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Who do you want IN CBS TV’s Big Brother 7 All Stars?

M J + June 22nd, 2006 + 11 replies

Did you see the CBS Big Brother 7 All Stars tease show last night where they presented 20 choices for us to vote on???

Apparently they want us to go to CBS.COM to do the voting


I just went there and voted for Janelle!

I like her spirit (and her smile!)

So – as I watched last night I kept wondering – how will they do this… I believe I heard them say 6 would be by voting – so that means they will decide amongst themselves on the remaining 6 “all stars”???

So much for “America’s choice”.

Since I am a relative newbie to the Big Brother phenom I can’t really judge those early season “all star” choices… I only started watching Big Brother 5 and 6 and recently watched the DVD Big Brother 3 (I love you Marcellas!)

WHO DESERVES to be in???

These are the ALL-STARS and my feelings about them…

Alison – who??? Nice smile.

Bunky – uh, no thanks. Unless he bunks with Marcellas.

Dana – definitely a good prospect! She’ll stir the pot!

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Olympics a big joke.

M J + February 24th, 2006 + no replies

Who cares about the Olympics???

I only hear silence…. I don’t think all the new sports like breakdance skateboarding will get them viewers… gotta run – Dancing with the Has Beens is on!

I got Big Brother 3 DVD for Christmas!

M J + December 31st, 2005 + no replies

I got Big Brother 3 DVD for Christmas!

How cool is that???

Please don’t tell me who won!

Lisa is so hot!

I’m rooting for Lisa! She’s hot looking and seems pretty smart too. Did she get a boob job???

Ahhhh, the joys of an Amazon wish list! This year at the request of Mom and Sis, I compiled quite a large wish list at

Naturally, the list included DVD’s and CD’s… There were so many on the list it would still suprise me to see what Mom would pick out… The winners – U2, McCartney and Steve Vai DVD’s along with the only TV DVD I received – Big Brother 3 Complete Season. (I guess there is another version with highlights only???).

Since I was away from home and my PC I was able to pop the Big Brother 3 DVD into Mom’s new DVD Player. I was able to watch 4 episodes (of 32 on the DVD’s) and now I am up to having watched 8 episodes…

Forgive me, but I am only recently appreciating Big Brother. I was not amused or interested when the show first hit the scene (was it six years ago???).

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