Private Supplier For State Of Texas Divorce Records

Every year the number of couple who files for divorce in Texas is increasing. This has alarmed the local government and thus the divorce records were made open to the local residents of the state. This was made possible through the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act. This lets the local residents to be aware about the divorce incidence that is occurring in the state.

There are several reasons for accessing the State Of Texas Divorce Records. One of the main reasons is to use it in marrying again. When a divorcee plans to re-marry, a copy of an official divorce certificate has to be presented upon application of marriage. There are also several transactions in the government that would require divorce records. Insurance related request, declaration of properties and other legal matters would sometimes call for the divorce certificate. Genealogy is also another reason for accessing the divorce files. It is one of the documents used in updating the family history.

Although a divorce record is a considered as a public document in Texas, some information is kept private. Only the basic details such as the complete names of divorcees as well as the place and the date when they got legally separated are indicated on the public document. Other details such as the reason for the separation, the child custody and the property division are kept private and available only to the involve individuals. This was done to respect their privacy.

Divorce which has been filed and registered since January 1968 is the only records that are obtainable in Texas. One has to pay a $20 processing fee in order to verify information at the office of the Vital Records Section. It is important to provide the necessary information needed in doing the search. This can avoid delay and hassle during the retrieval process. Also, the one who filed the request has to indicate their contact details which will only be used for documentation reasons. In Texas, only the divorcees themselves or their relatives are given access to the actual divorce certificates.

When planning to get a copy of such document, one can seek help from the office of the Vital Records Section. Unfortunately, the office does not provide the certificate. The state office can only validate the information provided and can direct you to where you can obtain a copy of the file. Only the District Clerk’s Office wherein the separation was filed can provide the certificates. To get the document faster, one can also try getting the document through the Internet.

With the emergence of the Internet, a lot of website offers help on how to access divorce records online. There are websites who can provide the document without any fee while there are also some who can look for the document for a certain fee. Whichever one may wish to choose, it is recommended to always check on the reviews provides by other customers. This can help you in making a decision and it avoid being tricked.

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