Video Games Are Making Us Lose Sleep

Nowadays, millions of children are suffering insomnia, since the body clock has changed shifts while the children stay up all through the night hours playing games, and at what time they awaken they start up the video machines and go into their next shift.

SeriousWhile the major video game distributors and creators will deny that their designs are causing problems, studies for years has chained video games, machines and children to insomnia, violent behaviors, disorders of the mind and so forth. Children often stay up during the night hours to play the games, sometimes staying up to three or four in the morning and then attend school complaining of headaches, grogginess, frustration, anger, inability to concentrate, anxiety, panic attacks and so forth. The children will often complain and sometimes they are sent home all to play the games again hoping that sleep will soon sweep them away.

Insomnia is not a joke. If you child is staying up long hours playing video games it is time to take control, since your child’s health is at risk. Various central nervous problems can occur if the arms and body is adhering to one particular exercise for a length of time. If a person is typing on the computer for long hours a severe pain in the wrist may occur, which is known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal Tunnel is a painful syndrome that often requires surgery. Persons interviewed by myself with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often complained after surgery that the pain worsens and they found it difficult to move the wrist. Likewise, if a person is playing video games for countless of hours Carpal Tunnel may occur. Other illnesses that target the central nervous system and brain will cause your child to have difficulty throughout his or her lifetime to sleep.

When the body does not receive proper rest, it will often break down gradually until it will not take anymore. Likewise, if the mind is filled with harmful viewings throughout its lifetime, thoughts roar and these thoughts continue by robbing the person of sleep, and finally will cease when the mind breaks and either anger causes criminal actions, or else the mind shuts down completely.

I have studied too many cases to deny that video games, machines, music and violent/pornographic materials and media do not play a part in insomnia, few mental illnesses, few medical conditions and so forth. After studying human behaviors an entire lifetime, I concluded that the ongoing changes in a negative direction are causing more and more problems each day of our existence.

It is difficulty enough that the mind goes through years dealing with stressors and stressful situations that it has to be tormented with unhealthy foods, such as vile games, media and other contaminates that eat away at the brain. When a person is suffering insomnia, it makes it more difficult to deal with life, stress and stressors. Thus, children if you are reading this article you need to take note, since your future is at stake.

The last thing you need is to grow up to find your self on lifetime medications that will treat physical and mental ailments. While few studies show that insomnia is also linked to genetics, more studies are leading in a different direction every day. No one person has all the answers, but adhering to basic rules will help a person live a more productive lifestyle. One of the better choices schools are making is enforcing exercise and dieting in their hours of attendance. Our local schools are encouraging the children to participate in gym and weight lifting. It is about time someone took notice and took steps to promote better health.

Insomnia is either acute or chronic. If your child is suffering ongoing symptoms of anxiety, panicky, grogginess, and appears over stressed, you will need to visit your general practitioner first and possibly seek mental health advice if the problem is not resolved by medical treatment.

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