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Martha is out after one season – She’s fired!

RealityTVFan + November 14th, 2005 + 3 replies

Martha seen with the Donald – pre ratings war!

Well, it looks rather official, Martha is out – Donald wins again! According to Yahoo entertainment news, sources at NBC say that the network has passed on another season of Martha’s version of the apprentice – effectively ending her ratings war with Donald Trump. The show has struggled in the ratings since it began in September. A spokesman for NBC said that the show was only ever scheduled for one season – yeah, right. I am not buying that. You mean to tell me that if the ratings had been great and the network and show producers were making money, they would have cancelled? I think not.

This was another effort to spin off from a successful show format that failed. Martha’s show only averaged 6.8 million viewers – according to Nielsen Media Research, significantly lower than Trumps version of the show. The show was partly doomed when it was shifted to the 9 pm time slot against Lost on ABC.

The two-hour live finale is scheduled for December 21st after which the show will be over unless something changes between now and then.

Now, besides time slots, what went wrong with this show?

1. People like Donald better! He is more charismatic, and even funny at times. Watching Martha after the Donald is like watching paint dry.

2. Her daughter. Alexis Stewart was written into the show as a “consultant”. Talk about watching paint dry, this gal has no business in, well, business! She is boorish, unpleasant and dull. Again, put her up against the intelligent, funny and attractive Caroline over on Donald’s show and you have a no-brainer decision on whom to watch.

3. The tasks are more exciting on Donald’s show. New York is a bustling, lively city. The perfect environment for the candidates on the original apprentice to show their stuff. While the tasks haven’t always been full of entertainment and certainly several of them have fallen flat, overall they are much better than Martha’s.

4. The boardroom. Ahh yes, the boardroom scenes have become so important that after the first Apprentice, NBC devoted more time to the boardroom scenes due to popular demand for more Donald laying down the law. Again, comparing the two boardrooms and the dramas that unfold, it is clear that Donald’s show is better. He is more exciting, enigmatic and although it is Martha’s first try at it and I guess I should give her a break, I really don’t want to! She is just not the entertainer that is needed in a boardroom setting. And what is this business with writing cards to people?

5. To much reality TV? Although I don’t want to admit it, maybe there is just too much reality TV on now. Maybe one apprentice is enough?

Whatever the reason, Martha is out and once again, Donald Trump can claim bragging rights to being number one at yet another endeavor. As for me, I am ok with it. Martha’s show is lousy and reality TV junkies need quality to numb the brain and entertain – all at the same time!

More on this show at Sir Links Alot.


Martha cancelled? and, a pink tie……

RealityTVFan + October 31st, 2005 + 3 replies

The rumor on the street is that Martha has been cancelled……we can’t confirm that at this point but based on the comments from our readers it may be true. By the way, I have never seen so many negative comments about one show in my life! You people really hate Martha – and her daughter – huh?! Not a big fan myself….. Read the rest of this entry

The Donald – Blaming Martha?

RealityTVFan + October 24th, 2005 + 2 replies

According to ABC news, Mr. Trump is laying some of the responsibility for his shows ratings decline on that ‘other’ apprentice show…… Read the rest of this entry

Martha Stewert aint no Donald Trump but new Apprentice Show Works!

M J + October 2nd, 2005 + 35 replies

Ya know I hate to admit it but I kinda like Martha Stewert’s version of the Apprentice.

Granted it is not as good as Donald Trump’s Apprentice but hey – it still is THE APPRENTICE!

It’s a Mark Burnett show and they simply don’t seem to ever suck.

Martha - Alexis & Koppelman

I kinda think Alexis is a cutey! I bet she’d look hot if she let her hair down and waxed. Get outta that business suit girlfriend! But Alexis doesn’t know her plants like Mommy does (that’s a good thing, right?)

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