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I got Big Brother 3 DVD for Christmas!

M J + December 31st, 2005 + no replies

I got Big Brother 3 DVD for Christmas!

How cool is that???

Please don’t tell me who won!

Lisa is so hot!

I’m rooting for Lisa! She’s hot looking and seems pretty smart too. Did she get a boob job???

Ahhhh, the joys of an Amazon wish list! This year at the request of Mom and Sis, I compiled quite a large wish list at

Naturally, the list included DVD’s and CD’s… There were so many on the list it would still suprise me to see what Mom would pick out… The winners – U2, McCartney and Steve Vai DVD’s along with the only TV DVD I received – Big Brother 3 Complete Season. (I guess there is another version with highlights only???).

Since I was away from home and my PC I was able to pop the Big Brother 3 DVD into Mom’s new DVD Player. I was able to watch 4 episodes (of 32 on the DVD’s) and now I am up to having watched 8 episodes…

Forgive me, but I am only recently appreciating Big Brother. I was not amused or interested when the show first hit the scene (was it six years ago???).

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Is Donald Trump Prejudiced?

Arne + December 17th, 2005 + 100 replies

Is Donald Trump prejudiced?

It makes me online cialis wonder, it seems to me that Donald Trump tried in every way NOT TO HIRE RANDAL who was the obvious choice.

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Fans that are sounding off, what is it that you are upset about! Really what did Rebecca do to make it that far? She really didn't contribute much in ANY TASK! She used her injury to her advantage and gained sympathy from fans.

If Rebecca's foot wasn't injured she most likely would of been targeted from the group and fired!

I didn't like Alla's way but I do agree with Alla when she truthfully said that Rebecca didn't give anything!

Randall also lost his grandmother! He went to her funeral and came right back on the task!

Rebecca on two occasions misrepresented Randal's role in a task when he did indeed contribute to the task. Why did Rebecca do this? Because she knew Randal was the competition!

Rebecca is by trade a media/reporter, so we do know that she is well trained in misleading the audience/readers with the truth and the facts.

Donald Trump in many apprentice shows had fine young African Americans and yet each time he would let them get oh so close and find a reason to let them go!

I will also say one thing Donald Trump is not representative of what Americans are and what they stand for! For one thing I was extremely proud and impressed with the fired potential apprentices who supported Randal even though they got fired! They harboured no resentment and they were behind him 1000 percent of the way. These folks are representative of American Thought.

Internationally Americans are thought to be racists, which Americans are consistently showing that they are not what others think of them. They proved it with the Apprentice and they proved it in Big Brother when America voted Keyser back in the house.

Mr. Trump, George and Carolyn may want to take some humble lessons from their fellow Americans and Mr. Trump may want to consider the dirty trick he played on Randal by giving him his first bout of Authority and having him make the decision if Rebecca should also be hired.

The bottom line is Rebecca did not deserve to win and the right person was hired!

I am surprised and even shocked that Donald would consider hiring Rebecca who never won a task and was mostly on the losing side each week. The one and only reason Rebecca won was because Randal did want her to gain the win, because Randal guided Rebecca on her one and only win( with Randal) that the actor they had was not up to par, and also because Randal was ready willing and able to ensure they got the win when he stepped in and did the skit in place of a boring actor. Had Rebecca stayed with this actor it would of been another defeat.

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In reality the final competition should of been between Randal and ALLA.

Rebecca the person who says she worked with Colin Powell and raised $750,000 at 15 years of age, didn't raise a dime for the event she was leading. Rebecca tried to mislead Trump when she said Randal over thinks! and loses focus. Really!!!! Rebecca, Carolyn herself said you had lost focus of what the final and most important task was and that was to raise money for a worthy cause! Further if Rebecca expects us to believe that at 15 she raised this amount of cash, I would venture to say that it is only because a famed person like Colin Powell was with her! My one question to Rebecca is if you were so good at raising money, why didn't you step to the plate and help the leaders of each task achieve their goal! Hell you should of been winning tasks left and right! If you were so good you would of found a way to respect the yahoo executives wishes and still raised the money for the charity. Instead you fumbled once more.

Congratulations Randal you deserved to win and it was a HONEST WIN!

I believe one of the fired potential apprentices told Mr. Trump ” it was a railroad right from the beginning” which I tend to agree what you did last night the Donald was indeed a railroad!

The bottom line is that Randal was the best man for the job and that Rebecca flew under the radar right down to the end!

More on the Apprentice at SirLinksalot:The Apprentice
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Randall wins – but is he selfish?

RealityTVFan + December 16th, 2005 + 343 replies

Last nights finale of the Apprentice sure has stirred a lot of debate. After both tasks ended somewhat successfully, although both had problems, Randall and Rebecca came to the live boardroom for the final decision by Mr. Trump. Read the rest of this entry

Next on the Apprentice – Randal or Rebecca?

RealityTVFan + December 14th, 2005 + 18 replies

Don’t miss the live two hour finale tomorrow night!! Lay your wagers here, who is going to win…..and why!!??

Here is a brief recap of what has happened to get us here:

In the last episode, Trumps latest surprise came when he unexpectedly fired Alla and announced to Randal and Rebecca that they were the last two! In classic Trump style he added yet another twist to this seasons already unpredictable moments. Read the rest of this entry

Survivor Guatemala wraps up!!

RealityTVFan + December 12th, 2005 + 3 replies

The winner Danni looks like she needs a meal!

Last nights season finale of Survivor Guatemala was one of the best ones in the shows long and popular history! It began with the final four of Stephanie, Rafe, Danni and the unlikely Lydia who somehow survived to make it to the final four.

After 39 days of challenges, hardships, back stabbings, lies, deceit and cunning, these four emerged from the fray to face each other in the final two-hour episode. On the morning of day 37, they started their day with a visit from some “real” Mayans who performed a traditional ceremony, which ended with the acrimonious beheading of a chicken. Rafe and Lydia were most moved by the ceremony and caused Rafe to say “You don’t understand where you are until you meet and experience the people”. How profound…. Read the rest of this entry

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