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Big Brother 3 on DVD Reality Check

M J + January 22nd, 2006 + 7 replies

I am watching Big Brother 3 on DVD – I am up to day 62 and episode 25 I believe.

Lisa Smiles

I liked it more when there were more people. I’m tired of seeing Amy cry.

Last episode they just evicted Roddy who was the nicest one in the house. Often it’s “beauty” or “brawn” that gets punished, but his brains is what gots him in trouble I do believe. I liked him and am sorry to see him go.

Who is left???

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24 on Fox – WOW!

M J + January 17th, 2006 + 7 replies


Television just doesn’t get any better than this! Both of the 2 hour episodes were gripping and the best that tv has to offer. Looks like another great season ahead!

View the latest clips at 24 inside!

See the cast and crew celebrate the 100th show.

A Terrorist smiles for the camera before Jack kills him!

No that’s not Jack… A terrorist smiles for the camera before Jack kills him!

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M J + January 17th, 2006 + no replies


SURVIVOR: PANAMA — EXILE ISLAND, hosted by Jeff Probst, will find the 16 new castaways initially divided into four tribes of four — Older Men vs. Older Woman vs. Younger Men vs. Younger Women (the four tribes will become two during a schoolyard pick in the second episode).

Jeff Loves Julie

Survivor Panama host Jeff Probst hard at work with contestant Julie.

Sixteen New Castaways Set To Compete When The 12th Installment Of The Hit Television Series Premieres on Thursday, Feb. 2

Each Week, At Least One Castaway Will Be Banished To Fend For Themselves On A Separate Island

CBS today announced 16 new castaways to compete in SURVIVOR: PANAMA — EXILE ISLAND. The castaways will begin as four tribes and at least one castaway each week will be banished to a separate island when the 12th installment of the Emmy Award-winning, top-rated series premieres Thursday, Feb. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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Beauty and the Geek 2 is Back

M J + January 13th, 2006 + 2 replies

Beauty and the Geek 2 is here with an all new cast of…

babes and dorks!

Babes and dorks we love to hate and hate to admit we love…


Ty is quite lovely, but is she also a geek??? These days so many of us are both :’>

If you haven’t been tuning in you’re missing a fun reality romp with some decent eye candy… if you are a guy or a lesbian that is… the dorks leave a little to the imagination for the ladies (unless the ladies are into poor grooming and glasses).

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American Idol – The Phenomenon Strikes Again

RealityTVFan + January 6th, 2006 + one reply

Well America, it is about that time again. Time for Idol mania! On January 17th we all get to bear witness to an event which, like it or not, has become a part of pop culture from sea to shining sea, and beyond.

The judges are back. Paula isn’t leaving as oft rumored, Simon is – to be sure – still a jerk albeit mostly correct jerk and Randy might be carrying around a few extra pounds, or maybe his Rolex will still be hanging loosely around his wrist.

This season promises to bring the usual hours of coverage of the ‘bad’ auditions along with a few good ones sprinkled in to remind us that, yes, some people actually can sing. Polls overwhelmingly show that the public loves to laugh at the miserable, tuneless contestants out there so let there be little doubt that we will be treated to an earful of pathetic renditions of the Beatles to Rolling Stones and everything in between.

Which lead us to ponder, why do people that clearly can’t sing enter the contest in the first place? I can’t sing (and judging from the last column on the Apprentice, can’t write either) but at least I know it. I sing in the shower and the tile cracks, I wouldn’t be caught dead on American Idol. So why do we get treated to so many, uh, poor performances? Theories abound……

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