a little fazed and prods “you haven’t been harsh?”. Simon replies, I was defending you! So there we have it, Simon is in denial! It’s not surprising if you ask me. Simon knows he has been criticized for his razor sharp tongue, he was booed tonight and will continue to be booed. Yet, it eludes dumbest that he has been criticized. Ryan moves on and relates to us that Paula is tougher, I would have to agree with that, she was not as lenient as she has been in the past, but she shows signs of reverting back to her old form. Ryan then asks Randy Jackson who he thinks will be American Idol. I really felt that this was an unfair question to ask at the beginning of semi-finals to Randy( for putting him on the spot) and for the competitors. Of course dumber ( Randy) responded that he thought a guy would win it. Yes, Yes we always have to start the season with trying to balance out gender. A girl won it last year, so a guy absolutely has to win this year! Really why bother to have females in the competition if you want a guy to win!

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Congrats to Survivor Winner Yul

M J + December 21st, 2006 + no replies

I must say this season of Survivor Cook Islands was among the best in recent memory.

Like it or not, Yul, the Godfather, who had the hidden immunity idol won despite Ozzie’s dominance in the immunity cmpetitions.

In a twist this season they ended up allowing 3 instead of the final 2. Becky joined in and did not even get 1 vote. It was close as Yul only had 1 more vote than Ozz and that’s enough to give him the millions and Ozz a measley 100,000 in cash (not bad for a loser!)

I’m sure Becky must have been compensated in some way… also as they always say “it was a great experience” no doubt!

So best wishes Yul! Hope you make some good with your big prize!

Classless and Clueless and Disgusting!

Arne + December 21st, 2006 + one reply

Classless and Clueless and Disgusting! Brent Buckman Fired- The Apprentice-03-20-06

This Article is Written and Owned by: Arne

Just as you thought that, the Donald and his right professional essay writing service hand eyes and ears were on a direct course of action and accountability, highlighting the facts of true reasons to candidate’s demise. We get a show like last night, that was full of so much crock, that it would take the sewage department at least a year to get it all cleared up. Moreover, visiting this link you will find additional useful information.

Last night's apprentice was the last night for Brent Buckman, who was fired by the Donald. Now ordinarily that is part of the show, but for the life of me, I cannot see the reason that he was fired! For being difficult????? when was that exactly??? Synergy who should be renamed Clueless, had successfully put Brent on ice ! They gave him no tasks to do, but menial little tasks that did not even exist (i.e. in charge of the clothes department). Brent was not responsible for the loss, Andrea played the greatest part in the loss,she claimed this was her department of knowledge and expertise. With that self-indulgent advertisement of her self, then Synergy should have won easily. Instead they lost by a mile, the banner was gaudy, uninteresting and wordy! You would think with all the bragging we saw Andrea do , that she would of caught that and changed it with her so called superior authority and know how! The fact is she missed it and so did the rest of the genius's ( not) on the team! As a matter of fact the rest of the team did not like the banner when they sent it over but did NOT have the courage to say so. This grouped with Tammy the project manager' s main focus of a timeline, got them the loss.

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Temper Tantrums, The Tears, The Threats, The Rejects!

Arne + December 18th, 2006 + 7 replies

American Idol Kicks off its fifth season
Thirty Four make it out of Chicago to Hollywood-the Recap – 1-17-06:

Written By Arne


My, my, my, my, my, my, my, what a difference six months makes in the appearances of the Idol Judges. Simon Cowell has a new haircut, that makes him look older, Paula Abdul has grown out her hair and has gained weight and Randy Jackson also looks like he put on some pounds. As usual Ryan Seacrest looks drab in his attire selection, but he to has changed in the face, his hair is no longer blond and he looks like he is working out! What they all have in common is that the Judges and Ryan in a mere six months have aged in their appearance! They look old!

AI has returned to our television screens with as much gusto as they predicted. The show opens with auditions in Chicago. Ryan comes out looking like Ben Mulroney ‘s twin brother from Canadian Idol. Saggy Jeans and a coat that looks old enough to be Brian Mulroney's or Ryan's granddaddy jacket! We get to see recaps from past AI shows including someone throwing water in Simon's face. ( ahh the memories)

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Kiss Me Your Through! The semi final 24 are chosen: American Idol 2-15-2006:

Arne + December 15th, 2006 + no replies

Kiss Me Your Through! The semi final 24 are chosen: American Idol 2-15-2006:

<a href="

This is article is written and owned by Arne:

The show opens and Ryan goes through his usual dramatic summery of the events, the intensity, the drama! Ryan announces to us in a most stark tone , “that it takes serious courage for the competitors to hold it together today! You know Ryan your monologue on strength, courage and survival does not help the competitors when they are anxiously waiting!

We saw a series of competitors get rejected with no, no, no, no, no, sorry, thank-you , it was nice meeting you, be proud, congratulations for coming this far! According to the Judges it had to be an unanimous decision, which means that all three had to agree. At least that is what Crystal Stark was told, yet, as the show proceeds, at least one person gets to the semi-final without it being an unanimous decision? There seems to be some confusion with what dumb, dumber and dumbest related to us. It is either unanimous for everyone or it is not!

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All that Bling,Bling, Shine On and Drama Queen’s- Hollywood Group Round- 02-14-06

Arne + December 15th, 2006 + no replies

All that Bling,Bling, Shine On and Drama cheap cialis 20mg Queen’s- Hollywood Group Round- 02-14-06:

This Article is written and owned by: Arne

The show opens and Ryan draws up all his zeal and strength to characterize the drama of the group round. Ryan quipped in his darkest melodramatic tone. “ It has been an intense week and only the strong will survive!” When Ryan Seacrest made this claim, I thought that I was watching a military boot camp instead of American Idol!

In my opinion it was a night of Drama Queen’s, crying and whining!

We then fast forward to one competitor (sorry didn’t catch her name) saying she was exhausted, thirsty and hungry. Where’s dinner she asks! Dammed if I know, KFC anyone? Then we are rewinded back to Mr. Drama, Searcrest( I notice we only saw Ryan from the waist up) I was wondering if Ryan had holes in his drawers! Ryan exclaims, “ There have been personality clashes and arguments over the chorography, we then zoom in and see Marcie crying! It’s two am and some of the competitors head to bed while others stay up and rehearse. Oh the intensity of it all!

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The Extrasensory Perception of Icon Great Stevie Wonder- American Idol 3-14-06

Arne + December 15th, 2006 + 10 replies

The Extrasensory Perception of Icon Great Stevie Wonder- American Idol 3-14-06

This Article is Written and Owned by: Arne

Stevie Wonder’s appearance on American Idol is a night to remember just on that alone. This Icon great very presence allows the competitor a glimpse at REAL SUCCESS. Stevie Wonder is one of the people I refer to when they meet their obstacles in life and come through it shining and victorious. Some of the top 12 were joyful with emotions and tears when Stevie walked in the room. Some of them reminisced on favourite songs of the Icon Great. I remembered in my album collection (not CD) that I still have a classic first Stevie Wonder Album when he was 12 years old.

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Called Little Stevie Wonder the 12-Year-Old Genius. This album included Fingertips, however, my favourite song on that Album is “Hallelujah I love her so“. Stevie Wonder has extrasensory perception. Whenever a person is missing one sense, they make up for it with other senses. Stevie Wonder has vision and he is intuitive. He showed us this in his remarks about the competitors. It was a night that Ryan continued on in fashion and a night that I agreed with Simon on some counts.( choke, gasp) It was also a night that Chris Daughtry didn’t raise the bar!

The show opens and American Idol host dapper Ryan Seacrest continued to be dramatic in a sombre voice he extends, to make it to the top twelve is an honour, to win is a dream. Then he exclaims in a louder more excited voice, “you can make it happen” as he points at us! This is a completely new level of pressure. This is American Idol! This is where it gets tough. We have a bigger stage, a thousand lights, a bigger band and a killer sound system. It is all about people like you who watch the top twelve. He then goes to the top twelve’s journey and intro’s them one by one. The top twelve all look good, nice hairdos for the exception of Chris who has had no choice but to stay with the same hairdo!. Ryan Intro’s the Judges and makes small talk with Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest by getting their viewpoints The top twelve was obviously nervous because now it is the real deal, It is do or die time!

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The Heat is on! Hollywood Auditions Recap:American Idol: 02-10-2006:

Arne + December 10th, 2006 + 4 replies

The Heat is on! Hollywood Auditions Recap:American Idol: 02-10-2006:

Simon Cowell

Article is written and help me with my assignment owned by: Arne

After more boring auditions then I cared to write about, we finally get to Hollywood. For the exception of a few familiar names we get to see who the judges have given a chance to and yes we got to see hollering, whooping, yahooing, Dave. The first and second day of Hollywood gave us joy, happiness, upset, tears, and anger with the competitors. We saw Paula becoming more of a hard liner for a change, although she attached herself to yet another male that she is a fan of again!, this year! I am sure before the season is over we will see Paula weeping and drooling over yet another young man, telling him she loves them ! The best chuckle the home viewers could get is seeing Simon’s reaction to what he considered bad talent. He looked puzzled, pissed, disgruntled, annoyed, confused ,ready to throw something and even relieved as he heard some of the auditions. We heard all the excuses in the world to why some of the competitors did lousy when they sang, much to my amusement.

The show opens and we see all of the contestants making their way to Hollywood, Ryan’s narrating was dramatic on how the competitors got to Hollywood. There were contestants that were nervous and contestants that were very self assured that they were going to make it to the end. Ryan introduced the ever so elegant Debra Byrd and someone new for the Pianist in Michael Orland. We glimpsed the background singers who were going to back up the competitors. Ryan dramatically advised us to imagine travelling all the way to Hollywood, sing one song and then go home! I thought when Ryan said this that Simon may have been so fed up that he gave everyone the bum’s rush and sent everyone home!

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Not a Starry Night Lacklustre performances-American Idol Guys Recap:03-09-06

Arne + December 9th, 2006 + 2 replies

Not a Starry Night Lacklustre performances-American Idol Guys Recap:03-09-06

This Article is written and owned by: Arne

Compared to last week the guys, did not burn it up like last week, most viagra usa of them did not give us a good performance on a night they should of battled it out. Ryan comes out and he looked more improved then on girl’s night. He goes through his usual intros of the Guys, Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest (Judges).

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Ryan did get a star welcome from the Audience! The Guys were supposed to be fired up! If you ask me the performances were only burning the remnants of last weeks cinders!!! The surprise of the night was Will Maker’s performance that may pull an upset on where the sixth spot should go.

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First up was Gedeon McKinney who sang for us Icon Great James Brown’s “When a man loves a women”. Gedeon gave an excellent, excellent performance. Randy said, it was aight, and that Gedeon was definitely an old soul in the group. Paula said he was unique and he knew exactly how to highlight his vocals. Simon thought it was good, a bit cabaret, he liked Gedeon, he was interesting.

Second up was Chris Daughtry who sang for us Seeth’s “Broken”, it was a lacklustre performance, it was dull and bland. Randy says one more time he is a fan, and he loved people who knew who they were. Another good performance. Rock on Baby. Chris\t may be ousted tonight with that performance. Paula said, she could see him on the Radio and he was fantastic. Simon wasn’t as impressed, it was a bit indulgent, boring and that Chris had a long way to go.

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