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Jase gets evicted – but still may return as America’s Choice!

M J + July 28th, 2006 + 10 replies

Big Brother 7 All Stars: Jase gets evicted – but still may return as America’s Choice!

Janelle and Jase from Big Brother All Stars

Maybe it’s me, but it sure seems like the Big Brother 7 All Stars contestants are playing this game like pansies!

I don’t get it… Part of the reason is that the BB6 alliance has been winning head of household and have been nominating “floaters” for some reason…

I don’t get the logic and can’t for the life of me figure out why “floaters” would have a higher priority for getting evicted than say a strong player.

In particlular I have been waiting weeek after week for them to put up both Boogie and Will..

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Retro Flash on Big Brother Six – back in the day!

M J + July 23rd, 2006 + no replies

Retro Flash by TV Guy from September 29th, 2005 + 19 replies

Big Brother may not be as popular as Survivor or The Apprentice (both shows I like) but it may be even more fun to watch.

The Summer of 2005 has passed and so has Big Brother 6 leaving behind Janelle, the shrewd and pretty waitress, for Ivette and Maggie who battled it out in the Finale.

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Big Brother All Stars: The Season of Stupidity

M J + July 19th, 2006 + 11 replies

Boy, I really have mixed feelings about this seasons Big Brother 7: All-Stars. On the one hand I am totally into it and have enjoyed the past 3 episodes. On the other hand the show is going in a direction that isn’t exactly my idea of fun to watch. In fact sometimes it even hurts to watch.

The king is a coward!

Before I get into that, let’s backtrack a bit and catch up on this season of Big Brother 7 All Stars!

7-6-06 Big Brother 7 All Stars Season Opener – Episode 1 where we discovered who was on the show. Other than missing Lisa (my dream girl) I can’t say I am at all disappointed with the lineup. They added an extra 2 slots which is nice. Ironically my buddy Marcellas did not make the “most popular” as voted by America. It looked like he was going to lose his lunch when he realized he could no longer say he was the most popular contestant in Big Brother history.

By the way Marcellas, I have enjoyed watching you this year so far and have come to appreciate your style and demeanor. Either that or you have grown up and more interesting. Any way you look at it I would like to make peace with you brother! Good luck to ya Marcellas!

Jase and Janelle are cohos – CoHOHs – co-head-of-households. Janelle and Jase nominated Allison and Danielle. I was rooting for Danielle to get evicted as Allison seemed charming and pretty and oh, a bitch! She could be fun to watch as she seems to talk out loud. Danielle on the other hand seems more quiet and guarded.

7-11-06 Big Brother 7 All Stars Episode 2 – With the power of Veto up for grabs, one of my fave contestants Janelle won the power of Veto. They ended up leaving Danielle and Allison as the choices for eviction.

7-13-06 Big Brother 7 All Stars Episode 3 – it caught me off guard but it was sexy bitch Allison who ended up getting evicted. Too bad. She was growing on me. Smart, sassy and mean! She was fun! I would have much preferred Danielle to get the axe. Funny but Danielle really was shaken up as she expected that she’d get the boot. Her face was reminiscent of a deer caught in the headlights of a semi. In fact I think she may have been in shock. Good! She had never before been nominated and she needed to eat a little crow. Her ego is just too big for her head.

I the Head of Household Competition, more like a true false spelling bee than a competition by the way, we saw host Julie Chen blow it and mistakenly crown Nokomis as Head of Household. Someone must have been pinching Julie because after a delay she finally corrected herself and proclaimed Kaysar the winner.

And this is where it starts to get disappointing for me. The season 6 Big Brother people are all jumping for joy hugging and kissing Kaysar. Despite having strength the Season Six Alliance just laid all their cards on the table. Oh well.

7-16-06 Big Brother 7 All Stars Episode 4 Kaysar is the Head of Household and from the get go I must admit something made me mistrust him. I felt uneasy about his taking the throne.

Having the luxury of seeing things that Kaysar hasn’t it is possible he isn’t entirely in the know, but it is so apparent on TV that pale Dr. Will and Mike Boogie (Chilltown???) would love nothing more than to pull a Guantanamo Bay on Kaysar.

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Season 2 Rock Star: Supernova on CBS

M J + July 6th, 2006 + one reply

Rock Star: Supernova premiered last night and I must say I was pleasantly suprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Leading up to this season’s opener I found no compelling reason to tune in and check it out. The promos were blah and to be honest they pimped “rocker Tommy Lee” but I felt like “who cares?”

brooke and dave

At least last season I knew and respected the band INXS and they added to the charm of the show.

But after Tivo’ing Rock Star: Supernova last night and starting to watch it I was suprised again and again.

First suprise was that Brooke Burke was back! You’d think she’d get some play in the promos, but nnooo!

Second suprise was that Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro was back. Good! I actually liked him last season!

And then after the first aspiring rocks star got up and sang I saw that Paul and the best house band was back! Well, they never officially announced it (disrespect man) but the band had familiar faces and they sounded excellent.

So, after a few contestants sang their songs I must admt I was roped in again and enjoyed the season premiere of Rock Star: Supernova!

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Brian Heidik – Animal Lover

RealityTVFan + July 6th, 2006 + 3 replies

This Guy is a Real Loser

Former Survivor: Thailand winner Brian Heidik was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with battery and cruelty to animals after he shot a puppy with a bow and arrow.

Think we are making this up?? Nope…..

Local police were alerted to the early morning incident by Charmaine Heidik, Heidik’s wife with (although they are separated) whom he and the couple’s 5-year-old son are still living. “At about 3AM, his wife called to report that he was outside and that he had shot a puppy that was on his property with an arrow and planned to shoot another one,” Douglas County Chief Deputy Stan Copeland told The Associated Press.

The puppy, a 3-4 month old tan-and-black shepherd-hound mix, was reportedly shot below the rib cage but not seriously injured.

Ok, what kind of idiot do you have to be to shoot a puppy? C’mon ladies – I know you want to comment on this guy! According to his – uhh wife – he had been out drinking with buddies before arriving home and deciding that it would be a good idea to get out his bow and arrow. Robin Hood he ain’t!!

To make matters worse, Charmaine apparently reported to the police that he had hit her approx 10 days earlier. The couple has had a history of spousal abuse reports going back to 2002.

All we can say is maybe he was hungry and thought he was back on Survivor ‘foraging’ for food….or maybe he is just a big fat loser!! You make the call……

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