Public Records California Now Available For Access Online

In 1968, California Public Records Act was billed and approved by the state officials. With the implementation of this state law, certain government documents and files are made open to the public for viewing and retrieval. Public Records California are those that have been documented on paper and computers or those that we refer to as electronic records such as audio and visual tapes.

Public documents in the state of California are very useful for those who are conducting a genealogy research. Such documents are also used to complete a certain job such as investigations. There are several documents and files that you can obtain when searching for records in California. The following can be requested:

– Birth files that are dated from 1905
– Records about the death of a person since 1905
– Marriage and divorce information are one of the most accessed public documents
– Other Vital documents such as arrest records, police files and other crime related records are also available

Public records in the state of California can be obtained from several government offices. Depending on which document you wish to view you can file the request at the corresponding office that releases such files. The Vital Records Section of the Department of Health Services in California manages the birth and death records, marriage and divorce information of a certain individual. Crime related files can be requested at the Department of Criminal Justice Information Service Office. Different departments or branches under the Department of Justice manage a corresponding criminal file.

When requesting for any of the public documents, one has to prepare a fee. Fees would vary per record. The counties would also have different rates for a particular document. When requesting for any of the record one has to be ready to provide their information as well as the information of the individual whose files they are searching for.

When requesting for the record, one can go directly to the corresponding office where the record you are requesting can be obtained. The emergence of technology has opened many ways in the retrieval of a certain document. There are companies that can do the search for you, but these companies would charge higher than the normal rates. The best method to obtain a copy of the file is to do it on your own. You can conduct the search through the Internet.

The use of the Internet is by far the most effective method. The state of California has an online database where Public Records are managed and kept. One has the option to do the search on their own for free or use the paid services offered by legitimate websites where you are sure that the result that you have are accurate. However, when choosing which method you want to use, one has to be careful with those who are offering spam services.

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