Help your Child Entertain Himself With Daily Trivia Puzzles

There are many fundamental skills and abilities children need to hone growing up, that are beautifully addressed when they play jigsaw puzzles. Even if these puzzles do seem like a lot of hard work, you’d be surprised how often children go for them with just as much enthusiasm as they would for a game out in the playground or at the videogame console. There is something about solving question of the day that takes shape before their very eyes that children find particularly appealing. Of course, maintaining a child’s interest in these puzzles requires that you find exactly the right kind for their tastes and for their age. Let’s look at a few of the most popular puzzles there are today for 5-year-olds – both of the regular kind and free online ones.

Let’s start with the world of cars from Mattell and Disney. It’s a rather simple 24 piece puzzle that should be just the right thing to help draw a child into the world of jigsaw puzzles for the first time. As a puzzle, it’s neither overly simple, nor too complex. The fact that it’s about a famous movie with talking cars, makes it just right for most little boys. A lot of manufacturers who design these products seem to entirely forget the audience they are trying to market themselves to. Little boys can be very rough with their toys – especially if their toys are made of cardboard. Manufacturers however just go and make them out of thin and fussy material. The World of Cars game is just right for the way little children play jigsaw puzzles. The pieces are made of heavy duty cardboard that are virtually indestructible. The completed puzzle makes an image that’s about a square foot in size.

The SpongeBob Squarepants jigsaw puzzle would make for a great step up from the simple challenges presented by the World of Cars. Children happen to be crazy about Nickelodeon’s sea-dwelling dishwashing sponge. Any child above I should appreciate this 70 piece puzzle. It certainly does have what it takes to completely involve a child.

These puzzles however, cost money. At some point, you are likely to wonder if there isn’t something you could get your child for free. As a matter fact online jigsaw puzzles fit that bill quite nicely. JigZone happens to the a wonderful destination for children who can’t resist puzzles, wherever they find them. They have puzzles for every mood and every occasion. If it’s Christmas for example, they have dozens of Christmas related puzzles that your child can take advantage of. Around Independence Day, you have patriotic-themed ones. What does it feel like to play jigsaw puzzles online? For the most part, it feels exactly as it does playing real tactile puzzles.

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