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Missing Seasons of Survivor DVD’s

M J + February 28th, 2010 + no replies

I’m pissed! I can’t seem to find any info on the missing seasons of Survivor on DVD. From what I can tell two of theones I have NOT SEEN – #3 and #4 are not on DVD yet. Africa (2001) · Marquesas (2002)

ThaT SUCKS! I am not sure why they di dnot releas ethem yet – it’s 2010 and surely people would buy them. I did not start watching Survivor on CBS until the season of Survivor Thailand. So I would love to catch up a and see the ones I have missed!

The same thing is happening with CBS Big Brother. They too do not have all the shows on DVD yet.

All the RECENT ones go to dvd almost instantly – so why not cash in on the back catalog too???

AmI the only sourpuss out there???

Survivor Cook Isalnds is cooking!

M J + November 18th, 2006 + one reply

This season of survivor has turned out to be a good one! Perhaps not as entertaining as Thailand or All Stars, but it is fun to watch.

Last episode they threw us a curve and dropped a bottle on the losing Raro tribe. Turns out they had to evict a second member of their tribe at the tribal council.

Somehow Jonathan did not get the axe. Even though he had followed Candace and did a mutiny number on the old Aitu tribe. Poor Jenny got the axe instaed. She felt shafted for sure!

As for the Aitu tribe – they have some posive energy and monentum guiding them to victories! They are on the right track! Tragedy however will strike in the event they must face tribal council. The tight knot group will shatter by losing just 1 member.

Well, good season Survivor! Can’t wait for the next one!

Brian Heidik – Animal Lover

RealityTVFan + July 6th, 2006 + 3 replies

This Guy is a Real Loser

Former Survivor: Thailand winner Brian Heidik was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with battery and cruelty to animals after he shot a puppy with a bow and arrow.

Think we are making this up?? Nope…..

Local police were alerted to the early morning incident by Charmaine Heidik, Heidik’s wife with (although they are separated) whom he and the couple’s 5-year-old son are still living. “At about 3AM, his wife called to report that he was outside and that he had shot a puppy that was on his property with an arrow and planned to shoot another one,” Douglas County Chief Deputy Stan Copeland told The Associated Press.

The puppy, a 3-4 month old tan-and-black shepherd-hound mix, was reportedly shot below the rib cage but not seriously injured.

Ok, what kind of idiot do you have to be to shoot a puppy? C’mon ladies – I know you want to comment on this guy! According to his – uhh wife – he had been out drinking with buddies before arriving home and deciding that it would be a good idea to get out his bow and arrow. Robin Hood he ain’t!!

To make matters worse, Charmaine apparently reported to the police that he had hit her approx 10 days earlier. The couple has had a history of spousal abuse reports going back to 2002.

All we can say is maybe he was hungry and thought he was back on Survivor ‘foraging’ for food….or maybe he is just a big fat loser!! You make the call……


M J + May 19th, 2006 + 3 replies


CBS has had a great year in 2005-2006 with some great programming! Can they keep it up in 2006-2007???

While we do have the Summer to take a break and look forward to an all new season of shows, we also get Big Brother!

Rock on CBS! Keep up the good work!

Here is the offical press announcements with the 2006 – 2007 Lineup (at the bottom)

Four New Shows Enhance Primetime Line-Up That Returns 18 Series And More Time-Winning Programs Than Any Other Network

Six Freshman Series Return From Last Year’s Class,

Far More Than Any Other Network

Ray Liotta, James Woods, Virginia Madsen, Skeet Ulrich and Simon Baker

Among Stars of New CBS Shows

Creative Forces Behind New Shows Include David Crane (“Friends”),

John Wells (“ER”), Jon Turteltaub (“National Treasure”)

and Brian Grazer (“The DaVinci Code”)

CBS to Win the Current Season in Viewers and Adults 25-54,

Continuing Multi-Year Winning Streak

CBS announced today the addition of four new series to its 2006-2007 primetime line-up, enhancing a line-up that will return 18 shows from last year’s schedule, including six from last season’s freshman class. The line-up, which includes three new dramas and one new comedy, was unveiled this morning by CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler.

The four new shows feature a roster of award-winning actors and executive producers and a unique mix of concepts and genres. The freshman series include a young and sexy ensemble comedy, THE CLASS, from “Friends” co-creator David Crane; SMITH, a high octane heist thriller from “ER’s” John Wells starring Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen; the apocalyptic drama JERICHO, from the producer of “National Treasure,” Jon Turteltaub, starring Skeet Ulrich (“Scream”); and SHARK, a glossy, high-stakes courtroom drama from Brian Grazer (“The DaVinci Code,” “A Beautiful Mind”), starring James Woods.

Those shows will join a line-up that features more time period winning series and more top 20 hits than any other network as well as a leadership position in nearly every program genre: CBS will return television’s Number One drama, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION; the Number One returning comedy, TWO AND A HALF MEN; the Number One and Number Two freshman dramas, THE UNIT and CRIMINAL MINDS; the Number One new comedy, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE; the Number One news magazine, 60 MINUTES; and the premiere reality series SURVIVOR and the three-time Emmy Award-winning THE AMAZING RACE.

Comment – “what a great returning lineup!”

In an impressive achievement, CBS is returning six of its freshman series, which strengthened four nights of the schedule, for their sophomore seasons, including HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, CRIMINAL MINDS, GHOST WHISPERER and CLOSE TO HOME as well as THE UNIT and OLD CHRISTINE. They are part of the overall 18 series that return to the CBS primetime schedule, along with TWO AND A HALF MEN, CSI: MIAMI, NCIS, CSI: NY, SURVIVOR, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, NUMB3RS, THE AMAZING RACE, COLD CASE, WITHOUT A TRACE as well as 60 MINUTES, 48 HOURS: MYSTERY and CRIMETIME SATURDAY.

As a result, CBS will win the 2005-2006 season in viewers and adults 25-54, continuing its multi-year winning streak.

The new 2006-2007 schedule:

On Mondays, CBS adds one new series to its winning comedy line-up. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, a show that captures a young and loyal audience, moves to 8:00 PM, followed by the new ensemble comedy THE CLASS at 8:30 PM, forming a fresh, sophisticated young adult comedy block. At 9:00 PM, CBS returns television’s Number One comedy TWO AND A HALF MEN, followed by the Number One new comedy THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE at 9:30 PM. CSI: MIAMI, the night’s Number One show, caps the line-up at 10:00 PM.

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Survivor is back and good as ever!

M J + February 3rd, 2006 + one reply

Just watched the first episode pf Survivor Panama Exile Island last night and I wanted to say I enjoyed watching it and feel it is on track to be another great season!

Evictee # 1

The 4 groups of Survivors could have been a bungle but it seems to work as the 3 teams that win get imnmunity/reward and the losing team either gets an exile or sends someone home.

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M J + January 17th, 2006 + no replies


SURVIVOR: PANAMA — EXILE ISLAND, hosted by Jeff Probst, will find the 16 new castaways initially divided into four tribes of four — Older Men vs. Older Woman vs. Younger Men vs. Younger Women (the four tribes will become two during a schoolyard pick in the second episode).

Jeff Loves Julie

Survivor Panama host Jeff Probst hard at work with contestant Julie.

Sixteen New Castaways Set To Compete When The 12th Installment Of The Hit Television Series Premieres on Thursday, Feb. 2

Each Week, At Least One Castaway Will Be Banished To Fend For Themselves On A Separate Island

CBS today announced 16 new castaways to compete in SURVIVOR: PANAMA — EXILE ISLAND. The castaways will begin as four tribes and at least one castaway each week will be banished to a separate island when the 12th installment of the Emmy Award-winning, top-rated series premieres Thursday, Feb. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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Survivor Guatemala wraps up!!

RealityTVFan + December 12th, 2005 + 3 replies

The winner Danni looks like she needs a meal!

Last nights season finale of Survivor Guatemala was one of the best ones in the shows long and popular history! It began with the final four of Stephanie, Rafe, Danni and the unlikely Lydia who somehow survived to make it to the final four.

After 39 days of challenges, hardships, back stabbings, lies, deceit and cunning, these four emerged from the fray to face each other in the final two-hour episode. On the morning of day 37, they started their day with a visit from some “real” Mayans who performed a traditional ceremony, which ended with the acrimonious beheading of a chicken. Rafe and Lydia were most moved by the ceremony and caused Rafe to say “You don’t understand where you are until you meet and experience the people”. How profound…. Read the rest of this entry

Bobby John or Gary – either will do!

M J + November 11th, 2005 + one reply

Last night was one of the best episodes of Survivor that I recall in some time.

It was very interesting to see how Jamie reacted so deeply to Bobby saying he didn’t have class. Instead of beating up Bobby John we saw Jamie mope and then try to make good by giving up his place in line at the rewards dinner. It didn’t seem all that sincere and was surely 95% strategy, but it made for some good tv watchin’.

And then Jamie gets immunity when he was surely on the chopping block… what luck! I do not like that guy and hope he is leaving soon! But not last night!

And at the end of the show when we thought for sure that Bobby John had been given a pass to stay another week, Gary pulls out the immunity Buddha and throws a curve to the voters.

With no time to discuss among themselves we saw votes the votes stack up for Bobby John.

In my opinion that’s not so bad… I’d also like to see Stephanie get the heave ho.

So now Bobby John is the first member of the jury and as Jeff Probst said – now the lying will get serious but the problem is that the lies be told to the people that will be voting as to who gets the million dollars.

Survivor heats up and is cooking good! Can’t wait for the next episode!

Bye bye Amy

RealityTVFan + October 28th, 2005 + no replies

Last nights Survivor was the end of Amy. It all started with the silly material wrapping challenge – although seeing Stephanie twirl around had its advantages – other than that I found it hard to imagine the ancient Mayans wrapping themselves in material just to get dizzy..oh, well. Read the rest of this entry

Survivor Photo Fun

RealityTVFan + October 24th, 2005 + one reply

“I swear, I am not a former NFL quarterback…now, shut up so I can call the signals”

“I want a butt like yours!”

Double Trouble – 2 Survivors Get the Boot

M J + October 23rd, 2005 + no replies

Double Trouble – 2 Survivors Get the Boot

Brian and Margaret BOTH got voted out last episode as Survivor treated us to a dual tribe tribal council.

Booby is a ballin'

It was a very good episode and it looks to me that the producers of Survivor Guatemala have gotten the edge back…

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Blake Bites the Big One

M J + October 14th, 2005 + 3 replies

Seemingly so macho in the challenges, Blake is the one who was gasping for air and getting dabbed by the wet nurse in the early episodes of Survivor Guatemala.

Frat Boy Blake

If he wasn’t so macho “looking” he’d have been dumped right away because he wimped out big time…

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Survivor host in love??

RealityTVFan + October 11th, 2005 + one reply

Survivor host Jeff Probst is dating former “Vanuatu” contestant Julie Berry according to people magazine. In the October 17th issue he says, “I finally met someone who could teach me about love” …..ahhhhhh, isn’t that cute. Read the rest of this entry

Photo fun – Survivor Guatemala

RealityTVFan + September 23rd, 2005 + 3 replies

Here are some recent photos from Survivor – If you don’t like my captions, come up with your own!

“Uh, guys…is this how I hold it?”

“I can’t believe that freaking monkey pooped on my dinner”

“Hey dude, think we can get the girls to change behind this little sign?”

Bye Bye Morgan

RealityTVFan + September 22nd, 2005 + one reply

Well, the tribe got it right again, course it is much easier in the beginning, but Morgan (aka sit around camp and do nothing to help girl) is out. I don’t know how she didn’t see it coming.

Lydia is probably next…and when does everyone find out that there is a former NFL quarterback in their midst…almost happened tonight……just starting to heat up!

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