New York Divorce Records Search Guide

Marriage have been decreasing for quite some time now mainly because of the rising instances of break-ups, leading to more unwed pairs to live together and higher probability of job openings for women. But analysts declare that even young individuals are presently choosing to holdup marital union especially in this time of financial crisis. In 2009 alone, a total of 49, 816 cases of break-up are added to New York Divorce Records.

Separation accounts that date back from 1963 up to present are maintained by the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Records. Split-up files are kept up to date for the whole region, which consist of the five municipalities of New York City. Residents of the area can get basic as well as thorough data regarding an annulment file. If you are qualified by the State, you simply need to supply the first and last name of the person and his or her location.

There are two kinds of official documents regarding dissolution of marriage in New York. First is the separation decree. This is the specific file prepared by the court, with terms and conditions of the split. It is signed by the judge and put on file with the County Clerk of the County where the decree was granted. Bear in mind that if the break-up was approved prior to January 1, 1963, this kind of document is the only file available.

The second type is called a dissolution certificate filed with the New York State Department of Health for split-ups authorized on or after January 1, 1963. This particular official paper holds fundamental information about the spouses, as well as date and location of wedding ceremony. Moreover, only either of the partners and individuals with court order can acquire this file. The cost for each copy is $30.00 and an extra charge of $15 each to get priority handling.

Today, it is possible to request aforementioned file through the Internet. There are numerous data retriever websites that offer services to obtain said accounts, leaving you with no hassle or effort whatsoever. Free-of-charge ones is one option but with regards to accuracy and quality of reports, they are not very reliable. Cost-based online data suppliers however are the best known method if you wish to gather only reliable information.

Divorce Court Records are free for all to see and examine as long as appropriate channels are used. Normally, such files are stored at local courthouses where the separation court hearings were performed. And because they fall under state jurisdiction, they are consequently put on regional filing repositories. Today they are used for checking marital history, aid to legal proceedings, genealogy tracing and so on. Through the Internet, seeking this account is easily achieved.

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