Guided Fishing or Fish Farm

There are lots and lots of people who will not eat factory farmed meat, but I am one of the only people I know who will not eat farmed fish. It all goes back to one time when I was a kid. We went to one of those fish farms meant for private fishers. Basically, there are two kinds of fish farming out there. There is the fish farm industry which produces most of the processed seafood that you eat in your daily life. Fish sticks, fish and chips, and even the baked salmon you order at your local seafood chain probably come from fish farms. These places are supposed to be pretty sterile, but in reality they are massively crowded. The fish are stuffed into small pond of water, crawling around on top of each other amidst heavy pollution. How do I know? Because I visited the second kind of fish farm as a kid. Or do you want the thrill of a guided fishing trip?

Losing Sleep Playing Video Games?

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