Factors to consider when calculating a bathroom remodel

The bathroom repair turned out to be far more costly than it would have been to make all the pipes accessible in the first place and I wish now that I’d had the foresight to put that in the specifications. Where to put access panelsThe obvious solution to the bathroom repair problem is to provide access panels for all of the pipe work joints and as much of the pipe length as possible.

These types of lamps can also incorporate different colours or a changing swirling light effect. One area of the bathroom which can be especially troublesome to light and ventilate safely is the shower stall or enclosure. Being in area that is usually fairly confined but producing a lot of water vapour ventilation is essential. These units are normally wired so that they carry on running for fifteen to twenty minutes after you have turned the light off, this is an excellent way to reduce condensation and mold in the bathroom.

When you specify what you want in your bathroom remodel calculation make sure that you will be able to get at every joint easily. Where the water pipes are installed in a separating wall it’s often convenient to provide access on the other side of the wall rather than inside the bathroom where the ceramic tiles are. You may even be able to turn the access into a small cupboard, which would give you an added benefit. Make sure that the floor covering allows for this and a suitable sealer is used to fill any gaps when the access is closed. If the access panel has to go on the bathroom side of the wall then special attention to waterproofing will be required. This would then be screwed firmly to the main part of the wall and the edges sealed with a silicon-sealing compound. The screws would pass through the tiles so silicon sealer would be used to seal the screw heads and holes in the tiles. When the need arose the sealer could be stripped away and the panel unscrewed. Resealing when the problem was fixed would be just as easy.

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