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Cool & celebrity accessories for dogs make your furry BFF the envy of the neighborhood!

Gone are the days when dogs had to run around without a stitch on! In fact, just as human fashionistas can have flashy wardrobes with matching accessories, so can your pooch be outfitted to the nines and all glitzed up. If you havenit checked lately, you may be pleasantly shocked to see what Fido can be wearing. Weire talking four seasons and all occasions. Hereis just a sampling of ways to spruce up your dogis appearance, as well as some practical finery.

Now that summeris in full swing, days can get doggone hot. Help your pet through the dog days with a cooling body wrap n no kidding. These accessories for dogs come in a variety of materials, styles and colors. Many have Velcroo straps that form a perfect fit, delivering cool to vital areas. If your dog helps himself to a dip in your backyard pool, you can indulge him with a pool ramp, allowing him to exit the pool in a dignified fashion. If you go boating, equip him with a doggie life jacket to keep him safe. When Rover just wants to kick back in the heat, consider a doggie cabana or cool-pack bed. Among the more unusual accessories for dogs are the new dog popsicle-style molds, with special mixtures with dog appeal!

When the cooler weather sets in, thereis a full line of clothing accessories for dogs, including fleece and faux fur-lined coats, along with nylon ebubblei parkas and vests to keep him warmly in style. If youire dogis a she, or an open-minded he, take a look at the dog dresses in an array of styles to have that well-dressed dog look.

The true celebrity dog must have a selection of jewelry and other essential accessories for dogs. Youill find dog ties, hats and scarves, suitable for office wear. As for jewelry, your dog will impress her friends with a basic string of pearls, crystal beads, pendants and tiaras, fit for a Princess.

When you need to keep face fur fashionably in place and out of the eyes, look no further than the fur management accessories for dogs, such as fur clips, barrettes and fancy fabric bows. Itis likely youill find so many cute styles and designs, youill wonder why such a panoply of choices arenit available for us humans too!

To complete your cool dogis look, check out the sunglasses on websites that carry accessories for dogs. Does your dog need shoes to trek through winter slush? Of course!
For the dog who has everything, you canit miss with a gift certificate. Now your dog, or your friendis dog, neednit worry about getting that same old dog dish on his birthday or under the Christmas tree!

Article bought to you by Ponte Vedra Beach Limo


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