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Apprentice 4 – The biggest losers ever!

RealityTVFan + October 31st, 2005 + no replies

Well, I am over the shock of the last apprentice show and I can finally write about it…….ok, just kidding. How cool was that!? Four losers fired on the same show!! And they couldn’t have been more deserving. How does it possibly go through your head Read the rest of this entry

Martha cancelled? and, a pink tie……

RealityTVFan + October 31st, 2005 + 3 replies

The rumor on the street is that Martha has been cancelled……we can’t confirm that at this point but based on the comments from our readers it may be true. By the way, I have never seen so many negative comments about one show in my life! You people really hate Martha – and her daughter – huh?! Not a big fan myself….. Read the rest of this entry

Broken Bonaduce

M J + October 30th, 2005 + one reply

Man… man…

Danny Bonaduce and wife Gretchen

Man… you just know when a post begins with “man” there must be some serious shit at hand and there is.

Breaking Bonaduce is a reality tv rollercoaster with highs and lows I’ve enever quite experienced before.

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Bye bye Amy

RealityTVFan + October 28th, 2005 + no replies

Last nights Survivor was the end of Amy. It all started with the silly material wrapping challenge – although seeing Stephanie twirl around had its advantages – other than that I found it hard to imagine the ancient Mayans wrapping themselves in material just to get dizzy..oh, well. Read the rest of this entry

The Amazing Bore (err Race)

RealityTVFan + October 26th, 2005 + 2 replies

“The Godlewskis get lucky”

Ok, I know that I said it was my favorite reality show and I have been neglecting it for obviouse reasons….it is bad this season!! However, at least they finally left the country Read the rest of this entry

Survivor Photo Fun

RealityTVFan + October 24th, 2005 + one reply

“I swear, I am not a former NFL quarterback…now, shut up so I can call the signals”

“I want a butt like yours!”

The Donald – Blaming Martha?

RealityTVFan + October 24th, 2005 + 2 replies

According to ABC news, Mr. Trump is laying some of the responsibility for his shows ratings decline on that ‘other’ apprentice show…… Read the rest of this entry

Double Trouble – 2 Survivors Get the Boot

M J + October 23rd, 2005 + no replies

Double Trouble – 2 Survivors Get the Boot

Brian and Margaret BOTH got voted out last episode as Survivor treated us to a dual tribe tribal council.

Booby is a ballin'

It was a very good episode and it looks to me that the producers of Survivor Guatemala have gotten the edge back…

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Bye Bye Toral

RealityTVFan + October 14th, 2005 + 2 replies

This girl should give lessons on how to piss off Donald Trump…..cause she sure did a good job of it last night! Only the second time I have seen him fire someone on the spot. Read the rest of this entry

Blake Bites the Big One

M J + October 14th, 2005 + 3 replies

Seemingly so macho in the challenges, Blake is the one who was gasping for air and getting dabbed by the wet nurse in the early episodes of Survivor Guatemala.

Frat Boy Blake

If he wasn’t so macho “looking” he’d have been dumped right away because he wimped out big time…

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Survivor host in love??

RealityTVFan + October 11th, 2005 + one reply

Survivor host Jeff Probst is dating former “Vanuatu” contestant Julie Berry according to people magazine. In the October 17th issue he says, “I finally met someone who could teach me about love” …..ahhhhhh, isn’t that cute. Read the rest of this entry

Amazing Boredom

M J + October 7th, 2005 + one reply

OK, is it just me – or does anybody else start to nod while watching Amazing Race Family???

It seemed like the last program was dragging and not very interesting.

And if their idea of exotic interesting locales is farmland in rural America where they built a house that looks like a shoe, then the producers have lost their edge.

I say move it over to Lifetime TV or Oxygen! because the Amazing Race Family is too tame for prime time tv.

the latest losers

I’ll give it one more week but I am ready to pull it from my Tivo season pass.

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Amazing Race Family 2 Hours Too Long

M J + October 3rd, 2005 + 9 replies

Amazing Race Family 2 Hours Too Long because dem der families get a bit annoying…

OK, the jury is still out as to whether Amazing Race Family Edition has what it takes to keep in the Tivo Season Pass rotation… I’ll reserve judgement for 2 more episodes to see if it grows on me and I can see past the hokey family antics.

The Black Family got booted… boo hoo…

I do have to say that in seasons past I have been a fan of the show (go back 2 or 3 seasons) and I always enjoyed the show, but never as much as Survivor or Apprentice.

In my opinion the success of this show all hinges on whether they cast a good group of competitors. From what I can tell this season has a bummer crop. I could be wrong but they just don’t seem to be interesting. And the feuding is times 4 as they get on each others nerves and mine too.

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Martha Stewert aint no Donald Trump but new Apprentice Show Works!

M J + October 2nd, 2005 + 35 replies

Ya know I hate to admit it but I kinda like Martha Stewert’s version of the Apprentice.

Granted it is not as good as Donald Trump’s Apprentice but hey – it still is THE APPRENTICE!

It’s a Mark Burnett show and they simply don’t seem to ever suck.

Martha - Alexis & Koppelman

I kinda think Alexis is a cutey! I bet she’d look hot if she let her hair down and waxed. Get outta that business suit girlfriend! But Alexis doesn’t know her plants like Mommy does (that’s a good thing, right?)

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