Local California Arrest Records Reports

California Arrest Records can now be accessed by the local residents of the state in accordance to the Freedom of Information Act. This allows transparency and promotes awareness for the local citizens of California.

As the name implies, arrest record would contain information about the arrest of an individual. Just like any other public documents of the state, the personal information of the arrested individual is found on the file. Such information includes the complete name, address, birth date, nationality and gender. Arrest information such as the place, date and the manner of how the person was arrested is detailed on the file. Other relevant information that can also be included on the file is the names of the people who were involved with the incident such as the police officer.

Arrest Records are used in a number of ways. One of the top reasons for accessing arrest files of an individual is to conduct a background check. Employers would usually check out the records of their employees in order to prevent issues in the future. Others would also check out their own file to make sure that the information on the document is true and correct. Private investigators and authorities would also refer to arrest files when conducting a criminal investigation. It can sometimes become the vital information that can resolve a case.

When requesting for an arrest record, one is required to provide their basic information such as their name and contact number as well as the reason for accessing the file. It can also help if the basic information about the record that is being requested is provided. Requesting for an arrest record would cost 10 cents per page. It usually takes up to 14 days to get the requested file.

In California, the office of the Public Records Ombudsman is where the criminal records of the state are being managed. This is the first place to go to when one wants to obtain a certain criminal file. The request can be done personally at the office, however, it is recommended to have a written request in order to properly document the transaction. A written request however, would take additional time. There is now a better method in getting the file, it is done through the Internet.

By going to the website of the Attorney General, one can file the request from there. Doing the search online is faster and easier. There is no need to fall and wait on queue just to file the request. This is the reason why many would request for the record over the Internet. Arrest records that are provided online are also authenticated since websites are now connected to other database.

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