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Survivor Guatemala wraps up!!

RealityTVFan + December 12th, 2005 + 3 replies

The winner Danni looks like she needs a meal!

Last nights season finale of Survivor Guatemala was one of the best ones in the shows long and popular history! It began with the final four of Stephanie, Rafe, Danni and the unlikely Lydia who somehow survived to make it to the final four.

After 39 days of challenges, hardships, back stabbings, lies, deceit and cunning, these four emerged from the fray to face each other in the final two-hour episode. On the morning of day 37, they started their day with a visit from some “real” Mayans who performed a traditional ceremony, which ended with the acrimonious beheading of a chicken. Rafe and Lydia were most moved by the ceremony and caused Rafe to say “You don’t understand where you are until you meet and experience the people”. How profound…. Read the rest of this entry

Bobby John or Gary – either will do!

M J + November 11th, 2005 + one reply

Last night was one of the best episodes of Survivor that I recall in some time.

It was very interesting to see how Jamie reacted so deeply to Bobby saying he didn’t have class. Instead of beating up Bobby John we saw Jamie mope and then try to make good by giving up his place in line at the rewards dinner. It didn’t seem all that sincere and was surely 95% strategy, but it made for some good tv watchin’.

And then Jamie gets immunity when he was surely on the chopping block… what luck! I do not like that guy and hope he is leaving soon! But not last night!

And at the end of the show when we thought for sure that Bobby John had been given a pass to stay another week, Gary pulls out the immunity Buddha and throws a curve to the voters.

With no time to discuss among themselves we saw votes the votes stack up for Bobby John.

In my opinion that’s not so bad… I’d also like to see Stephanie get the heave ho.

So now Bobby John is the first member of the jury and as Jeff Probst said – now the lying will get serious but the problem is that the lies be told to the people that will be voting as to who gets the million dollars.

Survivor heats up and is cooking good! Can’t wait for the next episode!

Bye bye Amy

RealityTVFan + October 28th, 2005 + no replies

Last nights Survivor was the end of Amy. It all started with the silly material wrapping challenge – although seeing Stephanie twirl around had its advantages – other than that I found it hard to imagine the ancient Mayans wrapping themselves in material just to get dizzy..oh, well. Read the rest of this entry

Survivor Photo Fun

RealityTVFan + October 24th, 2005 + one reply

“I swear, I am not a former NFL quarterback…now, shut up so I can call the signals”

“I want a butt like yours!”

Double Trouble – 2 Survivors Get the Boot

M J + October 23rd, 2005 + no replies

Double Trouble – 2 Survivors Get the Boot

Brian and Margaret BOTH got voted out last episode as Survivor treated us to a dual tribe tribal council.

Booby is a ballin'

It was a very good episode and it looks to me that the producers of Survivor Guatemala have gotten the edge back…

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Blake Bites the Big One

M J + October 14th, 2005 + 3 replies

Seemingly so macho in the challenges, Blake is the one who was gasping for air and getting dabbed by the wet nurse in the early episodes of Survivor Guatemala.

Frat Boy Blake

If he wasn’t so macho “looking” he’d have been dumped right away because he wimped out big time…

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Photo fun – Survivor Guatemala

RealityTVFan + September 23rd, 2005 + 3 replies

Here are some recent photos from Survivor – If you don’t like my captions, come up with your own!

“Uh, guys…is this how I hold it?”

“I can’t believe that freaking monkey pooped on my dinner”

“Hey dude, think we can get the girls to change behind this little sign?”

Bye Bye Morgan

RealityTVFan + September 22nd, 2005 + one reply

Well, the tribe got it right again, course it is much easier in the beginning, but Morgan (aka sit around camp and do nothing to help girl) is out. I don’t know how she didn’t see it coming.

Lydia is probably next…and when does everyone find out that there is a former NFL quarterback in their midst…almost happened tonight……just starting to heat up!

Bye Bye Jim

RealityTVFan + September 15th, 2005 + one reply

Survivor is on! Who watched it? That was a no brainer, booting off poor old Jim huh?! Oldest guy, hurt arm equals easy choice for the tribe.

The hike was brutal and the guys sure looked wimpy to. Should be a fun season. It was fun to see Stephanie and Bobby John come back…more eye candy for us viewers. She is a better player though for sure! What’s the early prediction? Dark horse? Favorite?

Oh yeah, here are two more reasons to watch this season!

Survivor 11 now on CBS web site

M J + September 10th, 2005 + no replies

Survivor is coming!


Official CBS site for Survfivor 11 Guatemala

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