Best Planning Strategies: Setting up Granny Flat Bedrooms

In August 2013, Western Australia has finally eased the planning regulations that had once limited the leasing of flats only to the homeowners’ family members. Now, just about anyone can take advantage of the new opportunities that lie ahead.

But when considering building a granny flat for leasing, bear in mind […]

Why Build More Bedrooms for a Granny Flat?

When building a granny flat, there’s no faster way to become entangled with unforeseen expenses than foregoing careful planning before starting the construction. And one important factor to consider is the interior layout of your flat.

One the key designs than you need to pay close attention to is the number of bedrooms to […]

Advantages of Using Steel Frames for Granny flats Construction in Perth

A lot of people usually ask the question “is steel framing the right choice for my granny flat?” this just depends on the choices available for the clients and the skills of the contractors. Steel is actually a great choice for kit homes. However, if you choose to design your own home with steel […]