How to Deal with Holiday Stress

There are many things that can be done now to get prepared for dealing with holiday stress the next time it rolls around. The approach that you take when dealing with daily stresses in your normal life will have to be modified a bit.


Whether you are going to be out of town for the holidays or entertaining guests in your home, your daily exercise routine is likely going to be altered a bit. Dealing with holiday stress is a time when your exercise level should be increased not decreased.

You are going to be consuming a lot of junk food and probably some alcohol during this holiday period, which makes it even more important that you work up a sweat to release toxins and stress from your body.

Positive Attitude

This is something you can do while dealing with holiday stress that just uses your mind and can be accomplished while lying down our standing up. Just repeat to yourself, over and over, “I will not worry about things that I have no control over.”

Dealing with holiday stress, while surrounded by relatives and friends that you only see once or twice a year, can be a little tricky. Remind yourself that if someone says something about religion or politics that you do not agree with; then bite your tongue. By avoiding confrontation and/or embarrassment, you keep your heart rate low.

When you do not see people very often, the chances of you misinterpreting what they say or do, greatly increases. By giving someone the benefit of the doubt if this situation occurs, you will likely feel the glow of chest pain stress rushing out of your body.

Diet And Sleep

Try to not to alter your diet and sleep habits during these holiday periods. Changing them too drastically may send shock waves through the body, making you more prone to illness and stress. This is easier said than done; if they are altered a lot, increase your water consumption to avoid constipation and additional stress.

Planning Ahead

The further you are able to plan ahead the more you are going to be equipped for dealing with holiday stress. By taking care of even the smallest of details far in advance, you might even be able to enjoy the holidays.

Remember the mind is a powerful tool in dealing with holiday stress. The key to overcoming stress reactions during the holiday period lies in the way you control your emotions.

Playing Video Games

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