Others Fighting Your Healthy Eating Meal Plan

Even though is seems like everyone is one some type of diet, you may be the only one of your group of friends that is currently trying to lose weight while developing a healthy lifestyle. There is a strange thing that can happen among friends when one has adopted a healthy eating meal plan when the others are not. They can, without really meaning to, try to tempt you off of your diet. There are many reasons for this, and some of those reasons are not really known. If your friends are trying to tempt you away from your goals, you have to call them on it. Your health depends on it.

Your healthy eating meal plan may very well scare them, or remind them that they too want to get off extra pounds and eat better, but they don’t have the will power or the mindset to do it just yet. For some reason, they are not on a diet plan right now. This can be hard for them because in the back of their mind they feel that they should be. If you are out there doing what they know they are ignoring, they may want to see you fail so that they feel better about it. If you can’t do it, there is no reason they should try. They don’t mean to do this, but that is just what they are doing.

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Your friends mean well, but your healthy eating meal plan scares them. This is why they are offering you desserts and foods that they know you are not wanting to eat. They are eating these foods, and if you cave in and eat them too, they feel better about eating those foods too. This is when you have to gently remind them that you are changing your eating ways and that you don’t want to be offered things that you have loved in the past, but that you now know are harmful to your health. They already know this, you just have to remind them. It is always more fun to eat decadent food with someone else to feel less guilt.

Good friends will understand and they will start going out of their way to keep these foods away from you. They now know that you are serious. They won’t always change what they eat around you, but they will stop testing you. That is when you know a friend is a good one. They may even try to make things that they know you want to eat when you are having a get together, or will make different restaurant choices in honor of your healthy eating meal plan when you are meeting for a quick lunch.

In the long run, you have to be strong about your new healthy eating meal plan no matter what temptation comes your way. You have to be firm with your friends. They mean well, but underneath are hoping you will make them feel better about themselves by tempting you off of your plan. In time, they will be so happy with your result and will feel happy for you, even if they are struggling on their own. In the end, many friends end up adopting their own healthy eating habits because they see what it is doing for you and your life. Speak up when you need to and stay strong.

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