Riverside County Arrest Records Logs

Arrest Files are public information which the government is required to make available to anyone in need of them. To request a copy of an arrest record, you need to contact the station or agency that processed the report. Riverside County Arrest Records may be requested from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office or Riverside Police Department.

Reasons for going through a person’s Free Police Records will, most often involve public safety. Agencies and employers would want to do a criminal history check on new applicants prior to hiring them. A property owner will want to check for criminal offender records of new tenants. A person might simply want to look up details about a new neighbor. A background check can reveal facts about a person’s private character, and will help the public take measures for safety.

An arrest report does not always mean that the person involved has a criminal charge files against him/ her. It simply implies that the person involved had a brush with the law. Riverside County Arrest Records and also other California Arrest Records are available through free public search sites. For an official copy, however, the requestor must proceed to the appropriate agency.

The requestor must note that, the Sheriff’s Department may remove confidential information prior to a release of a copy of a report. Although these reports are public records, not all are subject to total release to the public. The Public Records Act enables release of some information, but there are also many exemptions from release. Types of reports such as these include juvenile-related cases. Juvenile reports could be released to custodial parents, but some exemptions may not allow juvenile reports to be released without a Juvenile Petition signed by the presiding Juvenile Judge. Victims are authorized to receive a copy of a report. However, if the release of the details may jeopardize the case of the said victim, then the report may be temporarily withheld unless authorized by the assigned detective. It would be best to contact the Records Bureau when requesting a report to make sure that the document is available for release.

Registered sex offenders data and also other crime records for areas patrolled by the Riverside County can be obtained at the Crime Reports Website. The website displays a map with flags for various crimes in different areas. It allows the searcher to select the specific crimes to display for any 30-day date range within the past 6 months. Due to report processing times, recent specific crime incidents usually takes 5 to 10 days to appear on the Crime Reports Website.

Riverside County Arrest Logs are also offered through free public search sites. There are over 650,000 crimes reported in Riverside County, California between the years 1999 through 2008. Out of all the crime incidents that were reported, close to 423,000 were thefts, approximately 4,400 rapes, and 800 were murders. A crime is reported every eight minutes, averaging about 65,000 crimes per year. During that time, Riverside County crime rates increased by over 40 percent, while violent crime increased by only 13 percent.

Dr. Hulda Clark

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