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Congrats to Survivor Winner Yul

M J + December 21st, 2006 + no replies

I must say this season of Survivor Cook Islands was among the best in recent memory.

Like it or not, Yul, the Godfather, who had the hidden immunity idol won despite Ozzie’s dominance in the immunity cmpetitions.

In a twist this season they ended up allowing 3 instead of the final 2. Becky joined in and did not even get 1 vote. It was close as Yul only had 1 more vote than Ozz and that’s enough to give him the millions and Ozz a measley 100,000 in cash (not bad for a loser!)

I’m sure Becky must have been compensated in some way… also as they always say “it was a great experience” no doubt!

So best wishes Yul! Hope you make some good with your big prize!

Survivor Cook Isalnds is cooking!

M J + November 18th, 2006 + one reply

This season of survivor has turned out to be a good one! Perhaps not as entertaining as Thailand or All Stars, but it is fun to watch.

Last episode they threw us a curve and dropped a bottle on the losing Raro tribe. Turns out they had to evict a second member of their tribe at the tribal council.

Somehow Jonathan did not get the axe. Even though he had followed Candace and did a mutiny number on the old Aitu tribe. Poor Jenny got the axe instaed. She felt shafted for sure!

As for the Aitu tribe – they have some posive energy and monentum guiding them to victories! They are on the right track! Tragedy however will strike in the event they must face tribal council. The tight knot group will shatter by losing just 1 member.

Well, good season Survivor! Can’t wait for the next one!

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