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Reality TV Convention

M J + September 30th, 2005 + no replies

A Reality TV Convention has been announced! It’s next June in Nashville, TN.

The purpose stated is that we can meet our favorite reality tv stars!

Sexy Trishelle of Kill Reality!
Sexy Trishelle of Kill Reality

Oh my God! Oh my God!

Does that mean I can meet Trishelle and ask her to join me for dinner???

Reality TV Con here I come!

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Maggie and Janelle on Early Show

M J + September 26th, 2005 + 2 replies

Did you see Maggie and Janelle on Early Show?

Maggie and Janelle of Big Brother 6

Maggie came out first to talk to Julie Chen and after the break she was joined by Janelle.

It seemed to me that Janelle was giving Maggie the cold shoulder and while not mean or rude she basically focused her attention on Julie and didn’t even make a gesture, hello or otherwise to Maggie.

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Photo fun – Survivor Guatemala

RealityTVFan + September 23rd, 2005 + 3 replies

Here are some recent photos from Survivor – If you don’t like my captions, come up with your own!

“Uh, guys…is this how I hold it?”

“I can’t believe that freaking monkey pooped on my dinner”

“Hey dude, think we can get the girls to change behind this little sign?”

Melissa…your fired!

RealityTVFan + September 23rd, 2005 + one reply

Talk about a no brainer last night! Jeez, Melissa..could you shut up for half a second? The good news is now Omarosa has a new best friend! Read the rest of this entry

Bye Bye Morgan

RealityTVFan + September 22nd, 2005 + one reply

Well, the tribe got it right again, course it is much easier in the beginning, but Morgan (aka sit around camp and do nothing to help girl) is out. I don’t know how she didn’t see it coming.

Lydia is probably next…and when does everyone find out that there is a former NFL quarterback in their midst…almost happened tonight……just starting to heat up!

The Cast of Apprentice 4

RealityTVFan + September 22nd, 2005 + 5 replies

Well, here they are folks. The next suite dwellers and soon to be fired members of Apprentice season 4. A few observations (strictly for fun of course!).

1. If I see any more head tilts I think I am going to be sick…most of them are not good looking enough to act like models.
2. Donald Trump says one of these women is Read the rest of this entry

Reality Reunion on Bravo Tonight!

RealityTVFan + September 21st, 2005 + one reply

Tonight on Bravo at 10:00 PM ET be sure to tune in for the All-Star Reality Reunion. Immediately following the finale of “Battle of the Network Reality Stars,” comedian/actress/Bravo darling Kathy Griffin hosts the largest “reality star” reunion ever devised. More than 50 reality TV folks will dish out all the dirt from 20 popular shows, including “American Idol,” “The Real World” and “The Amazing Race.”

Kathy’s wit and sarcasm should make for a fun event, can’t wait to see her get on everyones nerves (intentionally of course)……

Survivor host speaks out on Hatch

RealityTVFan + September 21st, 2005 + one reply

According to Access Hollywood and the AP radio news, survivor host Jeff Probst suggested Read the rest of this entry

An Amazing Race Fundraiser

RealityTVFan + September 21st, 2005 + no replies

One of the families that competed in the upcoming family addition is helping victims of Hurricand Katrina and having a opening night party all at the same time! Read the rest of this entry

Big Brother is done!

RealityTVFan + September 21st, 2005 + no replies

Well, its over, America’s favorite didn’t win……it was Maggie. I know there are a lot of people that wanted Janelle to win, but what really bugged me was the love fest on last nights show! People sure were kind to each other after what happened throughout the house. Would have been nice to see some fireworks! Heck, we didn’t even get to see the security guards come out…..where is Jerry Springer when you need him?

Tonights prance off….err dance off

RealityTVFan + September 20th, 2005 + one reply

Since we are an equal opportunity site, I feel compelled to report on tonights ‘dance off’ between John O’Hurley and Kelly Monaco. Tonight a live audience (and I use live in the loosest way as I would have to be dead to be there) decides who wins in this cheese laden display of dancing. I mean, have you seen her partner? Looks like this guy could supply oil to crisco. As for the other team, O’Hurley was better on Seinfeld or anything else he has done for that matter. Cheese factor on this one: 10+

Oh yeah, gotta wait til Thursday for the results. Don’t know if I am going to make it…….

Big Brother 6 – Who’s it going to be?

RealityTVFan + September 20th, 2005 + one reply

Maggie or Ivette?? Question of the day is which one will win, but more importantly which one will fade in oblivion more quickly after the show is over? Now that crowd favorite Janelle is gone…does anyone care?

I think tonights show is up against the eagerly awaited ‘dance-off’ over on NBC so maybe Kelly Monaco will rule tonights ratings war.

Congrats to the Amazing Race!

RealityTVFan + September 19th, 2005 + no replies

Just a quick note to say congrats to my favorite reality show for winning another Emmy award! Don’t forget, the new family season starts September 29th. Tune in, register here and give us your comments…..who knows you might even win a prize!

Why the picture of Kris and Jon………why not! 🙂

Rock Star INXS is nearing the end!

M J + September 19th, 2005 + one reply

Wow… I almost hate to admit it but Rock Star INXS has become one of my Summer indulgences and I am weepy that the show will be concluding this week.

Brooke Burke Superhero!

Now, is it just me, or is that Brooke Burke the hottest mamma this side of Bombay??? Holy molee, that girl has the ultimate skin and I loved that freaky tiny outfit last Tuesday at the last concert show (Dave Navarro called it a sexy super hero outfit). That lady has had a child… go figger??? Down boy…

OK, back to reality…

Who will be the lead singer for INXS?

AND more importantly tell me this:

How is it possible that Mark Burnett can follow up Rock Star: INXS with a similar show next Summer (or sooner?). I mean it just won’t be the same if they do Rock Star: Backstreet Boys, ya know what I mean??? How are they gonna bring it back??

Ideas and thoughts appreciated!

Survivor winner pleads innocent

RealityTVFan + September 19th, 2005 + no replies

Richard Hatch, who won $1 million on the first season of Survivor pleaded innocent on Monday to charges that he failed to pay taxes on winning from the show. Read the rest of this entry

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